Statistical Analysis and Reporting Branch (SARB)

Provides data, analyses, and reports on NIH's research investments to support strategic decision-making and policy development, and provide public information and accountability. Reports are disseminated to a wide variety of stakeholders including NIH offices, other federal agencies, state and local governments, academia, Congress, the media, industry, non-profits and the public.

SARB Activities:

  • Describe and assess the NIH-supported scientific workforce and research projects, including grants, contracts and intramural research.
  • Support mandatory and statutory reporting requirements for the NIH research enterprise.
  • Provide analyses and reports in response to external and internal stakeholder requests.
  • Work with OER customers to preserve the security of sensitive and confidential data in the IMPAC II database or other data sources maintained by the branch through the Data Use/Access Process NIH Staff Only.
  • Conduct customer-driven descriptive and analytical research on NIH research investments.
  • Provide analytical support to NIH leadership to guide management decisions and policy development.
  • Develop strategic alliances to improve data quality for reporting purposes.
  • Disseminate data and reports to a wide public audience through the NIH RePORT website, journals, and other media.

Chief: Katrina Pearson 


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