Grants Policy

Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare
Domestic Institutions with a PHS Approved Animal Welfare Assurance

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 Domestic Institutions
 21st Century Biochemicals  A3975-01  USA
 A & G Pharmaceutical, Inc.  A4404-01  USA
 Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center  A3081-01  USA
 Abcam Burlingame  A3975-01  USA
 Abcore, Inc.  A4713-01  USA
 Absorption Systems, Inc.  A4282-01  USA
 Absorption Systems, LP  A4653-01  USA
 Academic Health Care Center (New York College of Osteo. Medicine)  A3315-01  USA
 Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.  A4215-01  USA
 Aduro Biotech,Inc.  A4595-01  USA
 AfaSci, Inc.  A4608-01  USA
 Affinergy, LLC  A4666-01  USA
 Agilux Laboratories, Inc.  A4645-01  USA
 Air Force Research Laboratory  A4125-01  USA
 Akston Biosciences Corporation  A4731-01  USA
 Alabama State University  A3069-01  USA
 Alaska State Department of Health and Social Services  A4458-01  USA
 Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences  A4606-01  USA
 Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences  A4606-01  USA
 Albany Medical College (of Albany Medical Center)  A3099-01  USA
 Albany Research Institute  A3038-01  USA
 Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University  A3312-01  USA
 Albert Einstein Healthcare Network  A3030-01  USA
 Alcorn State University  A3810-01  USA
 Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children - Life Science  A4053-01  USA
 Alkermes, Inc.  A3831-01  USA
 Allegheny College  A4220-01  USA
 Allegheny-Singer Research Institute  A3693-01  USA
 Allen Institute  A4537-01  USA
 Alpha Genesis, Inc.  A3645-01  USA
 American Museum of Natural History  A3774-01  USA
 American Preclinical Services(APS), LLC  A4586-01  USA
 American Type Culture Collection  A4186-01  USA
 American University  A3549-01  USA
 Amherst College  A3925-01  USA
 Ana G. Mendez University System - (Universidad del Este)  A4490-01  USA
 AndroBioSys  A3143-01  USA
 Angion Biomedica Corporation  A4532-01  USA
 Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute  A3283-01  USA
 Antibodies, Inc.  A4064-01  USA
 Antibody Research Corporation  A4489-01  USA
 Anticancer, Inc.  A3873-01  USA
 Appalachian State University  A4078-01  USA
 Aragen Biosciences, Inc.  A4693-01  USA
 Arcadia University  A4424-01  USA
 Aridis Pharmaceuticals,LLC  A4704-01  USA
 Arizona Cancer Center  A3248-01  USA
 Arizona Health Sciences Center  A3248-01  USA
 Arizona State University  A3217-01  USA
 Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute (University Arkansas)  A3063-01  USA
 Arkansas State University  A4506-01  USA
 Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute - AFRRI  A4176-01  USA
 Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals  A4209-01  USA
 Ashland University  A4116-01  USA
 Auburn University  A3152-01  USA
 Augusta Biomedical Research Corporation  A3326-01  USA
 Augusta University  A3307-01  USA
 Aurora Health Care, Inc.  A3704-01  USA
 Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center  A3704-01  USA
 Avastus Preclinical Services  A4543-01  USA
 Aves Labs, Inc.  A4232-01  USA
 Avrygen  A3028-01  USA
 Axion Research Foundation  A4384-01  USA
 Baldwin-Wallace College  A4296-01  USA
 Ball State University  A3898-01  USA
 Baptist Memorial Hospital  A3325-01  USA
 Barbara Davis Center (University of Colorado HSC)  A3269-01  USA
 Barnard College  A3007-01  USA
 Barnes-Jewish Hospital-North  A3381-01  USA
 Barry University  A3758-01  USA
 Barton's West End Farms, Inc.  A3984-01  USA
 Batelle Marine Sciences Laboratory - Sequim  A3353-01  USA
 Batelle Toxicology Northwest - Richland  A3353-01  USA
 Bates College  A3320-01  USA
 Battelle Ecology, Inc (NEON, Inc)  A3034-01  USA
 Battelle Memorial Institute - Columbus  A3034-01  USA
 Battelle Memorial Institute - Richland  A3353-01  USA
 BATTS Laboratories  A4475-01  USA
 Baylor College of Medicine - Houston  A3823-01  USA
 Baylor Research Institute  A3257-01  USA
 Baylor Scott & White Health  A3895-01  USA
 Baylor University - Waco  A3948-01  USA
 Baystate Health, Inc. - Medical Center  A4498-01  USA
 BCM Technologies, Inc. (Baylor College of Medicine)  A3823-01  USA
 Beckman Institute for Advanced Science & Technology  A3118-01  USA
 Behavioral Pharma,Inc.  A4630-01  USA
 Bellingham Veterinary Clinic  A3226-01  USA
 Benaroya Research Institute of Virginia Mason (BRI)  A3611-01  USA
 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc  A3153-01  USA
 Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.  A3991-01  USA
 Bioanalytical Systems, Inc (BASi) .- Evansville (Mount Vernon)  A4058-01  USA
 BioAxone BioSciences, Inc.  A4709-01  USA
 Biochemistry Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center  A3685-01  USA
 Biomedical Research Institute  A3080-01  USA
 Biomedical Research Institute (BRI)  A3551-01  USA
 Biomedical Research Institute of New Mexico  A3073-01  USA
 Biomedical Research Institute of Southern California  A4703-01  USA
 Biomedical Research Models, Inc.(BRM)  A4234-01  USA
 BioModels, Inc.  A4591-01  USA
 Bioqual, Inc.  A3086-01  USA
 BioReliance Corporation  A3144-01  USA
 BioSurg, Inc.  A3751-01  USA
 Biotechnology Institute Center for Advanced Res. in Biotech. - Shady Grove  A3270-01  USA
 Black Hills State University  A4428-01  USA
 Blanchette Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (BRNI)  A3597-01  USA
 Blood Research Institute/BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Inc.  A3102-01  USA
 Blood Systems Research Institute  A3367-01  USA
 Bloodworks Northwest Research Institute (Formerly Puget Sound Blood Center)  A4659-01  USA
 Bluefield State College  A4521-01  USA
 Boise State University  A4576-01  USA
 Bolder BioPATH, Inc  A4627-01  USA
 Boston College - Chestnut Hill  A3905-01  USA
 Boston Medical Center  A3316-01  USA
 Boston University  A3316-01  USA
 Boston University Charles River Campus (Boston University)  A3316-01  USA
 Boston University Medical Campus(Boston University)  A3316-01  USA
 Bowdoin College  A4502-01  USA
 Bowling Green State University  A3536-01  USA
 Boy's Town National Research Hospital  A3349-01  USA
 Bradley Hospital  A3922-01  USA
 Brains On-line, LLC.  A4742-01  USA
 Brandeis University  A3445-01  USA
 Brentwood Biomedical Research Institute  A3002-01  USA
 Bridge PTS, Inc  A4672-01  USA
 Brigham and Women's Hospital  A3431-01  USA
 Brigham Young University  A3783-01  USA
 Broad Institute The  A4711-01  USA
 Bronx Veterans Medical Research Foundation, Inc.  A3741-01  USA
 Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC/Brookhaven National Laboratory  A3106-01  USA
 Brooks Air Force Base/Armstrong Laboratory  A4125-01  USA
 Brown University - Providence  A3284-01  USA
 Bruker BioSpin  A4739-01  USA
 Bryn Mawr College  A3920-01  USA
 BTS Research (formerly BioTox Sciences)  A4519-01  USA
 Buck Institute for Age Research  A4213-01  USA
 Bucknell University  A3525-01  USA
 Buffalo Biolabs  A3143-01  USA
 Burke Medical Research Institute(Weill Cornell Medical College)  A3290-01  USA
 Burleson Research Technologies, Inc.  A4706-01  USA
 Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute (Texas A&M University)  A3424-01  USA
 California Institute for Medical Research  A3652-01  USA
 California Institute of Technology  A3426-01  USA
 California National Primate Research Center  A3433-01  USA
 California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute  A3028-01  USA
 California Polytechnic State University  A3517-01  USA
 California State Polytechnic University - Pomona  A3344-01  USA
 California State University - Fresno  A4305-01  USA
 California State University - Fullerton  A3753-01  USA
 California State University - Long Beach  A3390-01  USA
 California State University - Los Angeles  A3337-01  USA
 California State University - Northridge  A3915-01  USA
 California State University - Sacramento  A4394-01  USA
 California State University - San Bernardino  A3976-01  USA
 California State University - San Marcos  A4196-01  USA
 California State University-Chico  A4399-01  USA
 Calvert Laboratories, Inc.  A4163-01  USA
 Campbell University  A4048-01  USA
 Cancer Research Center of Hawaii (University of Hawaii)  A3423-01  USA
 Cancer Therapy Research Center  A3345-01  USA
 Canisius College  A3848-01  USA
 Cannon Reseach Center  A3973-01  USA
 Capralogics, Inc.  A4079-01  USA
 Cardioenergetics, Inc.  A3295-01  USA
 Cardiovascular Research Foundation  A4571-01  USA
 Care Research, LLC.  A4678-01  USA
 Carleton College-Northfield  A3799-01  USA
 Carnegie Institution of Washington  A3861-01  USA
 Carnegie-Mellon University - Pittsburgh  A3352-01  USA
