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(Information Posted/Updated on 02/24/2004)

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Project Title:  Journey into the Brain
Related Award(s):  MH52484-03S1
Technology Developed:
Journey into the Brain is CD-ROM adventure game for children ages 7-11. It is marketed as both as a consumer product for 11-14 year olds and as a supplemental learning program for middle schools.

Key Words:  CD-ROM, Neuroscience, Education, Multimedia, Computer Game.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
Journey into the Brain

• Generates increased interest and knowledge in neuroscience among children, ages 7-11, by making this complex science exciting and accessible to them through the use of multimedia.

• Communicates complex concepts so young children can follow their interests in a way that allows for differences in modes of learning. Key concepts of brain structure and function are woven into the game play.

• Increase the level of safety awareness among this age group of children regarding issues such as the im-portance of wearing bike helmets.

* Gives children a sense of awe for their own rapidly developing brains while helping them develop a stronger, more powerful brain.

Benefit to Company:
Morphonix, a developer of new technology (CD-ROMs and web sites) was founded to bring together professionals to design and create programs that educate and support children.

The SBIR program has helped Morphonix to develop technology-based computer games and instructional materials that make learning challenging, engaging and fun. New technology is helping educators face the challenge of preparing youth for higher education, work and citizenship in a changing world. Morphonix supports this process by creating material that fit into diverse settings.

Journey into the Brain has won many awards including: Best of Show, 1999 Best of the Northbay Awards; the 2000 National Parenting Publications Gold Award; All-Star Rating from Children’s Software Review; Finalist, 1999 Educational Title of the Year (The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences); Finalist, Independent Games Festival at the 1999 Computer Game Developers Conference. Many software games spur adolescents to use their brains, but Journey into the Brain is the first to teach children the science of their brains at the same time.

How Product Was Commercialized:
Journey into the Brain was released in 1999 and has sold over 36,000 copies. Morphonix sells its products though distributors and its web site.