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Foreign Institutions with a PHS Approved Animal Welfare Assurance
 Academisch Ziekenhuis Paramaribo-Academic Hospital Paramaribo  F16-00040 (A5044-01)
 AccelLAB  F19-00429 ()
 AgResearch Limited  F18-00392 ()
 Aix-Marseille University  F18-00414 ()
 Alpa-Vet  F16-00309 (A5999-01)
 American University of Beirut  F16-00328 ()
 AO Research Institute  F16-00006 (A5007-01)
 Aptuit  F16-00303 (A5992-01)
 Argenta Discovery 2009 Limited - United Kingdom  F16-00302 (A5991-01)
 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki  F16-00243 (A5931-01)
 Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute  F16-00156 (A5703-01)
 Banaras Hindu University/Institute of Medical Sciences  F17-00341 ()
 Bar IIan University  F17-00350 ()
 Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry - United Kingdom  F16-00158 (A5712-01)
 Bavarian Nordic GmbH  F16-00125 (A5554-01)
 BC Cancer (Provincial Health Services Authority)  F16-00068 (A5090-01)
 Beijing Biocytogen  F16-00305 (A5994-01)
 Beijing Institute of Dental Research-Capital Medical University  F16-00298 (A5987-01)
 Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL)  F16-00002 (A5003-01)
 BioDuro Co., Ltd.  F16-00286 (A5974-01)
 BioGenes GmbH - Germany  F16-00178 (A5755-01)
 Biological Services Unit-University College Cork  F18-00403 ()
 BioXpert BV  F16-00306 (A5995-01)
 Catholique University Leuven  F16-00102 (A5435-01)
 Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology, College of France  F16-00292 (A5980-01)
 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health  F16-00078 (A5172-01)
 Centre for Genomic Regulation  F19-00446 ()
 Centre Hospitalier de L`Universite de Montreal  F16-00094 (A5377-01)
 Centro de Instrucao de Guerra na Selva  F17-00367 ()
 Charite University of Medicine - Germany  F16-00101 (A5417-01)
 Charles River Laboratories Edinburgh - United Kingdom  F16-00018 (A5020-01)
 Charles River Laboratories Preclinical Services Canada  F16-00195 (A5813-01)
 Charles River Laboratories Safety Assessment  F19-00451 ()
 Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College  F17-00339 ()
 Chinook Contract Research, Inc. - Canada  F19-00433 ()
 CIBICI-CONICET  F16-00193 (A5802-01)
 CIC-bioGUNE  F16-00192 (A5800-01)
 CIDEIM  F16-00144 (A5643-01)
 CiToxLAB - Hungary  F16-00150 (A5670-01)
 CiToxLAB North America (Canada)  F16-00117 (A5525-01)
 CIUSSS-EMTL-HMR  F16-00154 (A5695-01)
 Clinical Research Institute of Montreal (IRCM)  F16-00062 (A5069-01)
 Concordia University  F16-00217 (A5901-01)
 Covance Laboratories, Ltd. - United Kingdom  F16-00143 (A5640-01)
 Crown Bioscience, Inc. (Beijing)  F16-00215 (A5896-01)
 CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory  F16-00098 (A5399-01)
 CureVac AG  F17-00363 ()
 CXR Biosciences Ltd.  F16-00041 (A5045-01)
 Cyagen Biosciences - China  F17-00321 ()
 Dalhousie University  F17-00351 ()
 Defence Science and Technology Laboratory  F16-00120 (A5537-01)
 Douglas Hospital Research Center  F16-00005 (A5006-01)
 Dresden University of Technology - Germany  F16-00060 (A5067-01)
 Duke-National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School  F16-00288 (A5976-01)
 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne  F16-00152 (A5692-01)
 Eli Lilly and Company - United Kingdom  F16-00290 (A5978-01)
 Envigo CRS Ltd.  F16-00136 (A5616-01)
 Erasmus MC University  F16-00046 (A5051-01)
 European Molecular Biology Laboratory  F16-00032 (A5035-01)
 Evotec (UK) Ltd.  F16-00271 (A5959-01)
 Fidelta, Ltd. in Croatia  F18-00395 ()
 Flinders University  F16-00147 (A5658-01)
 Fondazione Santa Lucia  F16-00296 (A5983-01)
 Foundation Biomedical Primate Research Centre  F16-00122 (A5539-01)
 Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Academy of Athens  F16-00169 (A5736-01)
 Francis Crick Institute  F16-00023 (A5025-01)
 Fudan University  F16-00168 (A5732-01)
