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Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions (ATN) Research Program Grants (U19) - RFA-HD-16-035

Organization: NICHD 

Posting Date: 09-24-2015 

Expiration Date: 01-20-2016 

Activity Code: U19 

Summary: This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites applications to participate in a research program cooperative agreement to support the Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions (ATN). The Network will have the capacity to develop and conduct innovative behavioral, community-based, translational, therapeutic, microbicide and vaccine trials in HIV-at-risk and HIV-infected youth ages 12 to 24 years, with a focus on the inclusion of minors.Investigators with innovative thinking and novel approaches to address the public health issues facing adolescents are encouraged to apply. 

Autism Centers of Excellence: Centers (P50) - RFA-HD-12-195

Organization: NICHD 

Posting Date: 06-03-2011 

Expiration Date: 11-17-2011 

Activity Code: P50 

Summary: The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) invite new (type 1) and competitive renewal (type 2) applications for the Autism Centers of Excellence: Centers Program, hereafter termed ACE Centers. ACE Centers will focus on supporting the broad research goals of the 2011 Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee Strategic Plan for ASD Research ( The P50 mechanism allows for integrative, multi-disciplinary, coordinated programs of research that demonstrate cohesion and synergy across research subprojects and cores. A companion FOA (RFA-HD-12-196) invites applications for ACE Networks supported by the R01 mechanism.  

Behavioral Mechanisms in Biomedical Strategies to Prevent HIV Infections (R01) - RFA-MH-11-090

Organization: NIMH 

Posting Date: 08-17-2010 

Expiration Date: 01-05-2011 

Activity Code: R01 

Summary: Purpose. This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), issued by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), seeks research grant applications to advance understanding of the complex behavioral and social factors that partially determine the efficacy and effectiveness of new biomedical strategies to curb HIV infections. Mechanism of Support. This FOA will utilize the NIH Research Project Grant (R01) award mechanism and runs in parallel to FOAs of identical scientific scope, RFA-MH-11-091 and RFA-MH-11-092, which encourage applications under the R21 and R34 mechanisms, respectively. The R21 mechanism would be used for projects that propose research in the exploratory or preliminary phases. The R34 mechanism would be used for early phases of treatment development. Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Awards. The NIMH intends to commit approximately $2,000,000 in FY 2011 to fund four to six grants in response to this FOA and the companion announcements.  

Clinical Trials Planning Studies for Rare Thrombotic and Hemostatic Disorders (U34) - RFA-HL-12-023

Organization: NHLBI 

Posting Date: 05-02-2011 

Expiration Date: 11-02-2013 

Activity Code: U34 

Summary: This FOA issued by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute invites applications to obtain critical and necessary support in the planning and development of feasible and well designed multicenter clinical trials focused on rare hemostatic and thrombotic disorders. The Clinical Trials Development Resource for Hematologic Disorders (U24) (RFA-HL-12-016) will provide guidance to investigators on trial design, biostatistics, clinical trial management, and regulatory requirements during the funding period.  

Core Infrastructure and Methodological Research for Cancer Epidemiology Cohorts (U01) - PAR-14-160

Organization: NCI 

Posting Date: 03-19-2014 

Expiration Date: 01-29-2015 

Activity Code: U01 

Summary: The Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites grant applications for targeted infrastructure support of the core functions of Cancer Epidemiology Cohorts (CECs) and methodological research. Through this FOA, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) will support infrastructure and core functions for existing or new CECs. This FOA will also lead to support of core functions for CECs currently funded through other grant mechanisms by the Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP) and other components of the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) at the NCI.  

