SBIR and STTR Success Story for
Platypus Technologies, LLC

(Information Posted/Updated on 03/02/2010)

Platypus Technologies, LLC
5520 Nobel Drive, Suite 100
Madison, WI  53711

Contact:    Renee Herber
Phone:      608-237-1270
Fax:          608-237-1271

Project Title:  Nanostructured substrates for cell assays
Related Award(s):  R43GM069026, R44GM069026
Technology Developed:
The availability of SBIR funding greatly accelerated our efforts to develop and commercialize the Oris™ Cell Migration Assay. The Oris assays use optically clear, 96-well microplates in which wells are populated with silicone stoppers to occlude cell seeding from a 2 mm central zone. Removal of the stoppers reveals the detection zones into which cell migration can occur thereby providing unobstructed viewing of cell motility and decreased assay variability that other cell migration assays do not afford.

Key Words:  cell migration, cell invasion, motility, drug screening, metastasis, wound healing, tissue repair.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
The Oris Cell Migration Assay is used by academic and pharmaceutical researchers to screen compounds for their ability to modulate cell motility whether for promotion of wound healing or inhibition of cancer metastases. The Oris Assays allow endpoint and kinetic analyses, and are compatible with a variety of readout instruments including plate readers, microscopes and high content imaging systems. Compared to other cell migration assays (i.e., Boyden chamber, transmembrane and scratch assays) the Oris Assays yield more reproducible results.

Benefit to Company:
We have realized many benefits from participation in the SBIR program. • Platypus was able to hire and retain technical personnel. • Since the launch of our first Oris product in Fall 2007 we have expanded the product line to include other surface coatings for migration studies as well as an invasion assay. • We have recently received additional SBIR funding that is allowing us to develop product line extensions. • Finally, funding from this program was instrumental for development of our commercialization infrastructure.

How Product Was Commercialized:
We have been successful in selling our Oris™ products through direct marketing channels (web, targeted e-mail, direct mail, trade show, technical seminars) and distributors to the life science research market. We are actively seeking distributors and OEM resale partners that can help us expand into new markets.