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(Information Posted/Updated on 10/05/2006)

1772 Centennial Drive
Canton, MI  48187

Contact:    Elmer Lee
Phone:      734-678-2976
Fax:          212-202-4770
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Project Title:  Noise Attenuation Tech to Prevent Hearing Loss
Related Award(s):  1R43DC007545-01
Technology Developed:
CasterShoX is developing cutting edge shock absorption/noise dampening products that will reduce the noise level in factory environments by as much as 15 dBA.

Using patented technologies that allow us to create ultra compact shock absorbers, CasterShoX can build these products directly into wheels and rollers which then can be used to retrofit existing manufacturing equipment.

CasterShoX products are an effective, inexpensive and realistic means of combating noise in our industrial workplace.

Implementing our products will dramatically reduce the number of workers affected by noise induced hearing loss.

Key Words:  Noise Attentuation, Shock Absorption, Noise Induced Hearing Los, Compact, manufacturing.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
CasterShoX products are designed to be embedded into wheels and wheeled products. They have been primarily used in line delivery carts in automotive assembly facilities to significantly reduce noise. In addition, CasterShoX will be developing products for applications in medical products, i.e. wheelchairs, hosiptal beds, instrumentation carts, high tech manufacturing such as for robotics and automated guided vehicles in semi-conductor production facilities, in military environments such as for compact shock isolation mounts, and consumer goods, computer carts, server racks, and sporting goods. CasterShoX products provide a cost-effective, easy to implement, highly effect shock absorption system that can be used across multiple markets and applications.

Benefit to Company:
We believe that CasterShoX represents a clear case of the importance of the SBIR program. As a small startup company rooted in manufacturing, CasterShoX would not have been able to find funding in the private sector. Without crucial SBIR funding, CasterShoX would not have been able to refine the design and create products for beta testing. Such testing has shown clear product viability both in terms of market interest and proof of performance. The results of those tests have attracted our first order, and solidified our partnership with Caster Concepts, who has now fully committed its entire sales force into launching the CasterShoX product line. The SBIR funding has helped to leap us forward towards mass production and ultimately revenues and profitablility.

How Product Was Commercialized:
CasterShoX™ was formed in 2004 as a joint venture between AxleShoX™, a Michigan base shock absorption technology company, and Caster Concepts, Inc, a Michigan based manufacturer of industrial casters and conveyance products. The goal of the joint venture has been to develop and commercialize AxleShoX™ technology as it pertains to industrial casters and conveyance systems, in other words, to mate AxleShoX™ technology with Caster Concept’s current product line. CasterShoX™ has focused on developing the products and production tools necessary to manufacture CasterShoX™ enabled products efficiently and cost effectively. Using Caster Concept’s already well established distribution channels, CasterShoX™ has marketed a complete caster solution which will include a CasterShoX™ shock absorption system packaged within a Caster Concepts caster assembly. Through Caster Concepts' sales channels, CasterShoX products are being placed into automotive and aerospace ma

Past R&D and/or Sales from this Project:   $100,000
Estimated Future Annual R&D and/or Sales from this Project:   $2.25M