 Carolinas HealthCare System  A3973-01  USA
 Carolinas Medical Center  A3973-01  USA
 Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies  A4242-01  USA
 Case Western Reserve University  A3145-01  USA
 Catholic University of America  A4431-01  USA
 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center  A3714-01  USA
 Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.  A4292-01  USA
 Celldex Therapeutics (Overland)  A4143-01  USA
 Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. - Needham  A4143-01  USA
 Cellerant Therapeutics, Inc.  A4509-01  USA
 Center for Great Lakes Studies (University Wisconsin, Milwaukee)  A3716-01  USA
 Center For Medical Education  A3898-01  USA
 Center for MR Research  A3444-01  USA
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Atlanta  A4365-01  USA
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Fort Collins  A4366-01  USA
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Morgantown  A4367-01  USA
 Central Connecticut State University  A4033-01  USA
 Central Institute for the Deaf  A3381-01  USA
 Central Michigan University  A4076-01  USA
 Central New York Research Corporation  A3436-01  USA
 Central States Research Centre, Inc.  A4749-01  USA
 Central Washington University  A4729-01  USA
 Centre College  A4446-01  USA
 Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science  A3190-01  USA
 Charles River Discovery Research Service - North Carolina (formerly Piedmont Research Center)  A4358-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories- Ashland  A4388-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories Preclinical Services - Ohio  A3447-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories Preclinical Services - PA  A3963-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories Research Model - Houston  A4403-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories Research Models - Wilmington  A3863-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - CSS - Germantown  A3863-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - Frederick  A3863-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - Hollister  A3863-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - Kingston  A3863-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - Lakeview,NJ  A3863-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - Portage, MI  A3863-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - Raleigh  A3863-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - San Diego  A3863-01  USA
 Charles River Laboratories, Preclinical Services - Nevada  A4112-01  USA
 ChemoCentryx, Inc.  A4411-01  USA
 Chicago Association for Research and Education in Sciences (CARES)  A3616-01  USA
 Chicago Medical School/University of Health Sciences  A3279-01  USA
 Chicago State University  A3579-01  USA
 Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute  A4748-01  USA
 Children's Hospital - Boston  A3303-01  USA
 Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland  A3631-01  USA
 Children's Hospital Corporation  A3303-01  USA
 Children's Hospital of Los Angeles  A3276-01  USA
 Children's Hospital of Orange County  A3987-01  USA
 Children's Hospital of Wisconsin  A3102-01  USA
 Children's Hospital, J.Stokes Research Institute - Philadelphia  A3442-01  USA
 Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics  A3397-01  USA
 Children's Research Institute - National Medical Center Washington, DC  A3338-01  USA
 Chimp Haven, Inc.  A4518-01  USA
 Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center  A3108-01  USA
 Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation  A3108-01  USA
 City of Hope National Medical Center - Beckman Research Institute  A3001-01  USA
 Clark Atlanta University (Morehouse School of Medicine)  A3944-01  USA
 Clark University - Worcester  A3113-01  USA
 Clarkson University  A4536-01  USA
 Clemson University  A3737-01  USA
 Cleveland Biolabs  A3143-01  USA
 Cleveland Clinic  A3047-01  USA
 Cleveland Clinic Lerner COM-CWRU  A3145-01  USA
 Cleveland State University  A3554-01  USA
 Cocalico Biologicals, Inc.  A3669-01  USA
 Cognition Therapeutics, Inc  A4611-01  USA
 Colby College  A4625-01  USA
 Colby-Sawyer College  A3259-01  USA
 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory  A3280-01  USA
 College of Charleston  A4376-01  USA
 College of Osteopathic Medicine - New York Institute of Tech.  A3315-01  USA
 College of the Holy Cross  A3951-01  USA
 College of William and Mary - Williamsburg  A3713-01  USA
 Colorado State University - Fort Collins  A3572-01  USA
 Columbia University  A3007-01  USA
 Columbia University Medical Center  A3007-01  USA
 Columbia University- Morningside  A3007-01  USA
 Commonwealth Medical College  A4662-01  USA
 Comparative Biosciences, Inc.  A4269-01  USA
 Concord Biomedical Sciences & Emerging Technologies (CBSET, Inc.)  A4656-01  USA
 Connecticut Agricultural Experimentation Station  A4050-01  USA
 Connecticut College  A4420-01  USA
 Converse College  A4733-01  USA
 Cooper Medical School of Rowan University  A3417-01  USA
 Cornell University - Ithaca (Main Campus)  A3347-01  USA
 Covance Laboratories, Inc.  A3218-01  USA
 Covance Laboratories, Inc.-Greenfield  A4683-01  USA
 Covance Research Products, Inc.  A3850-01  USA
 Covance Research Products,Inc.  A3656-01  USA
 Creighton University - Omaha  A3348-01  USA
 CRI International Center for Biotechnology (Formerly MOFA Group, LLC)  A4520-01  USA
 Crystal Bioscience, Inc.  A4663-01  USA
 CUNY Baruch College  A3730-01  USA
 CUNY Brooklyn College  A3730-01  USA
 CUNY City College - Medical School  A3733-01  USA
 CUNY College of Staten Island  A3718-01  USA
 CUNY Hunter College  A3705-01  USA
 CUNY Queens College  A3721-01  USA
 CUNY York College of The City University of New York  A3712-01  USA
 CUNY-Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC)  A4741-01  USA
 Cytokinetics, Inc.  A4619-01  USA
 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute  A3023-01  USA
 Dartmouth College  A3259-01  USA
 David H. Murdock Research Institute at NC Research Campus (The)  A4596-01  USA
 Davidson College  A3422-01  USA
 DaVinci Biomedical Research Products  A4582-01  USA
 Delaware State University  A3318-01  USA
 Denovo Biotechnology  A3997-01  USA
 Denver Health Medical Center (University of Colorado HSC)  A3269-01  USA
 Denver Research Institute  A4493-01  USA
 DePaul University  A4303-01  USA
 DePauw University  A4598-01  USA
 Des Moines University - Osteopathic Medical Center  A3732-01  USA
 Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  A4724-01  USA
 Dickinson College  A4494-01  USA
 Discovery Therapeutics,Inc.  A3281-01  USA
 Doheny Eye Institute  A3196-01  USA
 Drake University - Des Moines  A3577-01  USA
 Drexel University  A3222-01  USA
 Duke Lemur Center  A3195-01  USA
 Duke Marine Laboratory  A3195-01  USA
 Duke University  A3195-01  USA
 Duke University Medical Center  A3195-01  USA
 Duquesne University  A4009-01  USA
 E.K. Shriver Center for Mental Retardation,Inc.  A3306-01  USA
 Earle A. Chiles Research Institute  A3913-01  USA
 East Carolina University - Greenville  A3469-01  USA
 East Tennessee State University - Johnson City  A3203-01  USA
 Eastern Kentucky University  A4575-01  USA
 Eastern Michigan University  A3899-01  USA
 Eastern New Mexico University  A4484-01  USA
 Eastern Virginia Medical School  A3012-01  USA
 Eastman Dental Center  A3292-01  USA
 EMD Millipore  A4401-01  USA
 Emergent BioDefense Operations Lansing Inc.  A3638-01  USA
 Emmanuel College  A4705-01  USA
 Emory University  A3180-01  USA
 Emory Vaccine Research Center  A3180-01  USA
 Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  A4670-01  USA
 Envigo  A3964-01  USA
 Envigo RMS - Frederick, MD  A3738-01  USA
 Envigo RMS - Haslett, MI  A3738-01  USA
 Envigo RMS - Livermore, CA  A3738-01  USA
 Envigo RMS - Madison, WI  A3738-01  USA
 Envigo RMS - Prattville, AL  A3738-01  USA
 Envigo RMS, Inc.  A3738-01  USA
 Envigo RMS. - Dublin, VA  A3738-01  USA
 Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Research Institute  A3444-01  USA
 Evergreen State College - Olympia  A3253-01  USA
 Exemplar Genetics,LLC  A4579-01  USA
 Experimur, LLC  A4743-01  USA
 Explora BioLabs,LLC  A4487-01  USA
 F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine (USUHS)  A3448-01  USA
 Fairfield University  A4393-01  USA
 Father Flanagan's Boys' Home  A3349-01  USA
 Feinstein Institute for Medical Research(The)  A3168-01  USA
 Fibrogen, Inc.  A4205-01  USA
 Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (Florida A&M University)  A3581-01  USA
 Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton  A3883-01  USA
 Florida Institute of Technology - Melbourne  A3239-01  USA
