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C California
D Dist Of Columbia
F Florida
G Georgia
H Hawaii
I Iowa
K Kansas
L Louisiana
M Massachusetts
N North Carolina
  North Dakota
  New Hampshire
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  New York
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  Puerto Rico
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U Utah
V Virginia
W Washington
  West Virginia

 New York
 Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center  D16-00047 (A3081-01)
 Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - New York  D16-00825 (A4606-01)
 Albany Medical College  D16-00062 (A3099-01)
 Albany Research Institute  D16-00022 (A3038-01)
 Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University  D16-00200 (A3312-01)
 AndroBioSys  D16-00087 (A3143-01)
 Angiograft, LLC  D17-01010 ()
 Angion Biomedica Corporation  D16-00778 (A4532-01)
 Barnard College  D16-00003 (A3007-01)
 Brookhaven National Laboratory/Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC  D16-00067 (A3106-01)
 Buffalo Biolabs  D16-00087 (A3143-01)
 Burke Medical Research Institute(Weill Cornell Medical College)  D16-00186 (A3290-01)
 Cardiovascular Research Foundation  D16-00796 (A4571-01)
 Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies  D16-00634 (A4242-01)
 Central New York Research Corporation  D16-00275 (A3436-01)
 Certerra, Incorporated Services  D16-00179 (A3280-01)
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - Kingston  D16-00496 (A3863-01)
 Clarkson University  D16-00780 (A4536-01)
 Cleveland Biolabs  D16-00087 (A3143-01)
 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory  D16-00179 (A3280-01)
 Columbia University  D16-00003 (A3007-01)
 Columbia University Medical Center  D16-00003 (A3007-01)
 Columbia University- Morningside  D16-00003 (A3007-01)
 Cornell University - Ithaca (Main Campus)  D16-00225 (A3347-01)
 CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC)  D16-00930 (A4741-01)
 CUNY Baruch College  D16-00431 (A3730-01)
 CUNY Brooklyn College  D16-00431 (A3730-01)
 CUNY City College of New York  D16-00433 (A3733-01)
 CUNY College of Staten Island  D16-00422 (A3718-01)
 CUNY Hunter College  D16-00413 (A3705-01)
 CUNY Lehman College  D16-00427 (A3724-01)
 CUNY Queens College  D16-00424 (A3721-01)
 CUNY York College  D16-00418 (A3712-01)
 Eastman Dental Center  D16-00188 (A3292-01)
 Feinstein Institute for Medical Research  D16-00107 (A3168-01)
 Fordham University  D16-00473 (A3819-01)
 General Electric Global Research  D16-00805 (A4583-01)
 Health Research Inc. (HRI) - New York State Department of Health  D16-00115 (A3183-01)
 Hospital for Special Surgery  D16-00186 (A3290-01)
 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai  D16-00069 (A3111-01)
 Ingenious Targeting Laboratory, Inc.  D17-00978 ()
 Ithaca College  D16-00241 (A3372-01)
 Lake Immunogenics, Inc.  D16-00704 (A4409-01)
 Le Moyne College  D17-00947
 Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus and Post Campus  D18-01030 ()
 Marshall BioResources (Formerly - Marshall Farms Group, Ltd.)  D16-00836 (A4621-01)
 Masonic Medical Research Laboratory  D16-00144 (A3228-01)
 Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases - (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)  D16-00199 (A3311-01)
 Memorial Sloan - Kettering Cancer Center  D16-00199 (A3311-01)
 Mispro Biotech Services Corporation - New York  D16-00884 (A4688-01)
 Montefiore Medical Center  D16-00452 (A3761-01)
 Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc.  D16-00783 (A4545-01)
 New York Blood Center, L. F. Kimball Research Institute  D16-00429 (A3726-01)
 New York Institute of Technology - College of Osteopathic Medicine  D16-00203 (A3315-01)
 New York Medical College  D16-00235 (A3362-01)
 New York State Inst. for Basic Research in Dev. Disabilities, Res. Fnd. for Mental Hygiene, Inc.  D16-00784 (A4546-01)
 New York State Psychiatric Institute  D16-00601 (A4148-01)
 New York University  D16-00205 (A3317-01)
 New York University School of Medicine  D16-00274 (A3435-01)
 NYU Winthrop Hospital  D16-00409 (A3697-01)
 Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science, Inc.  D16-00480 (A3833-01)
 Pace University  D16-00070 (A3112-01)
 Population Council  D16-00047 (A3081-01)
 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  D16-00772 (A4523-01)
 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  D16-00327 (A3538-01)
 Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc. at NYSPI  D16-00601 (A4148-01)
 Rockefeller University (Main Campus)  D16-00047 (A3081-01)
 Roswell Park Cancer Institute  D16-00087 (A3143-01)
 Saint John`s University  D16-00346 (A3574-01)
 Saint Lawrence University  D16-00692 (A4385-01)
 Skidmore College  D18-00973 ()
 Sloan - Kettering Institute for Cancer Research - (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Cnt.)  D16-00199 (A3311-01)
 State University of New York - Binghamton  D16-00063 (A3100-01)
 State University of New York - College at Old Westbury  D16-00094 (A3154-01)
 State University of New York - College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) - Syracuse  D16-00943 (A4754-01)
 State University of New York - College of Optometry  D16-00670 (A4329-01)
 State University of New York - Stony Brook  D16-00006 (A3011-01)
 State University of New York - University at Albany  D16-00376 (A3621-01)
 State University of New York - University at Buffalo  D16-00231 (A3354-01)
 State University of New York at Geneseo  D16-00847 (A4636-01)
 State University of New York Downstate Medical Center - Brooklyn  D16-00167 (A3260-01)
 State University of New York Upstate Medical University - Syracuse  D16-00318 (A3514-01)
 Syracuse University  D16-00405 (A3687-01)
 Taconic Biosciences, Inc.  D16-00323 (A3524-01)
 Taconic Biotechnology, Inc.  D16-00323 (A3524-01)
 Tartis, Inc.  D16-00087 (A3143-01)
 Trudeau Institute  D16-00041 (A3075-01)
 Union College  D18-01045 ()
 University of Rochester  D16-00188 (A3292-01)
 VA - Bronx Veterans Medical Research Foundation, Inc.  D16-00438 (A3741-01)
 VA - Healthcare System New York Harbor - Brooklyn  D16-00066 (A3105-01)
 VA - James J. Peters Medical Center  D16-00438 (A3741-01)
 VA - Northport VA Medical Center  D16-00316 (A3510-01)
 VA - Samuel S. Stratton VA Medical Center  D16-00022 (A3038-01)
 VA - Syracuse VA Medical Center  D16-00275 (A3436-01)
 VA - Western New York Healthcare System - Buffalo  D16-00053 (A3087-01)
 Vassar College  D16-00339 (A3555-01)
 Wadsworth Center - New York State Department of Health  D16-00115 (A3183-01)
 Weill Cornell Medical College  D16-00186 (A3290-01)

 Domestic Institutions Outside of U.S. States and Territories

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