Notification to be sent instructing SO and PI to log on to the Commons and view warnings and the assembled application

Subject line: < Tracking #>/<PI name>: Check Assembled Application in eRA Commons – Warnings Only

Body of e-mail:

NIH has received the electronic grant application Tracking # <tracking number> / PI <PI name> and has placed the assembled application in the eRA Commons for your review. Our systems have identified warnings associated with your application. These warnings will not prevent your application from completing the electronic submission process, but serve as reminders to verify that your application complies with specific requirements in the funding opportunity announcement and application guide.

You have a viewing window of two business days (i.e., Monday – Friday, excluding federal holidays) to check the assembled application before it automatically moves forward to NIH staff for further processing and consideration. Once the application has moved forward, no additional changes to the application will be accepted through or eRA Commons.

Within the viewing window, signing officials have the authority to reject an application to stop it from completing the submission process. After an application is rejected, a changed/corrected application can be submitted to address warnings or other issues if it is still before the submission deadline. However, changed/corrected applications submitted after the submission deadline will be subject to the NIH Late Policy and may not be accepted.

It is your responsibility to view the entire assembled application in eRA Commons and notify the eRA Service Desk within this window if the assembled application does not correctly reflect the information submitted to (e.g., submitted information is missing in image, graph/chart appears upside-down). The eRA Service Desk will provide guidance on appropriate corrective actions.

View detailed steps for PI to track submission status.
View detailed steps for AOR/SO to track submission status.
View detailed steps for AOR/SO to reject an application.
View detailed steps for submitting a changed/corrected application.

If you still require support after taking full advantage of these resources, please contact the eRA Commons Help Desk.