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Virtual Showcase of SBIR Companies Participating in the CAP

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SBIR Virtual Showcase Results:
Company Name/Profile Program
File Type/Size Grant/Contract
Industry Sector Key Words
Brown & Hebranson 2007-2008 PDF - 101 KB 5 R44-DE015232-023 3-D Interactive Software, Healthcare Education 3-D, Software, Healthcare education
Aerodyne Research, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 73 KB 5R44HL081951-03 Advanced scientific instrumentation; Medical devices Breath analysis, disease biomarker, asthma, real-time monitor
Precision Bioassay 2007-2008 PDF - 104 KB 2R44RR021296-02 Analytic services supporting quality control of pharmaceutical biotechnology products Bioassay, statistics, laboratory robotics, biological assay, validation
Psychology Software Tools, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 155 KB 5R44AG022792 Assessment Cognitive,Screen, Dementia, Assessment Computer,
InvoTek 2007-2008 PDF - 236 KB 4R44HD053176 Assistive devices for persons with disabilities computers, eye movement, speech
Mimosa Acoustics 2007-2008 PDF - 160 KB 5R44 DC006554 Audiological Medical Devices audiology, hearing, middle ear, diagnosis, medical device
Micron Optics 2007-2008 PDF - 131 KB 5R44CA107782-03 Bio-Medical Imaging Swept Laser, Optical Coherence Tomography, Tissue Imaging, Molecular Imaging, Optical Frequency Domain Ranging
MicroSurfaces 2007-2008 PDF - 164 KB 2R44RR017130-02 Biochips, biosensors, and bioanalytical instrumentation microarrays, biosensors, immobilizationsingle molecule, membrane proteins
Alias-i 2008-2009 PDF - 113 KB 2R44RR020259 Bioinformatics bioinformatics, data mining, lingpipe, genetics, search
Energetiq 2007-2008 PDF - 235 KB 2R44RR022488-02 Biological Imaging and Analysis x-ray, microscope, ultraviolet, circular, dichroism
Prairie Technologies 2011-2012 PDF - 56 KB 2R44MH065724-04A2 Biological research (laser microscopy) microscopy, confocal, neuroscience, cell biology, imaging
LasMed LLC 2011-2012 PDF - 68 KB 2R44DA016840 Biological Research Tools and Medical Devices diode laser-based stimulators, Adelta/C, TRPV, Biological Research Tool, small nerve fiber neuropathies
GeneGo 2007-2008 PDF - 99 KB 2R44CA112828-02 Biomarkers biomarkers, breast cancer
Exemplar Genetics 2011-2012 PDF - 74 KB 2R44HL102950-02 BioMedical Research BioMedical Research, Cystic Fibrosis, Liver Disease, Heart Disease, Cardiac Arrhythmia
BioFormatix 2007-2008 PDF - 142 KB 5 R44 EY014077-03 Biomedical software and devices perimetry, glaucoma, diagnostic aid software, visual field
BioFormatix, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 58 KB 2R44EY015373-03A2 Biomedical software and devices portable perimeter, visual field test, head mounted display, glaucoma screening, vision testing
ISOGENIS, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 288 KB R44-DK69618 Biopharmaceutical Gene Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering, Kidney Transplantation, Adenoviral Vector or Adenovirus,Organ and Cell Transplantation, Stem Cell Therapy
Quantum Tubers Corporation 2008-2009 PDF - 52 KB 2R44HL083553-02 Biopharmaceutical Plant-derived Vaccine, Biomanufacturing, Plant Biomass
NeurOp 2011-2012 PDF - 79 KB 1 U44 NS071657-01A1 Biopharmaceuticals cerebral ischemia, depression, neuropathic pain, schizophrenia, NMDAR subunits
TheraSource LLC 2008-2009 PDF - 44 KB 2R44GM073249-02A1 Biopharmaceuticals Sepsis, Bowel Ischemia, Critical Care, Peptides, Therapeutics
Adarza BioSystems Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 52 KB 2R44ES016406-03 biosensor technology Lab-on-a-chip, Diagnostics, Biosensor, Microarray, Label-free
Centice Corporation 2011-2012 PDF - 242 KB 5R44GM075441 Biosensors Biosensors, Coded Aperture Raman Spectroscopy, POC, high resolution multiple biomarker, mobile
