SBIR and STTR Success Story for
Physical Sciences Inc.

(Information Posted/Updated on 05/10/2012)

Physical Sciences Inc.
20 New England Business Center
Andover, MA  01810

Contact:    Dr. Mark A. Druy
Phone:      978-738-8195
Web Site:

Project Title:  High performance multimode adaptive optics retinal imaging
Related Award(s):  2R44EY018986-02
Technology Developed:
PSI has developed and is clinically validating a multimodal adaptive optics (AO) retinal imager that is a modular, compact clinical prototype research system. The system allows clinicians to explore the fine cellular and lamellar retinal structure of their patients with retinal disorders with isotropic micron-level resolution. Adaptations have also been developed for retinal imaging in small animals.

Key Words:  Adaptive Optics, Retina, SLO, OCT, Ophthalmic, Cellular resolution, retinal disease.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
The multimodal adaptive optics (AO) retinal imager should be useful for enhanced diagnosis and treatment monitoring of retinal diseases including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy (DR), age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and retinitis pigmentosa (RP). This development represents the first ever high performance AO system that combines powerful complementary imaging modalities in a single compact clinical prototype platform. By making high resolution ocular access more widespread, the high performance multimodal AO instrument will bring adaptive optics technology into use by a greater number of clinicians and scientists. These researchers will, in turn, use this tool to increase our understanding of vision and its disruption by disease and to measure tissue effects of new drugs and therapies.

Benefit to Company:
This SBIR has resulted thus far in commercial instrument and service sales by PSI of $ 1.36 M and related non-SBIR R&D funding of $ 0.93 M totaling to ‘spin-out’ revenues to date of $ 2.3 M. These revenues have been responsible for creating 3 full-time positions.

How Product Was Commercialized:
This product has initially been commercialized through direct sales of investigational instruments to ophthalmic research clinics in the US and Canada. PSI has also assembled a strong patent portfolio that should enable it to generate future technology licensing revenues.

Past R&D and/or Sales from this Project:   $2.3 M
Estimated Future Annual R&D and/or Sales from this Project:   $1.5 M