 Fukuoka Dental College  F16-00049 (A5055-01)
 Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz- Brazil  F19-00445 ()
 Fundacion Instituto Leloir  F18-00411 ()
 Fundaquim  F16-00093 (A5373-01)
 Future Research Consortium, University of Ferrara  F17-00330 ()
 Gamaleya Research for Epidemiology and Microbiology  F17-00348 ()
 Garvan Institute of Medical Research  F16-00148 (A5659-01)
 GenScript-China  F16-00214 (A5892-01)
 German Cancer Research Center, DKFZ (Center for Preclinical Research, CPR)- Germany  F19-00422 ()
 Ghent University - Belgium  F19-00437 ()
 Goethe University Frankfurt  F17-00342 ()
 Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences-Osaka University  F18-00408 ()
 GVK Biosciences Private Limited  F18-00399 ()
 Hebrew University of Jerusalem  F16-00010 (A5011-01)
 Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen  F16-00289 (A5977-01)
 Hospital for Sick Children-Toronto  F16-00042 (A5047-01)
 Huazong University of Science and Technology (HUST)  F18-00400 ()
 Humanitas Mirasole SPA  F16-00295 (A5984-01)
 Hylasco Biotechnology PVT. LTD  F18-00390 ()
 Idorsia Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.  F18-00401 ()
 IDT Biologika GmbH  F16-00261 (A5949-01)
 IFADO Leibniz Research Center for Working Environment & Human Factors  F18-00378 ()
 Imperial College London  F16-00140 (A5634-01)
 INIBIOLP-Institute for Biochemical Research of La Plata  F16-00145 (A5647-01)
 INRS Research University  F17-00354 ()
 Institue de Biologie Structurale (IBS)  F16-00198 (A5826-01)
 Institut de Genomique Fonctionnelle  F19-00432 ()
 Institut de Recherches en Technologies et Science pour le Vivant (iRTSV)  F16-00198 (A5826-01)
 Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique  F17-00374 ()
 Institut Pasteur  F16-00110 (A5476-01)
 Institut Pasteur de Madagascar  F17-00356 ()
 Institut Pasteur of Shanghai  F17-00345 ()
 Institut Pasteur of Tunis  F16-00170 (A5743-01)
 Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona  F17-00347 ()
 Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (IC&G SB RAS)  F16-00180 (A5761-01)
 Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS) - (St-Petersburg, Russia)  F18-00380 ()
 Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Sera - Torlak  F16-00307 (A5996-01)
 Instituto de Biologia Medicina Experimental  F16-00065 (A5072-01)
 Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia  F17-00343 ()
 Instituto De Fisiologia, Biologia Molecular Y Neurociencias - IFIBYNE  F18-00381 ()
 Instituto de Investigacion Sanitaria Fundacion Jimenez Diaz  F17-00344 ()
 Instituto de Investigaciones en Ingeniera Genetica y Biologia Molecular-CONICET  F16-00139 (A5633-01)
 Instituto de Neurociencias  F17-00357 ()
 Instituto Lauro de Souza Lima (ILSL) - Brazil  F19-00444 ()
 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia  F19-00424 ()
 International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research  F16-00186 (A5777-01)
 International Livestock Research Institute  F16-00064 (A5071-01)
 InterVivo Solutions, Inc.  F17-00364 ()
 Intravacc  F16-00207 (A5866-01)
 IPBLN-CSIC Instituto de Parasitologia y Biomedicina "Lopez Neyra" (CSIC)  F16-00173 (A5749-01)
 ISREC (Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research)  F16-00152 (A5692-01)
 Istituto Pasteur- Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti  F16-00061 (A5068-01)
 Istituto Superiore di Sanita  F16-00089 (A5339-01)
 Italian Institute of Technology  F16-00294 (A5982-01)
 James Cook University  F16-00151 (A5679-01)
 Janssen Research and Development  F16-00057 (A5063-01)
 Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B.V.  F16-00137 (A5624-01)
 Jewish General Hospital  F16-00005 (A5006-01)
 JOINN Laboratories, Inc.  F16-00301 (A5990-01)
 Julius-Maximillians University of Wuertzburg  F16-00206 (A5864-01)
 Kanazawa Medical University  F16-00285 (A5973-01)
