Known Issues Affecting S2S Applications

R&R Subaward Budget Organization Name

  • All applicants, both forms-based and system-to-system, must include the Organization Name as part of the R&R Subaward Budget attachment.

Unique File Names

  • All attachment file names within the application XML must be unique. ensures uniqueness of file names for form-based submissions by using a combination of the date/time the file name was attached to the application and the file name itself. This safeguard is not in place for system-to-system submissions and it is up to the submitter to ensure file name uniqueness within the XML.

Suffix Fields

  • forms provide a list of values for suffix fields (i.e., Jr.; Sr.; M.D.; Ph.D). However, the schema allow for other values up to 10 characters. eRA systems will throw a system error for suffix values over 5 characters. Please keep suffix values to 5 characters or less until a code change can be scheduled.

Modular Budget Indirect Cost Data

  • In Section B. (Indirect Costs) of the PHS 398 Modular Budget form, Indirect Cost Type, Indirect Cost Rate, Indirect Cost Base and Funds Requested must all be supplied if any one of these criterion is supplied. This requirement is enforced in the Adobe application forms, but not in the schema. A code change to handle applications with incomplete cost data more gracefully is not yet scheduled.


  • NIH business rules and the Adobe application forms enforce that only 10 appendices can be included with an application. Our eSubmission system will process S2S submissions that include more than 10 appendices (the schema maximum is 100), but such applications may be identified as non-compliant post-submission. Our application instructions very clearly state that the maximum number of appendices is 10. eRA hopes to address this disconnect between the schema and the application form validations the next time form development is needed for the PHS 398 Research Plan, PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form, PHS 398 Career Development Award Supplemental Form, and PHS 398 Research Training Program Plan forms.

PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form

  • Expected Completion Date must be in the format designated on the form (MM/YYYY).
  • XML must include the tag for the 'Change of Sponsoring Institution' field:

<PHS_Fellowship_Supplemental_2_0:ChangeOfInstitution>N: No</PHS_Fellowship_Supplemental_2_0:ChangeOfInstitution>


<PHS_Fellowship_Supplemental_2_0:ChangeOfInstitution>Y: Yes</PHS_Fellowship_Supplemental_2_0:ChangeOfInstitution>

Form-based applications always include the tag and our code currently does not gracefully handle XML without it. Not including the tag or including an empty tag (i.e., <PHS_Fellowship_Supplemental_2_0:ChangeOfInstitution></PHS_Fellowship_Supplemental_2_0:ChangeOfInstitution>) will cause a system issue until a code change can be scheduled.

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