Development of a Preliminary Evidence Base to Inform Decision-making about Returning Research Results to Participants in Genomic Studies (R01) - RFA-HG-11-003

Organization: NHGRI 

Posting Date: 12-17-2010 

Expiration Date: 03-11-2011 

Activity Code: R01 

Summary: The purpose of this FOA is to stimulate empirical research to develop a preliminary evidence base to inform decision-making about whether, when, and how to offer to return individual research results to participants in genomic research studies (especially whole exome or whole genome sequencing studies) or to individuals who have provided samples or data for genomic repositories (such as biobanks or databases such as dbGaP). This FOA is aimed primarily at investigators who propose behavioral or social science research projects in which there is likely to be direct interaction with research participants or other stakeholders involved in current, ongoing genomics projects (especially whole exome or whole genome sequencing projects) or in genomic sample or data repositories.  

Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Returning Research Results to Genomic Research Participants (R21) - RFA-HG-11-004

Organization: NHGRI 

Posting Date: 12-17-2010 

Expiration Date: 03-11-2011 

Activity Code: R21 

Summary: The purpose of this FOA is to stimulate analytical research on the normative and legal issues involved in deciding whether, when, and how to offer to return individual research results to participants in genomic research studies (especially whole exome or whole genome sequencing studies) or to individuals who have provided samples or data for genomic repositories (such as biobanks or databases such as dbGaP). This FOA is aimed primarily at sole investigators or small teams of investigators who propose modest legal and normative research projects.  

Evaluation of Multi-omic Data in Understanding the Human Microbiomes Role in Health and Disease (U54) - RFA-RM-12-021

Organization: OSC 

Posting Date: 11-30-2012 

Expiration Date: 02-09-2013 

Activity Code: U54 

Summary: This FOA invites applications for projects that will: 1. generate microbiome taxonomic, metagenomic and functional data from clinical biospecimens obtained from a cohort(s) of carefully-phenotyped subjects with a specific disease or health state; and 2. combine the microbiome and host data to produce a community resource. This program is a component of the NIH Common Fund Human Microbiome Project (  

Hazardous Materials Worker Health and Safety Training (U45) - RFA-ES-14-008

Organization: NIEHS 

Posting Date: 07-28-2014 

Expiration Date: 11-07-2014 

Activity Code: U45 

Summary: This FOA issued by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) invites applications for cooperative agreements to support the development of model programs for the training and education of workers engaged in activities related to hazardous materials and waste generation, removal, containment, transportation and emergency response.The major objective of this FOA is to prevent work-related harm by assisting in the training of workers in how best to protect themselves and their communities from exposure to hazardous materials encountered during hazardous waste operations, hazardous materials transportation, environmental restoration of contaminated facilities or chemical emergency response.A variety of sites, such as those involved with chemical waste cleanup and remedial action and transportation-related chemical emergency response may pose severe health and safety concerns to workers and the surrounding communities.These sites contain a multiplicity of hazardous substances, sometimes unknown substances, and often the site is uncontrolled. A major goal of the Worker Training Program (WTP) is to provide assistance to organizations in developing their institutional competency to provide appropriate model training and education programs. 

Innovative Bioavailability Assays to Assess the Effectiveness of Contaminated Sediment Remediation (R01) - RFA-ES-11-005

Organization: NIEHS 

Posting Date: 11-04-2010 

Expiration Date: 02-18-2011 

Activity Code: R01 

Summary: The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) invites qualified investigators from domestic institutions of higher education to submit an application for a Superfund Research Program (SRP) Individual Research Project Grant (R01). This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) encourages the research community to develop innovative bioavailability assays to determine the effectiveness of contaminated sediment remediation.  

Integrative Neuroscience Initiative on Alcoholism (INIA) Consortia (U01) - RFA-AA-11-006

Organization: NIAAA 

Posting Date: 11-17-2010 

Expiration Date: 02-24-2011 

Activity Code: U01 

Summary: The purpose of this funding opportunity announcement (FOA) is to provide renewed support for two previously funded consortia under the Integrative Neuroscience Initiative on Alcoholism (INIA) by supporting the most scientifically meritorious projects. New research project proposals from investigators not previously affiliated with INIA can also respond to this FOA. Wherever possible the projects should take advantage of the infrastructure that was established in the previous funding periods of the INIAs. Please see the companion FOA (RFA-AA-11-007) regarding submission of proposals for resource-related and support cores.  