 Florida International University - Miami  A3096-01  USA
 Florida State University  A3854-01  USA
 FluGen, Inc.  A4686-01  USA
 Food and Drug Administration - Center for Veterinary Medicine Office of Research (FDA)  A4301-01  USA
 Food and Drug Administration - Ctr. for Biologics Evaluation and Research  A4295-01  USA
 Food and Drug Administration - Ctr. for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition  A4294-01  USA
 Food and Drug Administration - National Center for Toxicological Research  A4310-01  USA
 Food and Drug Administration, White Oak Consolidation (WOC) Animal Program  A4300-01  USA
 Fordham University  A3819-01  USA
 Forsyth Institute, The  A3051-01  USA
 Fox Chase Cancer Center  A3285-01  USA
 Franklin and Marshall College  A4309-01  USA
 Fred Hutchinson Research Center  A3226-01  USA
 Froedtert Hospital  A3102-01  USA
 Fundacao OsWaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ) in Brazil  A3314-01  USA
 Furman University  A3242-01  USA
 Galenea Corporation  A4478-01  USA
 Gateway Pharmacology Laboratories  A3225-01  USA
 Geisinger Clinic/Weis Center for Research  A4255-01  USA
 General Electric Global Research  A4583-01  USA
 GeneTel Laboratories,LLC  A4489-01  USA
 Geneva College  A4263-01  USA
 Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation  A4311-01  USA
 GenWay Biotech,Inc.  A4489-01  USA
 George E. Wahlen VA Medical Center  A4408-01  USA
 George Mason University - Fairfax  A3210-01  USA
 George Washington University  A3205-01  USA
 Georgetown University Medical Center  A3282-01  USA
 Georgia Health Sciences University/ University of Georgia Medical Partnership  A3437-01  USA
 Georgia Institute of Technology  A3822-01  USA
 Georgia Southern University - Statesboro  A3902-01  USA
 Georgia State University - Atlanta  A3914-01  USA
 Georgia State University Research Foundation, Inc.  A3914-01  USA
 Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation  A3822-02  USA
 Georgia Tech Research Corporation  A3822-01  USA
 Gettysburg College  A4691-01  USA
 GlaxoSmithKline  A3333-01  USA
 Glenbrook Hospital  A3444-01  USA
 Global Vaccines, Inc.  A4626-01  USA
 GlobeImmune, Inc.  A4700-01  USA
 Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (University of North Texas)  A3711-01  USA
 Grand Valley State University  A4449-01  USA
 Green Mountain Antibodies,Inc.  A4289-01  USA
 Grice Marine Labs  A4376-01  USA
 Grinnell College  A4605-01  USA
 H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute  A4100-01  USA
 Hackensack University Medical Center - Institute for Biomedical Research  A4278-01  USA
 Hamner Institute for Life Sciences  A4688-01  USA
 Hampton University  A4722-01  USA
 Hartford Hospital  A3185-01  USA
 Harvard Medical School - Boston  A3431-01  USA
 Harvard School of Dental Medicine  A3431-01  USA
 Harvard School of Public Health  A3431-01  USA
 Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences  A3593-01  USA
 Health Partners Research Foundation  A3536-01  USA
 Health Research Inc. (HRI) - New York State Department of Health  A3183-01  USA
 HealthOne Swedish Medical Center  A3768-01  USA
 HemoShear Therapeutics, LLC  A4641-01  USA
 Henry Ford Health System  A3148-01  USA
 Henry Ford Hospital  A3148-01  USA
 Henry M. Jackson Foundation for Advances of Military Medicine  A3448-01  USA
 Hilltop Lab Animals, Inc.  A4547-01  USA
 Holiman Hog Farm  A3394-01  USA
 Hope College  A3971-01  USA
 Horizon Discovery (SAGE)  A4737-01  USA
 Horizon Discovery(SAGE)  A4737-01  USA
 Hormel Institute (University of Minnesota)  A3456-01  USA
 Houston Biotechnology, Inc. (Baylor College of Medicine)  A3823-01  USA
 Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Leland Stanford)  A3213-01  USA
 Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute (Baylor College of Medicine)  A3823-01  USA
 Howard University  A3742-01  USA
 Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute  A3512-01  USA
 Human Biomolecular Research Institute (HBRI)  A4334-01  USA
 Humboldt State University  A4585-01  USA
 Huntington Medical Research Institutes  A3606-01  USA
 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai  A3111-01  USA
 Ichor Medical Systems, Inc.  A4262-01  USA
 Idaho State University  A3623-01  USA
 Igenica, Inc.  A4685-01  USA
 IIT Research Institute  A3475-01  USA
 Illinois Institute of Technology  A4485-01  USA
 Illinois State University - Normal  A3762-01  USA
 ImmuneXcite, Inc.  A4702-01  USA
 Immunomic Therapuetics,Inc.  A4725-01  USA
 Immuno-Mycologics, Inc.(IMMY, Inc)  A4658-01  USA
 In Vivo Science International (IVSi)  A4643-01  USA
 INCELL Corporation,LLC  A4727-01  USA
 InCytu,Inc.  A4631-01  USA
 Indiana State University  A3856-01  USA
 Indiana University - Bloomington  A4094-01  USA
 Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis - School of Science  A4092-01  USA
 Indiana University - School of Dentistry  A4093-01  USA
 Indiana University - Southeast  A4097-01  USA
 Indiana University School of Medicine - NWCME  A4280-01  USA
 Indiana University School of Medicine-Indianapolis  A4091-01  USA
 Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI)  A4337-01  USA
 Institute for Drug Development  A3345-01  USA
 Institute for Systems Biology, The  A4355-01  USA
 Institute for Wildlife Studies  A3753-01  USA
 Institute of Food & Agricultural Science (University of Florida)  A3377-01  USA
 Integrated Biotherapeutics, Inc  A4633-01  USA
 Integrated Laboratory Systems, Inc.(ILS)  A3490-01  USA
 Intrexon Corporation  A4495-01  USA
 Inventox, LLC  A3550-01  USA
 InviCRO,LLC.  A4714-01  USA
 Invivotek,LLC  A4696-01  USA
 ioGenetics, LLC  A4406-01  USA
 Ionis Pharmaceuticals (Formerly ISIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc)  A4318-01  USA
 Iowa State University - Ames  A3236-01  USA
 IsoTherapeutics Group,LLC  A4632-01  USA
 Ithaca College  A3372-01  USA
 J. David Gladstone Institutes (UCSF)  A3400-01  USA
 J.Hillis Miller Health Center (University of Florida)  A3377-01  USA
 Jackson Laboratory - Bar Harbor  A3268-01  USA
 Jackson Laboratory - West  A4405-01  USA
 Jackson State University  A4172-01  USA
 Jacksonville State University  A3680-01  USA
 James Madison University  A3890-01  USA
 JBC Contract Research Service, Inc  A4189-01  USA
 John B. Pierce Laboratory,Inc.  A3128-01  USA
 Johns Hopkins University  A3272-01  USA
 Jortan Pharmaceuticals,Inc.  A4736-01  USA
 Joslin Diabetes Center, Inc.  A3595-01  USA
 Josman, LLC  A3404-01  USA
 Kalamazoo College  A4197-01  USA
 Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences  A4740-01  USA
 Kansas State University  A3609-01  USA
 Keene State College  A4732-01  USA
 Kennedy Krieger Research Institute - Hugo W. Moser Research Inst.(JHU Medical Institutes)  A3272-01  USA
 Kent State University  A3571-01  USA
 Kenyon College  A4314-01  USA
 Kineta,Inc.  A4689-01  USA
 Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine  A3058-01  USA
 Knox College  A4154-01  USA
 La Jolla Bioengineering Institute  A4343-01  USA
 La Jolla Infectious Disease Institute (LIDI)  A4616-01  USA
 La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology  A3779-01  USA
 La Rabida Childrens Hospital/Researc Center - University of Chicago  A3523-01  USA
 Lake Immunogenics, Inc.  A4409-01  USA
 Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc.  A3997-01  USA
 Lankenau Institute for Medical Research- Vascular Strategies, Inc  A3550-01  USA
 Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Laboratory (Uni. Of CA-Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab.)  A3054-01  USA
 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  A3184-01  USA
 Leahi Hospital (University of Hawaii)  A3423-01  USA
 Legacy Health  A3234-01  USA
 Lehigh University - Bethlehem  A3877-01  USA
 Lehman College - City University of New York (CUNY)  A3724-01  USA
 Lewis and Clark College  A4746-01  USA
 LifeSplice Pharma, LLC.  A4652-01  USA
 Lockwood Farm (Connecticut Agricultural Experimentation Station)  A4050-01  USA
 Lofstrand Labs, Limited  A3669-01  USA
 Loma Linda University  A3449-01  USA
 Los Alamos National Laboratory  A3795-01  USA
 Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor - UCLA Medical Center - L.A. Biomed  A3330-01  USA
 Louisiana State University - HSC - Shreveport  A3095-01  USA
 Louisiana State University & A&M College  A3612-01  USA
 Louisiana State University Agricultural Center Experiment Station  A4564-01  USA
 Louisiana State University HSC -New Orleans  A3094-01  USA
 Louisiana Tech University - Ruston  A3300-01  USA
 Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute  A3083-01  USA
 Loyola Marymount University - Los Angeles  A3278-01  USA
 Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Division  A3117-01  USA
