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Applying Electronically - Training

Note: To view applicant resources available at, including animated tutorials, FAQs, and Troubleshooting Tips, etc., visit the Applicant Resources page.


On This Page:
Electronic Grant Application Basics
Registering with and eRA Commons
Electronic Submission of Multi-Project Applications
  • ASSIST Presentation (PPT – 13 MB) – September 2015
  • Using ASSIST to Prepare and Submit Multi-Project Applications to NIH (Slides, transcript, details)
    • This webinar is designed for investigators and administrators who are considering submitting grant applications in response to funding opportunities for multi-project applications that require electronic submission.
    • This webinar will instruct applicants how to develop, submit, and track a multi-project application on-line using the new ASSIST (Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking) tool. NIH experts will show applicants how to set up their application; navigate the system; set access controls to allow people to work concurrently on the application; run a check against NIH and business rules to find errors; and view an application image before submitting.
  • Demonstration Resources

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