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C California
D Dist Of Columbia
F Florida
G Georgia
H Hawaii
I Iowa
K Kansas
L Louisiana
M Massachusetts
N North Carolina
  North Dakota
  New Hampshire
  New Jersey
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  New York
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P Pennsylvania
  Puerto Rico
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S South Carolina
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T Tennessee
U Utah
V Virginia
W Washington
  West Virginia

 21st Century Medicine, Inc.  D19-01048 ()
 Abcam Burlingame  D16-00550 (A3975-01)
 Abcore, Inc.  D16-00904 (A4713-01)
 Absorption Systems California, LLC - San Diego  D16-00645 (A4282-01)
 Aduro Biotech, Inc.  D16-00816 (A4595-01)
 AfaSci, Inc.  D16-00827 (A4608-01)
 AgBio Company  D17-01004 ()
 Antibodies, Inc.  D16-00576 (A4064-01)
 Antibody Solutions  D18-01024 ()
 Anticancer, Inc.  D16-00503 (A3873-01)
 Applied StemCell, Inc  D19-01046 ()
 Aragen Bioscience, Inc.  D16-00889 (A4693-01)
 Avrygen  D16-00015 (A3028-01)
 Behavioral Pharma, Inc.  D16-00842 (A4630-01)
 Biomedical Research Institute of Southern California  D16-00895 (A4703-01)
 BioSurg, Inc.  D16-00445 (A3751-01)
 Brentwood Biomedical Research Institute  D16-00002 (A3002-01)
 BTS Research  D16-00768 (A4519-01)
 Buck Institute for Age Research  D16-00624 (A4213-01)
 California Institute for Biomedical Research  D17-00983 ()
 California Institute for Medical Research  D16-00390 (A3652-01)
 California Institute of Technology  D16-00266 (A3426-01)
 California Medical Innovations Institute  D16-00907 (A4716-01)
 California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute  D16-00015 (A3028-01)
 California Polytechnic State University  D16-00319 (A3517-01)
 California State Polytechnic University - Pomona  D16-00223 (A3344-01)
 California State University - Chico  D16-00696 (A4399-01)
 California State University - Fullerton  D16-00447 (A3753-01)
 California State University - Long Beach  D16-00247 (A3390-01)
 California State University - Los Angeles  D16-00218 (A3337-01)
 California State University - Northridge  D16-00528 (A3915-01)
 California State University - Sacramento  D16-00695 (A4394-01)
 California State University - San Marcos  D16-00619 (A4196-01)
 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center  D16-00420 (A3714-01)
 Cellerant Therapeutics, Inc.  D16-00761 (A4509-01)
 Chapman University  D17-00960
 Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science  D16-00120 (A3190-01)
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - Hollister  D16-00496 (A3863-01)
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - San Diego  D16-00496 (A3863-01)
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. – South San Francisco  D16-00931 (A4742-01)
 Children`s Hospital & Research Center at Oakland  D16-00382 (A3631-01)
 Children`s Hospital of Los Angeles  D16-00175 (A3276-01)
 Children`s Hospital of Orange County  D16-00556 (A3987-01)
 City of Hope National Medical Center - Beckman Research Institute  D16-00001 (A3001-01)
 Claremont McKenna College  D17-00955
 Comparative Biosciences, Inc.  D16-00642 (A4269-01)
 Covance Laboratories, Inc. - San Carlos  D16-00238 (A3367-01)
 Crown Bioscience San Diego  D16-00743 (A4487-01)
 Crystal Bioscience, Inc.  D16-00865 (A4663-01)
 Doheny Eye Institute  D16-00124 (A3196-01)
 Edwards LifeScience - Edwards Research Center  D17-00996 ()
 Envigo RMS, Inc. - Livermore, CA  D16-00436 (A3738-01)
 Explora BioLabs, LLC  D16-00743 (A4487-01)
 Fibrogen, Inc.  D16-00622 (A4205-01)
 Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Leland Stanford)  D16-00134 (A3213-01)
 Humboldt State University  D16-00807 (A4585-01)
 Huntington Medical Research Institutes  D16-00366 (A3606-01)
 Ichor Medical Systems, Inc.  D16-00640 (A4262-01)
 IGE Therapeutics and Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  D17-00998 ()
 Institute for Wildlife Studies  D16-00447 (A3753-01)
 Intuitive Surgical, Inc.  D17-00972 ()
 J. David Gladstone Institutes (UCSF)  D16-00253 (A3400-01)
 Jackson Laboratory - Sacramento  D16-00701 (A4405-01)
 JBC Contract Research Service, Inc  D16-00614 (A4189-01)
 La Jolla Bioengineering Institute  D16-00676 (A4343-01)
 La Jolla Infectious Disease Institute (LIDI)  D16-00832 (A4616-01)
 La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology  D16-00460 (A3779-01)
 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - University of California  D16-00031 (A3054-01)
 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  D16-00116 (A3184-01)
 Loma Linda University  D16-00286 (A3449-01)
 Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor - UCLA Medical Center - L.A. Biomed  D16-00213 (A3330-01)