 Loyola University of Chicago (Lake Shore Campus)  A3543-01  USA
 Lucille Salter Packard Children's Hospital (Leland Stanford)  A3213-01  USA
 Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research  A3033-01  USA
 Luminomics,Inc.  A3307-01  USA
 Luther College  A4480-01  USA
 Lynchburg College  A4299-01  USA
 Macalester College  A3601-01  USA
 MacroGenics, Inc.  A4448-01  USA
 Magee-Womens Research Institute  A3654-01  USA
 Mailman Research Center Animal Facility  A3685-01  USA
 Maine Biotechnology Services, Inc.  A4195-01  USA
 Maine Medical Center Research Institute  A3862-01  USA
 Marine Biological Laboratory  A3070-01  USA
 Marine Institute (University of Georgia)  A3437-01  USA
 Marquette University - Milwaukee  A3663-01  USA
 Marshall Farms Group, Ltd. dba Marshall BioResources  A4621-01  USA
 Marshall University - Huntington  A3578-01  USA
 Mary Baldwin College  A4452-01  USA
 Masonic Medical Research Laboratory  A3228-01  USA
 Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary  A3332-01  USA
 Massachusetts General Hospital  A3596-01  USA
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology  A3125-01  USA
 Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience  A4654-01  USA
 Mayo Clinc - Scottsdale  A3291-01  USA
 Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville  A3291-01  USA
 Mayo Clinic (Foundation)  A3291-01  USA
 MB Research Laboratories  A4306-01  USA
 McLaughlin Research Institute - Great Falls  A3901-01  USA
 McLean Health Services, Inc.  A3685-01  USA
 McLean Hospital - Belmont  A3685-01  USA
 MCPHS University  A3845-01  USA
 Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee  A3102-01  USA
 Medical University of South Carolina  A3428-01  USA
 MedStar Health Research Institute  A3604-01  USA
 Meharry Medical College  A3420-01  USA
 Melior Discovery, Inc.  A4717-01  USA
 Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases - (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)  A3311-01  USA
 Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center  A3311-01  USA
 Mercer University  A3725-01  USA
 Metabiologics Diagnostics  A4462-01  USA
 Methodist Hospital Research Institute (The)  A4555-01  USA
 Methodist Hospital Research Institute, The - Texas A&M University  A4012-01  USA
 Methodist Research Institute/Indiana University Health  A3772-01  USA
 MetroHealth Medical Center  A3145-01  USA
 Miami University  A3161-01  USA
 Michale E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center  A3823-01  USA
 Michigan Cancer Foundation (Wayne State University)  A3310-01  USA
 Michigan State University  A3955-01  USA
 Michigan Technological University  A4486-01  USA
 Middle Tennessee Research Institute  A3227-01  USA
 Middle Tennessee State University  A4701-01  USA
 Middlebury College  A3429-01  USA
 Midland BioProducts Corporation (Division of Nittobo America,Inc)  A4470-01  USA
 Midwestern University  A3048-01  USA
 Midwestern University  A3048-01  USA
 Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation,Inc.  A3875-01  USA
 Minnesota State University  A3452-01  USA
 Minot State University  A4461-01  USA
 Miriam Hospital  A3922-01  USA
 MIRNA Therapeutics, Inc.  A4679-01  USA
 Mispro Biotech Services Corp.-Alexandria Center for Life Sciences - New York  A4660-01  USA
 Mispro Biotech Services Corporation  A4709-01  USA
 Mispro Biotech Services Corporation - North Carolina  A4688-01  USA
 Mississippi State University  A3160-01  USA
 Missouri State University - Springfield  A3057-01  USA
 Missouri University of Science and Technology  A3396-01  USA
 Molecular Diagnostic Services, Inc.  A4189-01  USA
 Molecular Imaging Center at Sanford Consortium (MICS)  A4671-01  USA
 Molecular Imaging, Inc.  A4671-01  USA
 Molecular Medicine Research Institute  A4202-01  USA
 Monell Chemical Senses Center  A3135-01  USA
 Monmouth University  A4481-01  USA
 Montana State University - Bozeman  A3627-01  USA
 Montefiore Medical Center  A3761-01  USA
 Morehead State University  A4069-01  USA
 Morehouse College (Morehouse School of Medicine)  A3944-01  USA
 Morehouse School of Medicine - Atlanta University Center  A3944-01  USA
 Moreno Valley Field Station Poultry Facility, The  A3439-01  USA
 Moss Landing Marine Laboratory  A3648-01  USA
 Mote Marine Laboratory  A4219-01  USA
 Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory  A3562-01  USA
 Mount Holyoke College  A3618-01  USA
 Mount Sinai Medical Center - Miami  A3044-01  USA
 Mount Zion & Medical Center (UCSF)  A3400-01  USA
 MPI Research, Inc.  A3181-01  USA
 MRIGlobal  A3494-01  USA
 MuriGenics, Inc.  A4573-01  USA
 Murray State University  A3838-01  USA
 NAMSA Integra Division  A4682-01  USA
 Nanoscope Technologies,LLC  A4735-01  USA
 Nanospectra Biosciences,Inc.  A4560-01  USA
 NASA/Ames Research Center- LifeSource Biomedical, LLC  A4106-01  USA
 NASA/Johnson Space Center  A4221-01  USA
 NASA/Kennedy Space Center  A4317-01  USA
 Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc.  A4545-01  USA
 National Hansen's Disease Programs  A3032-01  USA
 National Institute of Tropical Medicine (INMeT) in Argentina  A3314-01  USA
 National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Program  A4149-01  USA
 National Jewish Health (NJH)  A3026-01  USA
 Naval Medical Center  A4327-01  USA
 NCI -National Cancer Institute at Frederick  A4159-01  USA
 Nelson A. Rockefeller Academic Center (NYCOM/NYIT)  A3315-01  USA
 NeoSome Life Sciences, LLC.  A4745-01  USA
 Neuroscience Research Institute of North Carolina  A4500-01  USA
 NeuroVasc Preclinical Services, Inc.  A4543-01  USA
 New England Aquarium  A3825-01  USA
 New England College of Optometry  A4070-01  USA
 New England Medical Center Hospitals, Inc.  A3775-01  USA
 New England Peptide, Inc.  A3975-01  USA
 New England Regional Primate Center  A3431-01  USA
 New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)  A3158-01  USA
 New Jersey Neuroscience Institute at JFK Medical Center  A3461-01  USA
 New Mexico Highlands University  A3907-01  USA
 New Mexico Resonance (NMR)  A3350-01  USA
 New Mexico State University  A4022-01  USA
 New York Blood Center, L. F. Kimball Research Institute  A3726-01  USA
 New York Medical College  A3362-01  USA
 New York State Agriculture Experimentation Station (Cornell - Ithaca)  A3347-01  USA
 New York State Department of Health Wadsworth Center - Labs/Research  A3183-01  USA
 New York State Inst. for Basic Research in Dev. Disabilities, Res. Fnd. for Mental Hygiene, Inc.  A4546-01  USA
 New York State Psychiatric Institute  A4148-01  USA
 New York University  A3317-01  USA
 New York University School of Medicine  A3435-01  USA
 Newport Hospital  A3922-01  USA
 NexImmune, Inc.  A4633-01  USA
 Niagara University  A3067-01  USA
 NIH-NIAID-Morgan Island  A4565-01  USA
 Noble Life Sciences,Inc.  A4633-01  USA
 North American Sciences Association, Inc. (NAMSA)  A3699-01  USA
 North Carolina Agricultural &Technical State University - Greensboro  A3091-01  USA
 North Carolina Agricultural Research Services (NC State University)  A3331-01  USA
 North Carolina Central University - Durham  A3626-01  USA
 North Carolina State University  A3331-01  USA
 North Dakota State University - Fargo  A3244-01  USA
 North East Life Sciences (NELS)  A4648-01  USA
 Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)  A3474-01  USA
 Northeastern Illinois University  A4584-01  USA
 Northeastern University  A3155-01  USA
 Northeastern Wildlife, Inc.  A4646-01  USA
 Northern Arizona University - Flagstaff  A3908-01  USA
 Northern Biomedical Research, Inc  A4324-01  USA
 Northern California Institute for Research and Education  A3476-01  USA
 Northern Illinois University - Dekalb  A3166-01  USA
 Northern Kentucky University  A4348-01  USA
 Northern Michigan University  A3894-01  USA
 NorthShore University HealthSystem  A3444-01  USA
 Northwestern University - Chicago  A3283-01  USA
 Nupotential, Inc.  A3677-01  USA
 Oak Hill Farm, LLC  A4406-01  USA
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory  A3170-01  USA
 Oakland University - Rochester  A3163-01  USA
 Oaks Alcohol & Drug Abuse Primate Facility  A3685-01  USA
 Oberlin College  A4677-01  USA
 Ochsner Clinic Foundation  A3126-01  USA
 Ohio Agricultural R&D, Wooster (Ohio State University)  A3261-01  USA
 Ohio State University - Columbus (Main Campus)  A3261-01  USA
 Ohio State University - Lima  A3261-01  USA
 Ohio State University - Marion  A3261-01  USA
 Ohio State University - Newark  A3261-01  USA
 Ohio University - Athens (Main Campus)  A3610-01  USA
 Ohio University - Chillicothe  A3610-01  USA
 Ohio University - Ironton  A3610-01  USA
 Ohio University - Lancaster  A3610-01  USA
 Ohio University - St.Clairsville  A3610-01  USA