 Karolinska Institute  F16-00001 (A5002-01)
 Kenema Government Hospital  F16-00299 (A5988-01)
 Kenya Medical Research Institute  F16-00211 (A5879-01)
 Khon Kaen University  F16-00157 (A5710-01)
 King`s College London  F17-00373 ()
 Klinikum der Universitat Munchen (KUM)  F16-00045 (A5050-01)
 KMT Hepatech, Inc  F16-00325 ()
 Korea Institute of Science and Technology  F16-00015 (A5016-01)
 Krembil Discovery Tower  F16-00100 (A5408-01)
 KWS BioTest, Ltd.  F18-00386 ()
 Kyushu University Hospital  F18-00394 ()
 La Trobe University  F16-00146 (A5657-01)
 Lakehead University - Ontario, Canada  F16-00235 (A5923-01)
 Leiden University Medical Centre  F16-00118 (A5526-01)
 Linkoping University  F16-00053 (A5059-01)
 Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute  F16-00047 (A5052-01)
 Maastricht University - Central Animal Facility, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences  F19-00425 ()
 Makerere University  F17-00370 ()
 Malaria Vaccine Development Center  F16-00043 (A5048-01)
 Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research  F16-00021 (A5023-01)
 Max Bell Basement  F16-00100 (A5408-01)
 Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry  F16-00326 ()
 Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research  F19-00441 ()
 Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics  F16-00030 (A5033-01)
 Max Planck Isntitute for Molecular Biomedicine  F16-00291 (A5979-01)
 Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecular Medicine  F16-00188 (A5781-01)
 McGill University  F16-00005 (A5006-01)
 McMaster University  F16-00044 (A5049-01)
 Medical Research Council Harwell  F16-00086 (A5299-01)
 Medicilon Preclinical Research (Shanghai), LLC  F16-00300 (A5989-01)
 Monash University  F16-00073 (A5140-01)
 Montreal Heart Institute  F17-00377 ()
 Montreal Neurological Institute  F16-00005 (A5006-01)
 Murdoch Childrens Research Institute  F16-00155 (A5701-01)
 Nanyang Technological University  F16-00058 (A5065-01)
 National Center for Biotechnology (CNB)- CSIC  F17-00361 ()
 National Institute for Biological Standards and Control - United Kingdom  F16-00234 (A5922-01)
 National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD)  F16-00209 (A5870-01)
 National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)  F16-00194 (A5810-01)
 National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Japan  F19-00447 ()
 National Research Council of Canada  F16-00020 (A5022-01)
 National Research Institute for Child Health and Development  F16-00056 (A5062-01)
 National Taiwan University College of Medicine  F16-00050 (A5056-01)
 National University of Ireland, Maynooth  F16-00324 ()
 National University of Singapore  F16-00132 (A5597-01)
 Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research  F16-00035 (A5039-01)
 New York University, Abu Dhabi Campus (NYUAD)  F16-00059 (A5066-01)
 Newcastle University - United Kingdom  F16-00052 (A5058-01)
 Oncotest  F17-00329 ()
 Ottawa Hospital Research Institute  F16-00039 (A5043-01)
 Ozgene Pty, Ltd.  F16-00116 (A5507-01)
 Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI)  F19-00431 ()
 Peking University  F17-00372 ()
 Pharmacology Discovery Services Taiwan, Ltd.  F16-00213 (A5890-01)
 Pharmaron, Inc.  F16-00202 (A5844-01)
 Pharmidex Pharmaceutical Services, Ltd.  F16-00037 (A5041-01)
 PhoenixBio, Ltd.  F16-00223 (A5911-01)
 Plymouth University - United Kingdom  F16-00293 (A5981-01)
 Pontifica Catholic University of Ecuador  F17-00315
 Princess Margaret Hospital/Ontario Cancer Institute  F16-00100 (A5408-01)
 ProQinase GmbH  F18-00415 ()
 Public Health England, Porton Down - United Kingdom  F16-00127 (A5560-01)
 Queen Mary University of London  F19-00419 ()
 Queen`s University  F16-00031 (A5034-01)
 reMYND NV  F17-00346 ()
 Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University  F18-00384 ()
 Research Institute for Tropical Medicine  F16-00252 (A5940-01)
 Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)  F16-00129 (A5576-01)
 Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre  F17-00376 ()
 RIKEN BioResource Center  F17-00358 ()
 Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine  F17-00333 ()
 Ryerson University  F19-00423 ()
 SAI Life Sciences, Ltd.  F16-00249 (A5937-01)
 San Raffaele Hospital  F18-00382 ()
 Saretius, Ltd.  F18-00383 ()
 Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.  F16-00038 (A5042-01)
 Semmelweis University  F16-00177 (A5753-01)
 Shanghai ChemPartner Co., Ltd.  F16-00265 (A5953-01)
 Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute  F16-00008 (A5009-01)
 Shriners Hospital for Children  F16-00005 (A5006-01)
 Sichuan Primed Shines Bio-tech Co., Ltd  F19-00450 ()
 SICONBREC GLOBAL, Inc.  F16-00219 (A5904-01)
 Simon Fraser University  F16-00084 (A5210-01)
 SMC Laboratories, Inc.  F16-00033 (A5037-01)
 Soochow University  F17-00355 ()
 Southern Medical University  F16-00208 (A5867-01)
 St. Boniface General Hospital  F16-00003 (A5004-01)
 Statens Serum Institute  F16-00210 (A5873-01)
 Stellenbosch University - South Africa  F19-00439 ()
 Sunnybrook Research Institute  F16-00079 (A5176-01)
 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)  F16-00133 (A5599-01)
 Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute  F16-00171 (A5746-01)
 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research  F18-00389 ()
 Technical University of Munich - Zentrum für Präklinische Forschung, Klinikum r.d.Isar der  F16-00026 (A5028-01)
 Technion Israel Institute of Technology  F16-00024 (A5026-01)
 Tel Aviv University  F16-00009 (A5010-01)
 The Australian National University  F16-00072 (A5117-01)
 The Babraham Institute - United Kingdom  F16-00019 (A5021-01)
 The Center for Aquaculture Technologies Canada  F18-00417 ()
 The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health  F17-00332 ()
 The Institute of Experimental Medicine-Hungarian Academy of Sciences  F16-00183 (A5769-01)
 Tohoku University  F18-00396 ()
 Toronto General Hospital  F16-00100 (A5408-01)
 Toronto Medical Discovery Tower  F16-00100 (A5408-01)
 Toronto Western Hospital  F16-00100 (A5408-01)
 TransCure bioServices SAS (France)  F18-00419 ()
 Trinity College Dublin  F16-00323 ()
 Triskelion B.V.  F18-00388 ()
 Tsinghua University  F16-00228 (A5916-01)
 Universidad Catolica del Maule  F19-00421 ()
 Universidad Complutense de Madrid  F16-00141 (A5635-01)
 Universidad de Chile  F17-00366 ()
 Universidad de Granada  F17-00334 ()
 Universidad Del Valle De Guatemala  F16-00204 (A5847-01)
 Universidad Favaloro  F16-00126 (A5556-01)
 Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)  F19-00430 ()
 Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia  F16-00076 (A5146-01)
 Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais  F17-00340 ()
 Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina  F16-00200 (A5830-01)
 Universidade Federal do Amazonas  F17-00369 ()
 Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte  F17-00320 ()
 Universitat Bern  F16-00075 (A5143-01)
 Universitatsklinikum Erlangen  F18-00410 ()
 University College London  F16-00014 (A5015-01)
 University Hospital-Basel  F16-00174 (A5750-01)
 University of Padova (Padua)  F16-00083 (A5198-01)
 University of Alberta  F16-00063 (A5070-01)
 University of Antwerp  F19-00427 ()
 University of Auckland  F16-00013 (A5014-01)
 University of Barcelona  F16-00085 (A5224-01)
 University of Bath - United Kingdom  F16-00108 (A5470-01)
 University of Bristol  F16-00051 (A5057-01)
 University of British Columbia  F16-00068 (A5090-01)
 University of Buea  F17-00337 ()
 University of Calgary  F16-00017 (A5018-01)
 University of Cambridge - United Kingdom  F16-00007 (A5008-01)
 University of Camerino  F18-00375 ()
 University of Canberra  F16-00066 (A5074-01)