 Lucille Salter Packard Children's Hospital (Leland Stanford)  D16-00134 (A3213-01)
 Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research  D16-00020 (A3033-01)
 Medicines Company San Diego LLC, The  D16-00868 (A4668-01)
 Molecular Diagnostic Services, Inc.  D16-00614 (A4189-01)
 Molecular Medicine Research Institute  D16-00621 (A4202-01)
 Moss Landing Marine Laboratory  D16-00389 (A3648-01)
 MuriGenics, Inc.  D16-00798 (A4573-01)
 NASA/Ames Research Center - LifeSource Biomedical, LLC  D16-00591 (A4106-01)
 Northern California Institute for Research and Education  D16-00300 (A3476-01)
 Omniox, Inc.  D16-00936 (A4747-01)
 Optimum Therapeutics, LLC  D16-00837 (A4622-01)
 Orphagen Pharmaceuticals  D16-00814 (A4592-01)
 Pacific BioLabs  D16-00236 (A3363-01)
 Pacific Immunology Corporation  D16-00612 (A4182-01)
 Panorama Institute of Molecular Medicine, The  D16-00539 (A3950-01)
 Panorama Research, Inc.  D16-00539 (A3950-01)
 Pork Power Farms - Blaker Farm  D16-00787 (A4551-01)
 ProSci, Inc.  D16-00786 (A4550-01)
 Protagonist Therapeutics, Inc.  D18-01018 ()
 Proteogenomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine (PRISM)  D16-00819 (A4599-01)
 QED Bioscience, Inc.  D16-00677 (A4344-01)
 Rabbit & Rodent Diagnostic Associates  D16-00614 (A4189-01)
 Robert Sargeant Animal Facility  D16-00612 (A4182-01)
 S2 Genomics, Inc.  D18-01033 ()
 Salk Institute  D16-00328 (A3539-01)
 San Diego Biomedical Research Institute (SDBRI)  D16-00743 (A4487-01)
 San Diego State University  D16-00430 (A3728-01)
 San Francisco State University  D16-00463 (A3785-01)
 San Jose State University  D16-00389 (A3648-01)
 Sanford-Burnham Prebys Medical Research Institute  D16-00030 (A3053-01)
 Santa Clara University  D18-01042 ()
 Scintillon Institute  D16-00933 (A4744-01)
 Scripps Institute of Oceanography (University of California, San Diego)  D16-00020 (A3033-01)
 Scripps Research Institute  D16-00122 (A3194-01)
 Sepulveda Research Corporation  D16-00002 (A3002-01)
 Shriners Hospitals for Children - Northern California  D16-00272 (A3433-01)
 Siripharma Labs  D16-00923 (A4734-01)
 Southern California Institute for Research and Education (SCIRE)  D16-00415 (A3707-01)
 SRI International  D16-00012 (A3025-01)
 Stanford Hospital and Clinics (Leland Stanford)  D16-00134 (A3213-01)
 Stanford University (Leland Stanford Junior University)  D16-00134 (A3213-01)
 Sutter Institute for Medical Research  D18-01031 ()
 Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies (TPIMS)  D16-00743 (A4487-01)
 Tosk, Inc.  D16-00693 (A4386-01)
 Touro University - California  D16-00762 (A4510-01)
 University Enterprises, Inc.  D16-00695 (A4394-01)
 University of California - Berkeley  D16-00050 (A3084-01)
 University of California - Davis  D16-00272 (A3433-01)
 University of California - Irvine (Including Medical Center)  D16-00259 (A3416-01)
 University of California - Los Angeles  D16-00124 (A3196-01)
 University of California - Merced  D16-00791 (A4561-01)
 University of California - Riverside  D16-00278 (A3439-01)
 University of California - San Diego  D16-00020 (A3033-01)
 University of California - San Francisco  D16-00253 (A3400-01)
 University of California - Santa Barbara  D16-00497 (A3865-01)
 University of California - Santa Cruz  D16-00493 (A3859-01)
 University of Southern California  D16-00320 (A3518-01)
 University of the Pacific  D16-00449 (A3755-01)
 USDA - Western Regional Research Center  D16-00811 (A4589-01)
 VA - Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System  D16-00002 (A3002-01)
 VA - Loma Linda Healthcare System  D16-00426 (A3723-01)
 VA - Loma Linda Veterans Association for Research and Education (LLVARE)  D16-00426 (A3723-01)
 VA - Long Beach Healthcare System  D16-00415 (A3707-01)
 VA - Northern California Health Care System  D16-00272 (A3433-01)
 VA - Palo Alto Healthcare System  D16-00054 (A3088-01)
 VA - Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research (PAVIR)  D16-00054 (A3088-01)
 VA - San Diego Healthcare System  D16-00394 (A3659-01)
 VA - San Francisco VA Medical Center  D16-00300 (A3476-01)
 VA - Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center and Nursing Home  D16-00002 (A3002-01)
 VA - Veterans Medical Research Foundation - San Diego  D16-00394 (A3659-01)
 VA - West Los Angeles Healthcare Center  D16-00002 (A3002-01)
 Valley Biosystems, Inc.  D16-00723 (A4457-01)
 Vitalant Research Institute  D16-00238 (A3367-01)
 Vium, Inc.  D19-01046 ()
 Western University of Health Sciences - Pomona  D16-00558 (A3989-01)
 White Mountain Research Center (WMRC)  D16-00286 (A3449-01)
 Wrigley Institute for Enviromental Studies  D16-00320 (A3518-01)
 YenZym Antibodies, LLC  D16-00612 (A4182-01)

 Domestic Institutions Outside of U.S. States and Territories

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