Interdisciplinary Approaches for HIV/AIDS Risk-Avoidance Decision Making in Developing Adolescents (R01) - RFA-NR-11-007

Organization: NINR 

Posting Date: 01-12-2011 

Expiration Date: 04-16-2011 

Activity Code: R01 

Summary: The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) invites interdisciplinary formative research projects attempting to explore HIV/AIDS risk avoidance decision-making among adolescents. Additional research is needed on HIV prevention interventions developed within social and gender constructs of adolescents that consider neurocognitive developmental stage and neurocognitive variables as they exist within those social and gender constructs. Prevention strategies that consider social, cultural, and gender constructs in combination with neurological and cognitive maturity may offer the best opportunity for prevention strategies to reduce HIV transmission in adolescents.  

Investigator Initiated Multi-Site Clinical Trials (Collaborative R01) - PAR-10-096

Organization: NHLBI 

Posting Date: 01-27-2010 

Expiration Date: 05-08-2013 

Activity Code: R01(Collab) 

Summary: Purpose. The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement is to provide a vehicle for submitting grant applications for investigator-initiated multi-site Phase II or Phase III randomized, controlled clinical trials. The trials may address any research question related to the mission and goals of NHLBI and may test clinical or behavioral interventions. Investigators should consult the NHLBIs Guidelines for Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials ( for more detailed instructions and information about multi-site clinical trial grant applications. Additional information about the mission, strategic plan and research interests of the NHLBI can be found at NHLBIs website ( This Funding Opportunity Announcement is not intended for support of single-center studies or multi-center observational studies that are not testing an intervention. Mechanism of Support. This FOA will utilize the NIH Research Project Grant (R01) award mechanism. Awards may be converted by NHLBI to cooperative agreements (U01).  

Limited Competition: Practice-Based Research to Improve Self-Management Support (PRISMS) (R18) - RFA-HS-13-001

Organization: AHRQ 

Posting Date: 12-07-2012 

Expiration Date: 02-01-2013 

Activity Code: R18 

Summary: This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) solicits applications that would evaluate the effectiveness of strategies to disseminate and implement a library/toolkit of multi-media self-management support (SMS) resources. The SMS library/toolkit was developed by AHRQ to help primary care team members learn about SMS and develop their self-management support skills in working with chronically ill patients. Although many efforts have focused on developing tools and resources to support patients in their self-care activities, this FOA solicits applications that will improve the capacity and ability of those who work in primary care practices to provide effective SMS by disseminating and implementing the resources in the SMS library. Successful applicants must incorporate SMS tools and resources from the AHRQ SMS Resource Library into their research plan (see 

Lymphatics in Health and Disease in the Digestive, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems (R21) - PAR-12-260

Organization: NIDDK 

Posting Date: 08-08-2012 

Expiration Date: 09-08-2013 

Activity Code: R21 

Summary: This FOA is to encourage Exploratory/Developmental Grant (R21) applications for research into aspects of lymphatic vessel physiology and pathophysiology related to health and disease of digestive, cardiovascular and pulmonary system organs and resolution of thromboembolic events, and inflammation and immune responses as they relate to these diseases. However, studies with the major focus on immune mechanisms will not be considered responsive. Studies to understand the factors that control local lymphatic vessel functional anatomy and physiology during health or disease in these organs and systems, and the mechanisms by which alterations of lymphatic vessel function affect organ function, are of interest.  

NIH Revision Applications for Research Relevant to the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (P30) - RFA-OD-12-007

Organization: NIH 

Posting Date: 12-18-2012 

Expiration Date: 03-27-2013 

Activity Code: P30 

Summary: This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites revision applications from investigators and institutions/organizations with active National Institutes of Health (NIH)-supported P30 project awards to support an expansion of the scope of approved and funded scientific research programs involving smoking and tobacco-related products and/or their constituents. Investigators and institutions/organizations that are on a funded extension are eligible to apply for a revision. Revision applications for projects that have not originally focused on tobacco use are welcome provided that the applicant team has the requisite scientific expertise and the proposed revision addresses the research priorities related to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory authority that are identified in the FOA.  