Aronora Biopharmaceuticals 2011-2012 PDF - 312 KB R44HL095315 Biotech Stroke, thrombosis, heart attack, bleeding, coagulation
TechnoVax, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 303 KB 2R44 AI063830-03A1 Biotech Vaccine Discovery and Development Virus-like particle (VLP) technology, vaccines, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Dengue
Synedgen 2011-2012 PDF - 322 KB 2R44DE019740-02 Biotech/pharma Oral mucositis treatment, sinusitis treatment, burn and wound infection prophylactic, polysaccharide derivatives, prevent infection
Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 150 KB 2R44CA122444-02A1 Biotech/Pharmaceutical in-situ, RNA, detection, biomarker, validation
ImmPORT Therapeutics Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 150 KB 2R44AI058365-03 Biotech/Pharmaceutical Protein microarrays, biomarkers, serodiagnostics, vaccines, antigen discovery
APC Biotechnology Services 2009-2010 PDF - 85 KB 2 R44 GM081945-02 Biotechnology peptide, manufacture, scalable, economical, vaccine
Arrayomics 2011-2012 PDF - 81 KB 5R44AI077249-03 Biotechnology high-plex protein microarray assay, Biotechnology, ArrayESP, microarray scanners, Diagnostic
ECI Biotech 2008-2009 PDF - 100 KB 2R44GM079834 - 02 Biotechnology Diagnostics, Inexpensive, Rapid, Launch 2011, Innovation
GeneCopoeia, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 61 KB 2R44CA124001-03 Biotechnology Cancer therapeutics, p53 therapy, Protein replacement, therapy, p53-fusion protein, Protein drug development
Intrinsic BioProbes 2007-2008 PDF - 110 KB 5R44HL072671-03 Biotechnology Biotech, Biotechnology, Proteomics, Biomarker, Protein
LifeSensors Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 157 KB 2R 44 GM 068404-02 Biotechnology SUMO, Ubiquitin, protein expression, microarrays, custom protein production, isopeptidase assays, SUMOstar, ubiquitome
Potomac Affinity Proteins 2007-2008 PDF - 142 KB 2R44GM076786-02 Biotechnology protein, purification, tag, affinity, recombinant
SANARIA 2007-2008 PDF - 98 KB 5R44AI055229-05 Biotechnology (Vaccines) malaria, vaccine
Reprogenetics 2009-2010 PDF - 73 KB 1-R44-HD44313-02 Biotechnology - Diagnostics genetic counseling, embryo biopsy, cell fixation, single gene disorders
SonoGene LLC 2011-2012 PDF - 144 KB HL 095238-01 Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical gene therapy, contrast ultrasound, HDL, choelsterol, contrast-enhanced, ultrasound (CEUS)
BioHesion 2007-2008 PDF - 108 KB 5R44CA101579-03 Biotechnology / Research Services BioSensor, BioMaterials, Gold, Peptide, Research Services
Ximerex 2007-2008 PDF - 111 KB R44DK057986 Biotechnology – Regenerative Medicine/Transplantation Transplantation, Regenerative Medicine, Diabetes, Humanized, PERV
Caldera Pharmaceuticals 2011-2012 PDF - 199 KB 2R44AI79935-03 Biotechnology Instruments and Pharmaceuticals XRpro®, drug-protein interactions, Biotechnology Instruments, x-ray fluorescence, proteomics
Integral Molecular 2008-2009 PDF - 88 KB 5R44GM076779-03 Biotechnology Reagent / Platform Company Structure Activity Relationship (SAR), Epitope Mapping, Membrane Proteins, High throughput mapping, Functional Regions
Aktiv-Dry LLC 2008-2009 PDF - 77 KB 4R44DA022096-02 Biotechnology specializing in inhalable powder formulation, manufacture, and delivery Respiratory drug delivery,Nano- and micro-powder processing, Pulmonary delivery, Inhaled vaccines, PuffHaler® DPI
Parallel Synthesis Technologies, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 54 KB 5R44HG003911-03 Biotechnology, Diagnostic Tools Multiplex, Diagnostic, Bead-based, Optical Encoding, Parallume
Nanoprobes, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 289 KB 5R44CA108013-03 Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, Contrast Agents, Cancer Imaging and Cancer Therapy Gold, nanoparticles, colonoscopy, colon cancer, virtual colonoscopy