 University of Cape Town  F16-00090 (A5343-01)
 University of Cologne  F16-00205 (A5852-01)
 University of Colombo  F16-00253 (A5941-01)
 University of Concepcion  F17-00359 ()
 University of Copenhagen  F16-00203 (A5846-01)
 University of Dundee  F16-00041 (A5045-01)
 University of Eastern Finland  F16-00297 (A5986-01)
 University of Erlangen  F16-00218 (A5903-01)
 University of Freiburg-Center for Experimental Models and Transgenic Service (CEMT)  F16-00109 (A5474-01)
 University of Geneva  F16-00081 (A5184-01)
 University of Genoa  F16-00216 (A5899-01)
 University of Glasgow - United Kingdom  F16-00080 (A5181-01)
 University of Gothenburg  F16-00104 (A5443-01)
 University of Heidelberg - Germany  F19-00436 ()
 University of Hong Kong  F16-00111 (A5486-01)
 University of Jos  F17-00379 ()
 University of KwaZulu-Natal  F18-00371 ()
 University of Lausanne  F16-00124 (A5552-01)
 University of Leeds  F16-00327 ()
 University of Leicester  F19-00440 ()
 University of Liege  F16-00071 (A5113-01)
 University of Liverpool  F16-00182 (A5764-01)
 University of Lyon  F16-00016 (A5017-01)
 University of Manchester - United Kingdom  F16-00121 (A5538-01)
 University of Manitoba  F16-00003 (A5004-01)
 University of Melbourne  F16-00029 (A5031-01)
 University of Messina  F16-00242 (A5930-01)
 University of Nairobi  F17-00336 ()
 University of Naples Federico II  F16-00025 (A5027-01)
 University of New South Wales  F16-00070 (A5097-01)
 University of Nottingham  F18-00409 ()
 University of Ottawa  F16-00039 (A5043-01)
 University of Oxford - United Kingdom  F16-00055 (A5061-01)
 University of Pablo de Olavide  F18-00397 ()
 University of Parma  F16-00212 (A5887-01)
 University of Pretoria  F16-00022 (A5024-01)
 University of Prince Edward Island  F18-00416 ()
 University of Queensland  F16-00069 (A5092-01)
 University of Rijeka-Medical Faculty  F16-00220 (A5905-01)
 University of Salamanca  F16-00096 (A5379-01)
 University of Salzburg  F17-00360 ()
 University of Sao Paulo  F16-00149 (A5663-01)
 University of Saskatchewan  F17-00352 ()
 University of Surrey  F19-00426 ()
 University of Sussex- Ancillary Unit  F19-00434 ()
 University of Sydney - Australia  F16-00027 (A5029-01)
 University of Tasmania  F16-00308 (A5998-01)
 University of Tokyo - Japan  F18-00412 ()
 University of Toronto  F16-00012 (A5013-01)
 University of Turku  F16-00036 (A5040-01)
 University of Victoria  F16-00138 (A5632-01)
 University of Waterloo  F16-00067 (A5086-01)
 University of Zurich  F16-00074 (A5142-01)
 Uppsala University  F17-00318
 USAMD-AFRIMS  F17-00335 ()
 VIB  F16-00131 (A5593-01)
 Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute  F16-00103 (A5441-01)
 Viroclinics Biosciences B.V. - Netherlands  F17-00362 ()
 VivoCore, Inc.  F16-00224 (A5912-01)
 vivoPHARM Pty Ltd.  F16-00034 (A5038-01)
 Voxcan - France  F18-00393 ()
 Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) (VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology  F16-00131 (A5593-01)
 VU University Medical Center Amsterdam  F16-00048 (A5054-01)
 Wageningen Bioveterinary Research in Netherlands (WBVR)  F19-00428 ()
 Walther-Straub-Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of LMU Munich  F17-00319
 Weizmann Institute of Science  F16-00004 (A5005-01)
 Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute  F16-00128 (A5565-01)
 Western University  F16-00119 (A5527-01)
 WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza at the Doherty Institute  F16-00029 (A5031-01)
 Wuhan Institute of Virology  F16-00279 (A5967-01)
 Wuhan University in Wuhan, China  F18-00398 ()
 WuXi App Tec (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  F16-00281 (A5969-01)
 WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co. Ltd  F18-00387 ()
 Zoonotic Research Center of Chungbuk National University  F18-00413 ()

List Domestic Assurances

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