 Ohio University - Zanesville  A3610-01  USA
 Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation  A3127-01  USA
 Oklahoma State University - Stillwater  A3722-01  USA
 Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences  A3679-01  USA
 Old Dominion University - Norfolk  A3172-01  USA
 Omeros Corporation  A4413-01  USA
 Omniox, Inc.  A4747-01  USA
 Optimum Therapeutics, LLC  A4622-01  USA
 Oregon Health & Science University  A3304-01  USA
 Oregon Medical Laser Center  A3913-01  USA
 Oregon State University - Corvallis  A3229-01  USA
 Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science, Inc.  A3833-01  USA
 OriGene Technologies, Inc.  A3975-01  USA
 Orphagen Pharmaceuticals  A4592-01  USA
 Owensboro Medical Health System  A3586-01  USA
 Pace University - Haskins Laboratories - NYC  A3112-01  USA
 Pacific BioLabs  A3363-01  USA
 Pacific Immunology Corporation  A4182-01  USA
 Pacific Lutheran University  A4444-01  USA
 Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute  A3357-01  USA
 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) - Richland  A3353-01  USA
 Palmer College of Chiropractic - Center for Chiropractic Research  A4338-01  USA
 Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research (PAVIR)  A3088-01  USA
 Panorama Institute of Molecular Medicine (The)  A3950-01  USA
 Panorama Research, Inc.  A3950-01  USA
 ParaTechs Corporation - Lexington  A4649-01  USA
 Pennington Biomedical Research Center  A3677-01  USA
 Pennsylvania State University - Hershey Medical Center  A3045-01  USA
 Pennsylvania State University - University Park  A3141-01  USA
 Perinatal Research Facility - Fitzsimmons (University of Colorado HSC)  A3269-01  USA
 Pfizer, Inc.,Kendall Square  A4692-01  USA
 Pharma Models,Inc.  A4697-01  USA
 Pharmaceutical Development Center  A3343-01  USA
 Pharma-In Corporation  A3357-01  USA
 PharmOptima  A3252-01  USA
 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine  A3817-01  USA
 Phylonix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  A4191-01  USA
 Physical Sciences, Inc.  A4459-01  USA
 Pierce Biotechnology, Inc./Thermo Fisher Scientific/Life Technologies  A3669-01  USA
 Pine Acres Rabbitry Farm, Inc.  A3834-01  USA
 Plato BioPharma, Inc.  A4635-01  USA
 Plymouth State University  A4111-01  USA
 Pocono Rabbit Farm & Laboratory, Inc.  A3886-01  USA
 Ponce School of Medicine  A3585-01  USA
 Population Council  A3081-01  USA
 Pork Power Farms - Blaker Farm  A4551-01  USA
 Portland Shriners Hospital  A3304-01  USA
 Portland State University  A3903-01  USA
 Portland VA Affairs Research Foundation (PVARF)  A3745-01  USA
 Portola Pharmaceuticals,Inc.  A4476-01  USA
 Powered Research, LLC.  A4666-01  USA
 Prairie View A&M University  A3167-01  USA
 Precision Antibody  A4404-01  USA
 Preclinical Medevice Innovations,LLC(PMI)  A3367-01  USA
 PreClinical Research Services, Inc.  A4690-01  USA
 Preclinomics, Inc.  A3986-01  USA
 Primate Products,Inc.  A4102-01  USA
 Prime Bio,Inc.  A4715-01  USA
 Primedica Corporation  A3963-01  USA
 Princeton University  A3434-01  USA
 Product Safety Laboratories  A4526-01  USA
 Project Strengthen Research Labs (Winston Salem State University)  A3591-01  USA
 ProSci, Inc.  A4550-01  USA
 Proteogenomics Research Institute for System Medicine (PRISM)  A4599-01  USA
 Proteostasis Therapeutics,Inc.  A4601-01  USA
 Providence College  A4522-01  USA
 Providence Portland Medical Center  A3913-01  USA
 PsychoGenics, Inc. - Hawthorne  A4471-01  USA
 PsychoGenics,Inc.  A4471-01  USA
 Pulmokine, Inc  A4607-01  USA
 Pulse Biosciences  A4647-01  USA
 Purdue University - West Lafayette (Main Campus)  A3231-01  USA
 Purdue University Calumet Campus  A3231-01  USA
 Purdue University North Central Campus  A3231-01  USA
 Purdue University-Indiana University (Ft.Wayne)  A3231-01  USA
 Q Therapeutics, Inc.  A4482-01  USA
 QED Bioscience,Inc.  A4344-01  USA
 QPS, LLC  A4360-01  USA
 QTest Labs,LLC  A4721-01  USA
 R & R Research, LLC  A3982-01  USA
 Rabbit & Rodent Diagnostic Associates  A4189-01  USA
 RadioMedix, Inc  A4708-01  USA
 Radix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  A4513-01  USA
 Ramapo College of New Jersey  A3703-01  USA
 Randolph Macon College  A4720-01  USA
 RBHS - Cancer Institute of New Jersey - New Brunswick  A3328-01  USA
 RBHS - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - Piscataway/New Brunswick  A3328-01  USA
 RBHS School of Health Related Professions (SHRP) - Newark  A3158-01  USA
 RBHS-School of Dental Medicine  A3158-01  USA
 Recombinetics, Inc.  A4728-01  USA
 Redbeast Enterprises, Inc; DBA High Quality Research  A3808-01  USA
 Reed College  A4425-01  USA
 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  A4523-01  USA
 Regional Medical Center at Memphis  A3325-01  USA
 Regional Primate Research Center  A3464-01  USA
 Regis University  A4287-01  USA
 Rehabilitation Insitute of Chicago  A3283-01  USA
 Rempex Pharmaceuticals, Inc  A4668-01  USA
 Rensselaer PolytechnicInstitute  A3538-01  USA
 Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc. at NYSPI  A4148-01  USA
 Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital  A3544-01  USA
 Research Institute of Fox Chase Cancer Center  A3285-01  USA
 Research Triangle Institute/RTI International  A4688-01  USA
 Rhode Island College - Providence  A3607-01  USA
 Rhode Island Hospital - Providence  A3922-01  USA
 Rhodes College - Memphis  A3366-01  USA
 Rice University (William Marsh Rice University)  A3010-01  USA
 Ricerca Biosciences, LLC  A4061-01  USA
 Rider University  A3545-01  USA
 Robert Sargeant Animal Facility  A4182-01  USA
 Robert W. Franz Cancer Research Center  A3913-01  USA
 Rochal Industries,LLP  A4727-01  USA
 Rochester General Hospital -Rochester General Health System  A3480-01  USA
 Rockefeller University (Main Campus)  A3081-01  USA
 Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.  A4062-01  USA
 Rocky Mountain Biosystems, Inc.  A4505-01  USA
 Roger Williams Medical Center  A3175-01  USA
 Roger Williams University  A4533-01  USA
 Rollins College  A4525-01  USA
 Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science  A3279-01  USA
 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology  A4415-01  USA
 Roskamp Institute, Inc.  A4464-01  USA
 Roswell Park Cancer Institute  A3143-01  USA
 Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine  A3156-01  USA
 Rumbaugh-Goodwin Institute for Cancer Res. at Nova Southeastern Univ.  A3151-01  USA
 Rush University Medical Center  A3120-01  USA
 Rutgers, State University of New Jersey - Newark  A3328-01  USA
 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - Camden  A3262-01  USA
 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick/Piscataway  A3262-01  USA
 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - Newark  A3158-01  USA
 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, RBHS - Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy  A3262-01  USA
 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, RBHS - Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research - New Brunswick  A3262-01  USA
 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers Biomedical & Health Sciences (RBHS) New Jersey Medical School  A3158-01  USA
 Saint Anselm College  A4060-01  USA
 Saint John's University - Jamaica  A3574-01  USA
 Saint Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center  A3519-01  USA
 Saint Joseph's University  A4224-01  USA
 Saint Lawrence University  A4385-01  USA
 Saint Louis University  A3225-01  USA
 Saint Mary's University - San Antonio  A3781-01  USA
 Saint Michael's College  A4516-01  USA
 Salk Institute  A3539-01  USA
 Salus University  A3246-01  USA
 San Diego Biomedical Research Institute (SDBRI)  A4487-01  USA
 San Diego State University  A3728-01  USA
 San Francisco General Hospital (UCSF)  A3400-01  USA
 San Francisco State University  A3785-01  USA
 San Jose State University  A3648-01  USA
 Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute at Lake Nona  A4590-01  USA
 Sanford Health  A4568-01  USA
 Sanford-Burnham Prebys Medical Research Institute  A3053-01  USA
 Sanofi Pasteur Biologics, LLC  A3924-01  USA
 Santa Clara University  A4443-01  USA
 Savannah State University  A4216-01  USA
 Schepens Eye Research Institute  A3177-01  USA
 Science Park - Department of Carcinogenesis  A3343-01  USA
 Science Park- Department of Veterinary Sciences  A3343-01  USA
 Scintillon Institute  A4744-01  USA
 Scripps Instititute of Oceanography (University of California, San Diego)  A3033-01  USA
 Scripps Research Institute  A3194-01  USA
 Scripps Research Institution - Scripps Florida  A4460-01  USA
 SDIX, LLC.  A3975-01  USA
 Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (DBA) Center for Infectious Disease Research  A3640-01  USA
 Seattle Children's Hospital Research Institute  A3189-01  USA
 Seattle Institute for Biomedical and Clinical Research  A3832-01  USA
 Selecta Biosciences, Inc  A4738-01  USA
 Senior Scientific,LLC  A3350-01  USA
 Sepulveda Research Corporation  A3002-01  USA
 Seton Hall University  A3461-01  USA
 Seventh Wave Laboratories, LLC  A3225-01  USA
 Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories(SNBL)  A4261-01  USA
 Shriners Hospial in Sacramento  A3433-01  USA
 Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children  A3295-01  USA
 Shriners Hospitals for Children (Massachusetts General Hospital)  A3596-01  USA
 Sierra Biomedical Research Corporation  A3500-01  USA
 Sigma-Aldrich Corporation  A4489-01  USA
 Sigmovir BioSystems,Inc.  A4642-01  USA
 Signum Biosciences, Inc.  A4557-01  USA
 Simonsen Laboratories, Inc.  A3608-01  USA
 Sinai Hospital of Baltimore  A3909-01  USA
 Sinai Samaritan Medical Center  A3704-01  USA
 Sinclair Research Center, LLC  A4333-01  USA
 Siri Pharma Labs  A4734-01  USA
 Sloan-Kettering Institite for Cancer Research - (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Cnt.)  A3311-01  USA
 Smith College - Northhampton  A3162-01  USA
 Smithers Avanza Toxicology Services, LLC.  A3889-01  USA
 Smithsonian Institution  A3655-01  USA
 SNBL USA, Ltd.  A4261-01  USA
 SoBran, Inc.  A4614-01  USA
 South Dakota State University  A3958-01  USA
 Southeastern Louisiana University  A4604-01  USA
 Southern Illinois University - Carbondale  A3078-01  USA
 Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville  A3486-01  USA
 Southern Illinois University School of Medicine  A3078-01  USA
 Southern Illinois University School of Medicine - Springfield  A3209-01  USA
 Southern Methodist University  A3667-01  USA
 Southern Research (Birmingham)  A3046-01  USA
 Southern Research Institute (Frederick)  A3046-01  USA
 Spelman College (Morehouse School of Medicine)  A3944-01  USA
 SRI International  A3025-01  USA
 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Memphis  A3077-01  USA
 Stanford Hospital and Clinics (Leland Stanford)  A3213-01  USA
 Stanford University (Leland Stanford Junior University)  A3213-01  USA
 State University of New York - Binghamton  A3100-01  USA
 State University of New York - College of Optometry  A4329-01  USA
 State University of New York - Stony Brook  A3011-01  USA
 State University of New York at Geneseo  A4636-01  USA
 State University of New York CNSE- University at Albany  A3621-01  USA
 State University of New York College - Old Westbury  A3154-01  USA
 State University of New York College at Cortland  A3164-01  USA
 State University of New York Health Science - Brooklyn - Downstate Medical Center  A3260-01  USA
 State University of New York Research Foundation  A3354-01  USA
 State University of New York- University at Buffalo  A3354-01  USA
 State University of New York Upstate Medical University  A3514-01  USA
 State University of New York, Buffalo General Hospital- Buffalo  A3354-01  USA
 Stemcells, Inc.  A4256-01  USA
 Stetson University  A4514-01  USA
 Stevens Institute of Technology  A4442-01  USA
 Stillmeadow, Inc.  A3967-01  USA
 Stowers Institute for Medical Research  A4304-01  USA
 Strategic Diagnostics, Inc./Strategic BioSolution  A3975-01  USA
 SUNY- Millard Fillmore Hospital- Buffalo  A3354-01  USA
 SUNY- Research Institute on Addictions- Buffalo  A3354-01  USA
 SUNY State University of New York College at Brockport  A4581-01  USA
 SURPASS - Silicon Valley, LLC (Former LyChron, LLC)  A4551-01  USA
 Surpass, Inc.  A4515-01  USA
 Synchrony Labs,LLC  A4628-01  USA
 Syracuse University  A3687-01  USA
 Taconic Biosciences, Inc ( formerly Taconic Farms, Inc.).  A3524-01  USA
 Taconic Biotechnology, Inc.  A3524-01  USA
 Tartis, Inc.  A3143-01  USA
 Temple University - Philadelphia  A3594-01  USA
 Tennessee State University  A4472-01  USA
 Terre Haute Center for Medical Education  A3856-01  USA
 Texas A&M Health Science Center  A4012-01  USA
 Texas A&M Health Science Center  A3895-01  USA
 Texas A&M HSC, Baylor College of Dentistry  A3027-01  USA
 Texas A&M International University  A4673-01  USA
 Texas A&M Research Foundation  A3893-01  USA
 Texas A&M University - College Station  A3893-01  USA
 Texas A&M University - Galveston  A3893-01  USA
 Texas A&M University - Kingsville  A3424-01  USA
 Texas A&M University - Research Foundation  A3893-01  USA
 Texas A&M University Health Science Center - College Station  A3893-01  USA
 Texas A&M University-Commerce  A4587-01  USA
 Texas Agricultural Experiment Station - College Station  A3893-01  USA
 Texas Biomedical Research Institute  A3082-01  USA
 Texas Christian University  A3542-01  USA
 Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (University of North Texas)  A3711-01  USA
 Texas Engineering Experiment Station  A3893-01  USA
 Texas Engineering Experiment Station - College Station  A3893-01  USA
 Texas Heart Institute  A3505-01  USA
 Texas Southern University - Houston  A3897-01  USA
 Texas State University - San Marcos  A4147-01  USA
 Texas Tech University  A3629-01  USA
 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Abilene  A3056-01  USA
 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Amarillo  A3056-01  USA
 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - El Paso  A3056-01  USA
 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Lubbock  A3056-01  USA
 Texas Woman's University - Denton  A3896-01  USA
 TGA Sciences, Inc.  A4497-01  USA
 The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center  A3165-01  USA
 The California Medical Innovations Institute,Inc.  A4716-01  USA
 Thomas D. Morris, Inc.  A4082-01  USA
 Thomas Jefferson University  A3085-01  USA
 Thomas More College  A4240-01  USA
 Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies (TPIMS)  A4487-01  USA
 Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies in Florida  A4618-01  USA
 Tosk, Inc.  A4386-01  USA
 Touro University - California  A4510-01  USA
 Towson State University  A3765-01  USA
 Toxikon Corporation  A3223-01  USA
 TransDerm, Inc.  A4617-01  USA
 Translational Drug Development (TD2)  A4567-01  USA
 Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)  A4567-01  USA
 Translational, Testing and Training Laboratories, Inc. -T3 Labs  A4258-01  USA
 TransPharm Preclinical Solutions, LLC  A4707-01  USA
 Trinity College - Hartford  A3869-01  USA
 Trinity University - San Antonio  A3241-01  USA
 Triple J Farms  A4335-01  USA
 Trophogen, Inc.  A4633-01  USA
 Trudeau Institute  A3075-01  USA
 TSRL, Inc.  A4194-01  USA
 Tufts University - Medford Campus  A3115-01  USA
 Tufts University Cummings - School of Veterinary Medicine  A4059-01  USA
 Tufts University Health Sciences Campus  A3775-01  USA
 Tufts University/Tufts Medical Center  A3775-01  USA
 Tulane National Primate Research Center  A4499-01  USA
 Tulane University  A4499-01  USA
 Tulane University - Downtown Health Sciences Center  A4499-01  USA
 Tulane University - Uptown Campus  A4499-01  USA
 Tuskegee University  A3938-01  USA
 U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD)  A4528-01  USA
 Uconn Health (Formerly University of Connecticut Health Center)  A3471-01  USA
 Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS)  A3448-01  USA
 United States Air Force Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center  A3492-01  USA
 United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases-USAMRIID  A3473-01  USA
 United States Army Research Institute of Enviromental Medicine  A4465-01  USA
 United States Department of Agriculture - Southeastern Poultry Res. Lab.  A4298-01  USA
 United States Dept. of the Interior Fish & Wildlife Services  A4726-01  USA
 United States Environmental Protection Agency  A4051-01  USA
 United States Plant, Soil/Nutritional Laboratory  A3347-01  USA
 Universidad Central Del Caribe School of Medicine - Cayey  A3566-01  USA
 University Hospitals of Cleveland  A3145-01 A3145-01  USA
 University of 322 School of Medicine  A3224-01  USA
 University of Akron  A3870-01  USA
 University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa  A3202-01  USA
 University of Alabama at Birmingham  A3255-01  USA
 University of Alaska - Anchorage  A3710-01  USA
 University of Alaska - Fairbanks  A3837-01  USA
 University of Arizona  A3248-01  USA
 University of Arkansas - Fayetteville  A3878-01  USA
 University of Arkansas (Non-Medical) - Little Rock  A3313-01  USA
 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Little Rock  A3063-01  USA
 University of California - Berkeley  A3084-01  USA
 University of California - Davis  A3433-01  USA