ApoImmune, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 316 KB 2R44AI071618-02 Biotechnology, Novel Immunotherapies and Vaccines Cancer Therapeutics, Infectious Disease Vaccines, Immunotherapy, Adjuvants, Cell Therapy
Glycobia 2011-2012 PDF - 107 KB 2R44GM088905-02 Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals Glycoproteins, Therapeutics, Glycosylation, Biotechnology, Bacteria
Recombinant Technologies 2009-2010 PDF - 71 KB 2R44AG023457 Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Alzheimer's drug, neuroprotective agent, small molecule drug for AD, Amytrap, Alzheimer's therapeutic
Lucigen 2011-2012 PDF - 53 KB 5R44MH081380-02 Biotechnology: Life science research tools and advanced genomic and proteomic custom services Lucigen GPCR Platform, GPCR, Molecular Structure, Functional Membrane Proteins, Drug Targets
ADA Technologies, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 68 KB 2R44RR023763-02 Carbohydrate and Biology Research Carbohydrates, Glycobiology research, Microarray slides, Medical research, Cancer detection
Dimera Incorporated 2007-2008 PDF - 103 KB 2R44HL074699 Cardiovascular research and development with an emphasis on women’s cardiovascular health cardiovascular research, women's health
Vitatex 2011-2012 PDF - 82 KB 5R44CA140047-03 Clinical Diagnostics and Biomedical Research Products cancer diagnostics, circulating tumor cell, metastasis, drug response testing, rare blood cells
AnthroTronix, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 75 KB 2R44HD042353-02A2 Computer Input Devices human factors, medical rehabilitation, instrumentation
IDEA International, Inc. 2011-2012 PDF - 933 KB 2R44DE018062-02 Dental Education and Social Networking Dental Education, inexpensive, portable, haptic technology device, social networking
InFlame Therapeutics 2009-2010 PDF - 112 KB R44 NS052068 Development of Brain Neuroprotective Drugs, Diagnostic Biomarkers for Brain Inflammation biomarker, brain, inflammation, Alzheimer, HIV, dementia, drug
NeuroDx Development 2011-2012 PDF - 73 KB 2R44EY018025-02 Diagnostic Medical Devices Hydrocephalus, CSF Shunts, Intracranial Pressure (ICP), Neurosurgery, Diagnostic Medical Devices
Creatv Microtech 2007-2008 PDF - 91 KB 2R44 CA094430 Diagnostics in vitro diagnostics
Lynntech, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 83 KB 2 R44 HL081994-02 Diagnostics on-site molecular analyzer, molecular diagnostics, pathogen detection, real-time PCR
mBio Diagnostics 2008-2009 PDF - 477 KB 2R44AI068543 Diagnostics Diagnostics, Point-of-care testing, Infectious diseases, HIV, Hepatitis
Silver Lake Research Corporation 2011-2012 PDF - 45 KB 2R44DK085767-02 Diagnostics Clinical diagnostics, urinary tract infection, UTI, infectious disease testing, lateral flow assay, EAP System
Xemed LLC 2008-2009 PDF - 55 KB 2R44HL087550 Diagnostics Hyperpolarized 129Xenon, 3He, pulmonary functional MRI, COPD, asthma
Atmospheric Glow 2007-2008 PDF - 193 KB 2R44 GM062678-02 Disinfection/Sterilization atmospheric plasmasterilization, medical devices, disinfection, infection
Auritec Pharmaceuticals 2008-2009 PDF - 41 KB 2R44NS049918-02 Drug Delivery drug delivery, injectable plattform, small molecules, schizophrenia, Parkinson's Disease
Akina, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 130 KB 2R44RR024253-02A1 Drug Delivery/Medical Device/Research Products Biodegradable polymer, fast-melting tablets, nanoparticles, drug delivery technologies, fluorescent probes
Acelot, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 52 KB 5R44MH086121-03 Drug discovery Lead Identification, Lead Optimization, Graph-based modeling, Structure activity relationship, Topological search & mining
ioGenetics LLC 2008-2009 PDF - 144 KB 5R44AI056944-05 Drug Discovery, Infectious Disease Therapeutics drug discovery, infectious disease therapuetics,cryptosporidiosis, anti-infectives, antimicrobials