NIH Summer Research Experience Programs (R25) - PAR-11-050

Organization: NIH 

Posting Date: 12-02-2010 

Expiration Date: 09-07-2012 

Activity Code: R25 

Summary: The purpose of the NIH Summer Research Experience Program (referred to as the Summer Research Program) is to provide a high quality research experience for high school and college students and for science teachers during the summer academic break. The NIH expects that such programs will: help attract young students to careers in science; provide opportunities for college students to gain valuable research experience to help prepare them for graduate school; and enhance the skills of science teachers and enable them to more effectively communicate the nature of the scientific process to their students. The programs would also contribute to enhancing overall science literacy. Summer Research Programs that expand and complement existing summer educational and training programs are encouraged. Not all participating Institutes and Centers (ICs) support all aspects of this program. Therefore, prospective applicants should contact staff at the relevant IC (see Section VII) to discuss their proposed program.  

NIMHD Social, Behavioral, Health Services, and Policy Research on Minority Health and Health Disparities (R01) - RFA-MD-12-003

Organization: NIMHD 

Posting Date: 02-14-2012 

Expiration Date: 06-05-2012 

Activity Code: R01 

Summary: The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to solicit innovative social, behavioral, health services, and policy research that can directly and demonstrably contribute to the elimination of health disparities. Projects may involve primary data collection or secondary analysis of existing datasets. Projects that examine understudied health conditions; examine the effectiveness of interventions, services, or policies for multiple health disparity populations; and/or directly measure the impact of project activities on levels of health disparities are particularly encouraged. 

National Institute on Aging: Revision Requests for Active Alzheimer's Disease Centers (P50) - PA-12-170

Organization: NIA 

Posting Date: 04-20-2012 

Expiration Date: 08-24-2013 

Activity Code: P50 

Summary: The National Institute on Aging invites Revision applications (formerly called competing supplements) to ongoing NIA-supported Alzheimer's Disease Centers (P50) in order to expand the scope of the existing award. Revision applications should include proposal of a new core or project. Revision applications may not request support beyond the end date of the Parent P50 award.  

Neuroimmune Mechanisms Of Alcohol Related Disorders (R21) - PA-11-065

Organization: NIAAA 

Posting Date: 12-08-2010 

Expiration Date: 01-08-2014 

Activity Code: R21 

Summary: This FOA issued by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), encourages Research Project Grant (R21) applications from institutions/organizations that propose to study the neuroimmune mechanisms of alcohol related disorders. Studies using animal models and post-mortem human alcoholic brains suggest that alcohol exposure has a significant impact on the neuroimmune system in the brain. However, it remains unclear how the altered neuroimmune factors contribute to brain and behavioral changes associated with alcohol exposure. Emerging data indicate that neuroimmune molecules are expressed in neurons and glia, and play an important role in modulating synaptic function, neurodevelopment, and neuroendocrine function. These neuromodulatory properties, together with their essential roles in neuroinflammation, provide a new frame work to understand the role of neuroimmune factors in mediating neuroadaptation, neurodegeneration, and behavioral disorders due to alcohol exposure. Studies supported by this FOA will provide fundamental insights of neuroimmune mechanisms underlying brain functional and behavioral changes induced by alcohol.  

