The NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering

1999 Survey Documentation

The NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering (graduate student survey) obtains data on the number and characteristics of graduate science and engineering (S&E) students enrolled in U.S. institutions. This survey is jointly funded by NIH and NSF. The results of the survey are used to assess trends in financial support patterns and shifts in graduate enrollment and postdoctorates.

Unless otherwise specified, the published data represent national estimates of total enrollment in graduate S&E programs in all academic institutions in the United States that granted doctorate or master's degrees in any science, engineering, or health field. Included are data for all branch campuses, affiliated research centers, and separately organized components such as medical or dental schools, schools of nursing, public health, etc.

The Detailed Statistical Tables by health fields are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF files suitable for both viewing and printing. PDF preserves the original format of the documents, and all you need to view them is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free Link to Non-U.S. Government Site - Click for Disclaimer from the Adobe Systems Web site. Simple instructions are included in the download to help you install Reader. In addition to the documentation provided in the download package, we have developed an HTML page to help you configure your copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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These tables are updated by QRC Division of Macro International Inc. under contract to NIH/NSF. Further information may be obtained from the following persons:

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Dr. Walter Schaffer
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