Akaza Research 2007-2008 PDF - 158 KB 2R44RR19837-03A1 eClinical Solutions eClinical, EDC, informatics, open source, software
AgentSheets,Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 85 KB 5 R44 RR011008-03 Education science education, physiology, interactive, collective simulation, STEM education
Healthcare Interactive 2007-2008 PDF - 126 KB 2R44 AG023451 Educational Software and Videos internet based video training
Polyglot Systems, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 170 KB 5R44MD001212-03 Efficiency Improvement and Disparity Reduction pharmacy, language, LEP, medication, safety
Goalistics 2011-2012 PDF - 116 KB R44NS048743-04 Electronic Behavioral and Mental Health Applications Online chronic pain management, Complementary chronic pain management, Internet pain management program, Behavioral health, Pain Self-Management
Tesla Laboratories, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 69 KB 2R44ES013622 - 02 Environmental Remediation, Toxin Mitigation, Recycling Water treatment, metal recovery, advanced electrowinning, waste reclamation, waster conversion, toxin mitigation
Genopsys, Inc. 2007-2008 PDF - 76K KB 5R44GM061445-04 Genetic Engineering, Proteinomics Biopharmaceuticals, Biofuels, Agriculture
Touch of Life Technologies 2008-2009 PDF - 76 KB 2 R44 AR049637-02 Health Care Education health care education, haptic display, virtual reality, Medical Procedure simulators, virtual anatomy
Caring Technologies 2007-2008 PDF - 118 KB 2R44HD052340 Health Care Information Technology autism, health care information technology (HCIT), telehealth, rural medicine, behavioral disorders
Pharm I.R., Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 394 KB 5R44RR021232-03 Health care, health information technology medication error, drug name confusion, patient safety, health information technology
Targeson, Inc. 2011-2012 PDF - 139 KB 2R44EB007857-02 Health care: In vivo diagnostics ultrasound-based molecular imaging agents, In vivo diagnostics, angiogenesis targeted imaging agents, pharmaceutical research, Academic research
Fluential 2008-2009 PDF - 50 KB 4R44NR10072-02 Health Information Technology patient safety, nurse patient communication, language interpretation, limited English proficient patients
Vida Health Communications, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 112 KB 2R44HD042313-02 Health Media Public health, media, prevention , intervention, professional development, interactive learning, award-winning
Bright Outcome 2007-2008 PDF - 113 KB N44-PC-65023 Healthcare Home management, chronic diseases
sComm 2007-2008 PDF - 105 KB 5R44 DC005881-03 Healthcare healthcare, communication, deaf, UbiDuo, face-to-face
Virtual Reality Medical Center 2007-2008 PDF - 112 KB 4 R44 DA022100-02 Healthcare virtual reality, optical
Transcendent International LLC (dba LanguageMate) 2009-2010 PDF - 107 KB 2R44GM080836-02 Healthcare Informatics prosthesis, foot, tensegrity, prosthetic, amputee
Dynamic Clinical Systems 2011-2012 PDF - 77 KB HHSN261201000086C Healthcare Information Technology oncology and spine care, PRO, real-time clinically meaningful reporting, Web-based and HIPAA-compliant, Healthcare Information Technology
Culmini Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 53 KB 2R44DK074209-02 Healthcare IT patient guide treatment success outcomes
Looking Glass Analytics 2009-2010 PDF - 83 KB 5R44AA015650-03 Healthcare IT – Data Visualization and Analysis Software, Analysis, Internet, Alcohol, GIS
MD Informatics, LLC 2009-2010 PDF - 53 KB 2 R44 NR010179-02 Healthcare IT, Continuing Medical Education Continuing Medical education, computer-based tools, Healthcare IT, technological innovation, case-based learning
Archimage 2007-2008 PDF - 97 KB 4U44 DK66724 Healthcare media videogames, video, games, health, play
EduMedia, Inc. 2007-2008 PDF - 140 KB 3R44CA063898-03 Healthcare Media health media, wellness, aging, e-Health, disease prevention