 University of California - Irvine (Including Medical Center)  A3416-01  USA
 University of California - Los Angeles  A3196-01  USA
 University of California - Merced  A4561-01  USA
 University of California - Riverside  A3439-01  USA
 University of California - San Diego  A3033-01  USA
 University of California - Santa Barbara  A3865-01  USA
 University of California - Santa Cruz  A3859-01  USA
 University of California-San Francisco  A3400-01  USA
 University of Central Arkansas  A4179-01  USA
 University of Central Florida  A4135-01  USA
 University of Central Missouri - Warrensburg  A3098-01  USA
 University of Chicago  A3523-01  USA
 University of Cincinnati  A3295-01  USA
 University of Colorado - Boulder  A3646-01  USA
 University of Colorado - Denver  A3269-01  USA
 University of Colorado - Denver  A3269-01  USA
 University of Connecticut - Storrs  A3124-01  USA
 University of Dayton  A3092-01  USA
 University of Delaware - Newark  A3773-01  USA
 University of Denver (Colorado Seminary)  A3193-01  USA
 University of Florida - Gainesville  A3377-01  USA
 University of Georgia - Athens  A3437-01  USA
 University of Hawaii - Manoa  A3423-01  USA
 University of Houston - Clear Lake  A3483-01  USA
 University of Houston - Main Campus  A3136-01  USA
 University of Idaho  A3852-01  USA
 University of Illinois - Chicago  A3460-01  USA
 University of Illinois - College of Medicine-Peoria  A3744-01  USA
 University of Illinois - College of Medicine-Rockford  A3672-01  USA
 University of Illinois - Springfield  A4593-01  USA
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  A3118-01  USA
 University of Incarnate Word Felk School of Pharmacy  A3592-01  USA
 University of Iowa - Iowa City  A3021-01  USA
 University of Kansas - Lawrence  A3339-01  USA
 University of Kansas Medical Center  A3237-01  USA
 University of Kentucky - Lexington  A3336-01  USA
 University of Kentucky Research Foundation  A3336-01  USA
 University of La Verne  A4588-01  USA
 University of Louisiana - Monroe  A3641-01  USA
 University of Louisiana at Lafayette, New Iberia Research Center  A3029-01  USA
 University of Louisville  A3586-01  USA
 University of Louisville - Belknap Campus  A3586-01  USA
 University of Louisville Health Sciences Center  A3586-01  USA
 University of Maine - Bangor  A3754-01  USA
 University of Maine - Orono (Main Campus)  A3754-01  USA
 University of Maryland - Baltimore County  A3784-01  USA
 University of Maryland - College Park  A3270-01  USA
 University of Maryland - Crisfield Marine Laboratory - Eastern Shore  A3912-01  USA
 University of Maryland - Eastern Shore  A3912-01  USA
 University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science  A4160-01  USA
 University of Maryland School of Medicine  A3200-01  USA
 University of Massachusetts - Amherst  A3551-01  USA
 University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth  A4491-01  USA
 University of Massachusetts - Lowell  A3867-01  USA
 University of Massachusetts Biologic Laboratories  A3306-01  USA
 University of Massachusetts Medical School  A3306-01  USA
 University of Massachusetts-Boston-Harbor Campus  A3383-01  USA
 University of Memphis  A3919-01  USA
 University of Miami  A3224-01  USA
 University of Miami - Coral Gables  A3224-01  USA
 University of Miami Rosenteil School  A3224-01  USA
 University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Main Campus)  A3114-01  USA
 University of Michigan - Dearborn  A3114-01  USA
 University of Michigan - Flint  A3114-01  USA
 University of Minnesota - Duluth  A3456-01  USA
 University of Minnesota - Minneapolis/Saint Paul (Main)  A3456-01  USA
 University of Mississippi - Jackson (Medical Center)  A3275-01  USA
 University of Mississippi (Non-Medical)  A3356-01  USA
 University of Missouri - Columbia  A3394-01  USA
 University of Missouri - Kansas City  A3397-01  USA
 University of Missouri - St. Louis  A3398-01  USA
 University of Montana - Missoula  A3327-01  USA
 University of Nebraska - Lincoln  A3459-01  USA
 University of Nebraska Medical Center (University of Nebraska)  A3294-01  USA
 University of Nevada - Las Vegas  A3774-01  USA
 University of Nevada - Reno  A3500-01  USA
 University of New England  A3438-01  USA
 University of New Hampshire - Durham  A3427-01  USA
 University of New Mexico - Albuquerque (Health Sciences Center)  A3350-01  USA
 University of New Mexico - Main Campus  A4023-01  USA
 University of New Orleans  A3299-01  USA
 University of North Carolina - Charlotte  A3600-01  USA
 University of North Carolina - Greensboro  A3706-01  USA
 University of North Carolina - Wilmington  A3871-01  USA
 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  A3410-01  USA
 University of North Carolina at Pembroke  A3546-01  USA
 University of North Dakota - Grand Forks  A3917-01  USA
 University of North Florida  A4572-01  USA
 University of North Texas - Denton  A3841-01  USA
 University of North Texas Health Science Center - Fort Worth  A3711-01  USA
 University of Northern Colorado  A4075-01  USA
 University of Notre Dame - Notre Dame  A3093-01  USA
 University of Oklahoma - Norman (Non-Medical)  A3240-01  USA
 University of Oregon - Eugene  A3009-01  USA
 University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia  A3079-01  USA
 University of Pittsburgh  A3187-01  USA
 University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras  A3258-01  USA
 University of Puerto Rico at Humacao  A4007-01  USA
 University of Puerto Rico- Central Administration  A3258-01  USA
 University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus - San Juan  A3421-01  USA
 University of Rhode Island - Kingston  A3690-01  USA
 University of Richmond  A3615-01  USA
 University of Rochester  A3292-01  USA
 University of Saint Thomas - Saint Paul  A3791-01  USA
 University of San Diego  A3369-01  USA
 University of South Alabama  A3288-01  USA
 University of South Carolina  A3049-01  USA
 University of South Carolina - Salkehatchie  A3049-01  USA
 University of South Carolina at Columbia  A3049-01  USA
 University of South Dakota - Vermillion - Main Campus  A3207-01  USA
 University of South Florida - Tampa  A4100-01  USA
 University of Southern California  A3518-01  USA
 University of Southern Maine  A3468-01  USA
 University of Southern Mississippi - Hattiesburg  A3851-01  USA
 University of Tennessee - Knoxville  A3668-01  USA
 University of Tennessee - Medical Center  A3668-01  USA
 University of Tennessee Health Science Center - Memphis  A3325-01  USA
 University of Tennessee-Chattanooga  A4450-01  USA
 University of Texas - Arlington  A3169-01  USA
 University of Texas - Austin  A4107-01  USA
 University of Texas - Dallas - (Non-Medical)  A3329-01  USA
 University of Texas - El Paso  A3340-01  USA
 University of Texas - San Antonio (Non-Medical)  A3592-01  USA
 University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas)  A3472-01  USA
 University of Texas Health Center - Tyler  A3589-01  USA
 University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston  A3413-01  USA
 University of Texas Health Science Center - San Antonio  A3345-01  USA
 University of Texas Institute of Biotechnology  A3345-01  USA
 University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center  A3343-01  USA
 University of Texas Medical Branch -Galveston University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston  A3314-01  USA
 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley  A4730-01  USA
 University of the Pacific  A3755-01  USA
 University of the Sciences in Philadelphia  A3417-01  USA
 University of Toledo - Health Science Campus  A3414-01  USA
 University of Toledo - Main Campus  A3414-01  USA
 University of Tulsa  A3988-01  USA
 University of Utah - Salt Lake City  A3031-01  USA
 University of Vermont and State Agricultural College  A3301-01  USA
 University of Virginia - Charlottesville  A3245-01  USA
 University of Washington - Seattle  A3464-01  USA
 University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire  A3816-01  USA
 University of Wisconsin - La Crosse  A4153-01  USA
 University of Wisconsin - Madison  A3368-01  USA
 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee  A3716-01  USA
 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Field Station  A3716-01  USA
 University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh  A3564-01  USA
 University of Wisconsin - Parkside  A3866-01  USA
 University of Wisconsin - Stout  A4613-01  USA
 University of Wyoming - Laramie and Casper  A3216-01  USA
 Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center- USGS-La Crosse  A4600-01  USA
 Ursinus College  A4347-01  USA
 US Army Institute of Surgical Research  A4669-01  USA
 USDA - Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center  A4400-01  USA
