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K30 Clinical Research Curriculum Award (CRCA)

The Clinical Research Curriculum Award (CRCA) is designed to attract talented individuals to the challenges of clinical research and to provide them with the critical skills that are needed to translate basic discoveries into clinical treatments.

The CRCA is intended to stimulate the inclusion of high-quality, multidisciplinary, didactic training as part of the career development of clinical investigators. It supports the development and/or improvement of core courses designed as in-depth instruction in the fundamental skills, methodologies, and theories necessary for the well-trained, independent, clinical researcher.

This award is intended to support the development of formal course work in the design of clinical research projects, hypothesis development, biostatistics, epidemiology, disease mechanisms, medical technology, human genetics, and the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues related to clinical research. The program's long-term goal is to produce clinical researchers who can successfully compete for research support and are knowledgeable about the complex issues associated with conducting sound clinical research.

For the purpose of this award, clinical research includes: patient-oriented research, epidemiologic and behavioral studies, and outcomes or health services research. The NIH defines patient-oriented research as research conducted with human subjects (or on material of human origin such as tissues, specimens, and cognitive phenomena) that requires direct interactions with human subjects. Patient-oriented research includes study of the disease, therapeutic interventions, and clinical trials.

The CRCA is a trans-NIH effort that is administered by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR). Its development is informed by the NIH Roadmap for Biomedical Research and the Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program.

Institutions that have received K30 awards are listed below, sorted by principal investigator (click on buttons to display with a different sort). Click the links in the "Institution" column to access the e-mail address, phone, fax, mailing address, and other details about the Principal Investigator and other Key Personnel at that Institution. Links in the "Grant #" column lead to Grant Abstracts, if available, and the "Links/Files" column contains links to Institution ethics courses and information.

For updated information about the K30 award, please see the NIH Guide Notice of July 1, 2003.


Clinical Research Curriculum Awards (K30)
Listing of K30 Awards - Sorted by Institution

(Total # of Awards = 51)
     Principal Investigator Institution
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Grant # Links/Files
Haymond, Morey W. Baylor College of Medicine RR022295  
Felson, David T. Boston University Medical Campus RR022252  
Begg, Melissa D. Columbia University Health Sciences RR022281  
Oddone, Eugene Z. Duke University RR022679  
Stephens, David S. Emory University RR022291  
Umans, Jason G. Georgetown University RR022272  
Williams, Gordon H. Harvard University (Medical School) RR022292  
Kroenke, Kurt Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis RR022283  
Adkinson, N. Franklin Johns Hopkins University RR022274  
Gabriel, Sherine E. Mayo Clinic Coll of Medicine, Rochester RR022296  
Kotchen, Jane M. Medical College of Wisconsin RR022278  
Gabrilove, Janice L. Mount Sinai School of Medicine of NYU RR022286  
Selker, Harry P. New England Medical Center Hospitals RR022266  
Cronstein, Bruce N. New York University School of Medicine RR022280  
Lowe, William L. Northwestern University RR022261  
Morris, Cynthia D. Oregon Health & Science University RR022506  
Lloyd, Thomas A. Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr RR022262  
Bajorin, Dean F. Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Res RR022277  
Gelato, Marie C. State University New York Stony Brook RR022285  
Waldman, Scott A. Thomas Jefferson University RR022299  
Moreland, Larry W. University of Alabama at Birmingham RR022265  
Meyers, Frederick J. University of California Davis RR022264  
Licinio, Julio University of California Los Angeles RR022259  
Mehta, Ravindra L. University of California San Diego RR022681  
Hulley, Stephen B. University of California San Francisco RR022257  
Coe, Fredric L. University of Chicago RR022297  
Tsevat, Joel University of Cincinnati RR022273  
Crapo, James D. University of Colorado Denver/HSC Aurora RR022279  
Limacher, Marian C. University of Florida RR022258  
Zwanziger, Jack University of Illinois at Chicago RR022271  
Rosenthal, Gary E. University of Iowa RR022268  
Ellerbeck, Edward F. University of Kansas Medical Center RR022275  
Roghmann, Mary-Claire University of Maryland Balt Prof School RR022682  
Schteingart, David E. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor RR022300  
Ransohoff, David F. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill RR022267  
Strom, Brian L. University of Pennsylvania RR022255  
Kapoor, Wishwa University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh RR022294  
Pearson, Thomas A. University of Rochester RR022680  
Zuckerman, Kenneth S. University of South Florida RR022270  
Flynn, Patricia M. University of Tennessee Health Sci Ctr RR022963  
Lichtenstein, Michael J. University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr San Ant RR022282  
Kurzrock, Razelle University of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr RR022284  
Anderson, Karl E. University of Texas Medical Br Galveston RR022276  
Toto, Robert D. University of Texas Sw Med Ctr/Dallas RR022269  
Kushner, James P. University of Utah RR022962  
Littenberg, Benjamin University of Vermont & St Agric College RR022260  
Probstfield, Jeffrey L. University of Washington RR022293  
Dittus, Robert S. Vanderbilt University RR022298  
Evanoff, Bradley A. Washington University RR022251  
Imperato-Mcginley, Julianne L. Weill Medical College of Cornell Univ RR022250  
Marantz, Paul R. Yeshiva University RR022263  

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