Danya 2007-2008 PDF - 143 KB HHSN271200555274C Healthcare Services public health training
Advanced Hearing Concepts 2009-2010 PDF - 74 KB 5R44DC006765-03 Hearing Rehabilitation hearing, hearing rehabilitation, hearing impaired, hearing aid
Myomics, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 116 KB 2 R44 NS059098-02 High Content Drug Screening Drug screening, skeletal muscle, muscular dystrophy, cardiovascular, sports medicine
Physical Sciences Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 122 KB 2R44HL086809-03 High Content Instrumentation for Drug Discovery predictive toxicology, arrhythmia, cardiac, zebrafish, Doppler
First Light (Rapid Micro) 2007-2008 PDF - 135 KB 5R44AI055195-04 In vitro diagnostics government contract, biodefense, invitro diagnostics, halthcare, ultra sensitive immunoassay
FFA Sciences LLC 2009-2010 PDF - 56 KB DK073535-02 In Vitro Diagnostics (Blood Tests) Diagnostics, fatty liver disease, jaundice, bilirubin, ischemia
Ciencia, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 54 KB 2R44GM075407-02 Instrumentation for biomedical research and environmental monitoring Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), Fluorescence, Research Instrumentation, Protein Microarray, Selective Cell Capture
AfaSci 2007-2008 PDF - 109 KB 5 R44RR017182-03 Instruments for Research and Drug discovery drug discovery
Combinix, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 103 KB 2R44CA093099-02A2 Life Science and pharmaceutical research products reagent fluorescence pharmaceutical calcium bioanalysis
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 316 KB 5R44RR022489-03 Life Science Instrumentation pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, automated, blood, sampling
CellASIC 2007-2008 PDF - 138 KB 2R44CA117178-02 Life Science Instrumentation microfluidics, cell-based screening, hepatocyte, invitro toxicology, primary cell screening
SVision LLC 2007-2008 PDF - 115 KB 2R44MH075498-02A1 Life science instrumentation Software, Machine learning, Microscopy imaging analysis, Microscopy data analysis,image based clinical diagnostic
Lucigen 2009-2010 PDF - 94 KB 2 R44 HG004095-02 Life Science research tools and services for cloning, amplification and NextGen DNA sequencing Genomics, DNA sequencing, DNA polymerase, PCR, Cloning
MicroProbes for Life Science 2009-2010 PDF - 67 KB 2 R44 NS051036-02A2 Life Science Research/Medical Devices Microelectrodes, multi-channel array, neuroscience, implant, research
GENOFi LLC 2009-2010 PDF - 90 KB 5R44HG003658-03 Life Sciences cDNA, RNA, isoform, drug, discovery
Omicia 2007-2008 PDF - 143 KB 1R44HG002993-02A1 Life Sciences Molecular diagnostics, Genetic risk assessment, Personalized medicine, Disease gene bioinformatics platform, Genomic medicine
Protein Discovery 2007-2008 PDF - 166 KB 2R44RR022662-2 Life Sciences Life Sciences, human plasma
Vivo Biosciences Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 97 KB 2R44CA108118-04 Life Sciences Biotechnology Preclinical testing, Human bioassay, Therapy prediction, 3D Tumor model and Drug screening
I.D.E.A.S., Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 73 KB 2R44AG26170 Long-term Care long-term care, elders, caregivers, assisted living, retirement communities
X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 319 KB 5 R44 RR021797-03 Material analysis, optics and instrument production Trace element analysis, ICP-MS, atomic absorption spectroscopy, body fluids, x-ray fluorescence
Brown and Herbranson Imaging, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 48 KB R44EB003067 Medical and Dental Educational Software Human Anatomy, Medical/Dental Educational Software, 3-D images, Interactive images, on-line curriculum
MediSpin Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 217 KB HHS-N-271-2009-00033C Medical Communications & Information Technology ADHD, Communicatio, Software, Evidence-based, Monitor