Population-based Research Optimizing Screening through Personalized Regimens (PROSPR) Revision to Enhance the Collection of Cervical Cancer Screening Data (U54) - RFA-CA-14-001

Organization: NCI 

Posting Date: 11-04-2013 

Expiration Date: 01-14-2014 

Activity Code: U54 

Summary: This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites revision applications from investigators with active PROSPR research center (U54) awards funded under RFA-CA-11-003 that are focused on screening for colorectal or breast cancers. This FOA solicits revision applications from these centers to expand the scope of their research activities to include screening for cervical cancer. The sole PROSPR center that is currently focused on cervical cancer is not eligible to apply for the revision award. The PROSPR Statistical Coordinating Center is also not eligible. Revision applications are expected to concentrate primarily on the collection of multilevel cervical cancer screening process data for submission to the PROSPR central data repository, but should also document expertise and capacity for participation in multicenter collaborative projects utilizing these data.  

Predictive Biodosimetry: Discovery and Development of Biomarkers for Acute and Delayed Radiation Injuries (R01) - RFA-AI-11-033

Organization: NIAID 

Posting Date: 05-25-2011 

Expiration Date: 11-03-2011 

Activity Code: R01 

Summary: The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) invites applications from institutions/organizations that propose to develop/discover biomarkers to predict acute and delayed radiation injuries to physiological systems/organs/tissues that can be used for triage and prompt treatment decisions in all segments of the civilian population after a radiological/nuclear terrorist incident.  

Research to Understand and Inform Interventions that Promote the Research Careers of Students in Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences (R01) - RFA-GM-12-002

Organization: NIGMS 

Posting Date: 07-13-2011 

Expiration Date: 10-22-2011 

Activity Code: R01 

Summary: This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) issued by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), National Institutes of Health (NIH) solicits applications that propose research designed to test assumptions and hypotheses regarding social and behavioral factors with the aim of advising and guiding the design of potential interventions intended to increase interest, motivation and preparedness for careers in biomedical and behavioral research. NIGMS is particularly interested in those interventions that are specifically designed to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups entering careers in these disciplines. The proposed research need not be restricted to underrepresented students. Comparative research that analyzes the experience of all groups in order to place that of underrepresented students in context and to learn whether and how interventions should be tailored to make more underrepresented students successful in biomedical careers may well be particularly illuminating and is, therefore, encouraged.  

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) for Individual Predoctoral Fellows in Nursing Research (F31) - PAR-09-227

Organization: NINR 

Posting Date: 07-02-2009 

Expiration Date: 06-05-2010 

Activity Code: F31 

Summary: Purpose. This FOA issued by the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR/NIH), National Institutes of Health, encourages Individual Predoctoral Fellowship (F31) applications from institutions/organizations that propose to increase the number of nurses prepared with a doctoral degree in order to meet the demands for adequately trained behavioral, biological, and biobehavioral scientists. NINR is particularly interested in facilitating the progress of students who are in research training programs for recent nursing graduates and students in BSN to PhD programs. This fellowship program will provide predoctoral training support for doctoral students. The applicant must propose a research training program and dissertation research that is consistent with the scientific mission of the NINR. Research topics and skills that will serve as a foundation for an ongoing program of research are of particular interest. The research training experience must enhance the applicant's conceptualization of research problems and research skills, under the guidance and supervision of a committed mentor who is an active and established investigator in the area of the applicant's proposed research. The research training program should be carried out in a research environment that includes appropriate human and technical resources and is demonstrably committed to the research training of the applicant in the program he/she proposes in the application. Mechanism of Support. This FOA will utilize the F31 grant mechanism. Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Awards. Awards issued under this FOA are contingent upon the availability of funds and the submission of a sufficient number of meritorious applications.  

Strategies for the Protection of Pregnant Women and Infants Against Infectious Diseases (R01) - RFA-AI-11-036

Organization: NIAID 

Posting Date: 05-27-2011 

Expiration Date: 10-14-2011 

Activity Code: R01 

Summary: The purpose of this FOA is to encourage new and innovative mechanistic studies of pathogens that impact placental function and fetal well-being, with the long-term goal of informing the development of interventions against these pathogens and reducing the burden of infection-related pregnancy loss and infant morbidity and mortality.  

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