 USDA - National Animal Disease Center (NADC)  A3691-01  USA
 USDA Human Nutrition Research Center Aging - Tufts University  A3547-01  USA
 USDA/APHIS/WS/ National Wildlife Research Center  A4676-01  USA
 USGS-National Wildlife Health Center-Madison  A4492-01  USA
 Utah State University - Logan  A3801-01  USA
 VA - Ann Arbor Medical Center  A3756-01  USA
 VA - Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center  A4168-01  USA
 VA - Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital  A3345-01  USA
 VA - Baltimore VA Medical Center  A3200-01  USA
 VA - Bay Pines Healthcare System (Medical Center)  A4351-01  USA
 VA - Birmingham VA Medical Center  A3255-01  USA
 VA - Boise Medical Center  A3256-01  USA
 VA - Boston Healthcare System-Brockton/West Roxbury/Jamaica Plain  A3487-01  USA
 VA - Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System  A3509-01  USA
 VA - Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center - Augusta  A3326-01  USA
 VA - Cincinnati VA Medical Center  A3446-01  USA
 VA - Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center  A3103-01  USA
 VA - Connecticut Healthcare System  A4363-01  USA
 VA - Durham Medical Center  A3529-01  USA
 VA - Eastern Colorado Healthcare System VA Medical Center  A4493-01  USA
 VA - Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Hospital  A3064-01  USA
 VA - Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital  A3616-01  USA
 VA - G.V. Sonny Montgomery VA Medical  A3275-01  USA
 VA - Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System  A3002-01  USA
 VA - Harry S. Truman Memorial's Hospital  A3157-01  USA
 VA - Healthcare System New York Harbor - Brooklyn  A3105-01  USA
 VA - Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center (Richmond)  A4369-01  USA
 VA - Huntington VA Medical Center  A3499-01  USA
 VA - Iowa City VA Medical Center  A3748-01  USA
 VA - James A. Haley VA Medical Center  A4100-01  USA
 VA - James J. Peters Medical Center  A3741-01  USA
 VA - Jesse Brown VA Medical Center  A4456-01  USA
 VA - John D. Dingell VA Medical Center  A3310-01  USA
 VA - Kansas City VA Medical Center  A3752-01  USA
 VA - Lexington VA Medical Center  A3506-01  USA
 VA - Loma Linda Healthcare System  A3723-01  USA
 VA - Loma Linda Veterans Association For Research and Edu. (LLVARE)  A3723-01  USA
 VA - Long Beach Healthcare System  A3707-01  USA
 VA - Louis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center  A3928-01  USA
 VA - Medical Center Memphis-TN  A3952-01  USA
 VA - Medical Center Northport - NY  A3510-01  USA
 VA - Miami VA Medical Center  A3739-01  USA
 VA - Minneapolis VA Medical Center  A3493-01  USA
 VA - New Jersey Health Care System  A3749-01  USA
 VA - New Mexico Health Care System  A3073-01  USA
 VA - North Florida/South Georgia Veteran Healthcare System  A4323-01  USA
 VA - North Texas Healthcare System  A3743-01  USA
 VA - Northern California Health Care System  A3433-01  USA
 VA - Oklahoma City Medical Center  A3361-01  USA
 VA - Palo Alto Healthcare System  A3088-01  USA
 VA - Philadelphia VA Medical Center  A3076-01  USA
 VA - Pittsburgh Healthcare System  A3376-01  USA
 VA - Portland Health Care System (VAPORHCS)  A3745-01  USA
 VA - Providence Medical Center  A4602-01  USA
 VA - Puget Sound Healthcare System  A3832-01  USA
 VA - Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center  A3137-01  USA
 VA - Richard Roudebush VA Medical Center  A4091-01  USA
 VA - Robley Rex VA Medical Center - Louisville  A4531-01  USA
 VA - Salt Lake City Healthcare System  A4408-01  USA
 VA - Samuel S. Stratton Medical Center  A3038-01  USA
 VA - San Diego Healthcare System  A3659-01  USA
 VA - San Francisco VA Medical Center  A3476-01  USA
 VA - Sioux Falls VA Medical Center  A3207-01  USA
 VA - South Texas Veterans Health Care System  A3720-01  USA
 VA - Southern Arizona Healthcare System  A3441-01  USA
 VA - Syracuse VA Medical Center  A3436-01  USA
 VA - Tennessee Valley Healthcare System  A3227-01  USA
 VA - The Central Texas Veterans Health Care System  A3895-01  USA
 VA - Veterans Medical Research Foundation - San Diego  A3659-01  USA
 VA - Washington VA Medical Center  A3206-01  USA
 VA - Western New York Healthcare System - Buffalo  A3087-01  USA
 VA - White River Junction VA Medical Center  A3735-01  USA
 VA - William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center  A3014-01  USA
 VA - William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital  A3682-01  USA
 VA Nebraska Western Iowa Healthcare System - Omaha (NWIHCS)  A3508-01  USA
 VA Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center and Nursing Home  A3002-01  USA
 VA West Los Angeles Healthcare Center  A3002-01  USA
 Valdosta State University  A4578-01  USA
 Valley Biosystems, Inc.  A4457-01  USA
 Valparaiso University  A3588-01  USA
 Van Andel Research Institute  A4383-01  USA
 Vanderbilt University  A3227-01  USA
 Vanderbilt University Medical Center  A3227-01  USA
 Vassar College  A3555-01  USA
 VCA Veterinary Speciality Clinic  A3464-01  USA
 Vero Beach Marine Laboratory  A3239-01  USA
 Veterans Biomedical Research Institute, Inc.  A3749-01  USA
 Villanova University  A3582-01  USA
 Virginia Commonwealth University  A3281-01  USA
 Virginia Institute of Marine Science - Glouchester Pt.  A3713-01  USA
 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)  A3208-01  USA
 Virginia State University - Petersburg  A3800-01  USA
 Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute (VTCRI)  A3208-01  USA
 Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (VMRCVM)  A3208-01  USA
 VRL Maryland, LLC  A4723-01  USA
 Wabash College  A4610-01  USA
 Wake Forest University - Health Sciences (All Units)  A3391-01  USA
 Walter Reed Army Institute of Research/Naval Medical Research Center  A4117-01  USA
 Washington Biotechnology, Inc.  A4192-01  USA
 Washington Hospital Center (MedStar Research Institute)  A3604-01  USA
 Washington State University - BHF  A3485-01  USA
 Washington State University - PSRF  A3485-01  USA
 Washington State University - Pullman  A3485-01  USA
 Washington University - St. Louis  A3381-01  USA
 Wayne State University  A3310-01  USA
 WebSciences International  A4508-01  USA
 Weill Cornell Medical College  A3290-01  USA
 Wellesley College  A3840-01  USA
 Wesleyan University  A3956-01  USA
 West Michigan Regional Laboratory  A4260-01  USA
 West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine - Lewisburg  A3238-01  USA
 West Virginia University  A3597-01  USA
 West Virginia University Research Corporation  A3597-01  USA
 Western Illinois University  A3374-01  USA
 Western Kentucky University  A3558-01  USA
 Western Michigan University - Kalamazoo  A3252-01  USA
 Western New England University  A4710-01  USA
 Western Regional Research Center, ARS, USDA  A4589-01  USA
 Western University of Health Sciences  A3989-01  USA
 Western University of Health Sciences - Lebanon  A3989-01  USA
 Western Washington University  A4638-01  USA
 White Mountain Research Center (WMRC)  A3449-01  USA
 Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research (MIT)  A3125-01  USA
 Whitman College  A4527-01  USA
 Wichita State University  A3824-01  USA
 Wilkes University  A4507-01  USA
 William Beaumont Hospital Research Institute  A3408-01  USA
 William Paterson University  A4681-01  USA
 Williams College  A3133-01  USA
 Wills Eye Hospital  A3085-01  USA
 Winston - Salem State University  A3591-01  USA
 Winters Institute (Biosurg Inc.)  A3751-01  USA
 Winthrop University Hospital  A3697-01  USA
 Wisconsin Institute for Discovery/Morgridge Institute for Research  A3368-01  USA
 Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology  A3432-01  USA
 Wofford College  A4680-01  USA
 Women & Infants Hospital  A3922-01  USA
 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  A3630-01  USA
 Worcester Polytechnic Institute  A3277-01  USA
 Worchester Foundation for Biomedical Research  A3306-01  USA
 Worldwide Primates,Inc.  A4698-01  USA
 Wright State University  A3632-01  USA
 Wrigley Institute for Enviromental Studies  A3518-01  USA
 WuXi AppTec,Inc.  A3977-01  USA
 Xavier University of Louisiana  A3024-01  USA
 Xenometrics, LLC  A4496-01  USA
 Yale University - New Haven  A3230-01  USA
 Yecuris Corporation  A4664-01  USA
 YenZym Antibodies, LLC  A4182-01  USA
 Yerkes Regional Primate Center (Emory University)  A3180-01  USA
 Zygogen, LLC  A3914-01  USA

 Domestic Institutions Outside of U.S. States and Territories
 Saint Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation  A4384-01  St Kitts/Nevis
 USAMD-AFRIMS (Formerly USAMC-AFRIMS)  A4421-01  Thailand

List Foreign Assurances

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