Abratech Corp. 2008-2009 PDF - 1055 KB 2R44NS041776-03 Medical Devices QSD, Q-sequence deconvolution, A-waves, G-waves, evoked-responses
Acoustic MedSystems 2007-2008 PDF - 132 KB 2R44CA99374 Medical Devices ultrasonic therapy
Advanced Circulatory Systems 2007-2008 PDF - 82 KB 5 R44 HL065851 Medical Devices Resuscitation systems
AJ Medical Devices 2007-2008 PDF - 121 KB 5R44HL069608 Medical Devices cardiac arrest, monitor, implanted, wireless, EMS
Artann Laboratories, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 96 KB 2R44AG17400-03 Medical Devices medical device, elasticity imaging, bone ultrasonometry, osteoporosis detection, diagnostic imaging
Bio-Quick Corporation 2009-2010 PDF - 58 KB 2R44CA115041-02 Medical Devices tissue, biospecimen, histology, pathology, medical device, fast tissue preservation, tissue fixation and processing, ultrasound facilitated tissue preservation, Biospecimen standardization, Biomolecule integrity and recovery, Reducing surgical diagnosis turnaround time, Maximizing biomolecule integrity and recovery, Minimizing preanalytical variables
Bruce Technologies Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 147 KB 5R44RR019174-03 Medical Devices PET/CT, cyclotrons, targets, radionuclides, radiopharmaceuticals
Convergent Engineering 2011-2012 PDF - 111 KB 2R44HD056606-02 Medical Devices eToco, fetal heart rate, electrodes, maternal uterine EMG, non-invasive fetal monitoring system
customKYnetics, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 95 KB 4R44HD055019-02 Medical Devices sports medicine, rehabilitation, ACL, TKA, electrical stimulation
DVX, llc 2011-2012 PDF - 71 KB HL095195 Medical Devices Interventional cardiology, FAME and FFR, Coronary artery disease and stenosis, Peripheral artery disease, Ultrasound blood flow measurement
Engineering and Scientific Research 2007-2008 PDF - 95 KB 2R44HL078055-02A1 Medical Devices respiratory disorders, respiratory diagnostic device
Fairway Medical Technologies, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 151 KB 3R44CA128196 Medical Devices image coregistration, noninvasive diagnostics of cancer, optoacoustic/photoacoustic, functional and anatomical imaging, blood oxymetry with spatial resolution
FocalCool LLC 2009-2010 PDF - 79 KB 2R44HL088789-02A1 Medical Devices Hypothermia, Guide catheter, Local cooling, Heart attack, Myocardial infarction
ID Fish Technology Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 65 KB 2R44AI056785-02 Medical Devices malaria, Tb., mycobacterium, RNA test, insitu hybridization
Infinite Biomedical Technologies 2007-2008 PDF - 169 KB 2R44HD042872 Medical Devices neonatal monitoring, eeg, diagnostic, NICU, Neurology
Infoscitex 2007-2008 PDF - 128 KB 2 R44 HD047128-02 Medical Devices Infoscitex, Active Bottle, Preterm Infant, Computer Controlled, Feeding Device
Innovative Biologics 2007-2008 PDF - 134 KB 2R44AI052894-02 Medical Devices MRSA, staph infection
InterScience, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 74 KB 5R44DK080566-03 Medical Devices Endoscopy, Minimally invasive surgery, Omnidirectional imaging, Optical, Medical technology
Koning Corporation 2008-2009 PDF - 134 KB 1R44CA103236 Medical Devices Breast, Cancer,Cone, Beam, CT
LKC Technologies 2011-2012 PDF - 249 KB 5 R44 EY021121-03 Medical Devices electrophysiology testing, Diabetic Retinopathy, ischemia, fast & accurate, screen diabetics
MMJ Labs LLC 2009-2010 PDF - 81 KB 1 R44 HD056647-01A2 Medical Devices needle pain relief, immunizations, shots, vaccination, pain management
Neuro Kinetics, Inc. 2011-2012 PDF - 105 KB 2R44NS67772-02 Medical Devices Diabetes, Retinopathy, I-Portal, Diagnostic, Ophthalmology
Omneuron 2007-2008 PDF - 102 KB 2R44NS050642-06 Medical Devices chronic pain, addiction, neuroimaging, real-time, functional MRI
Pathfinder Therapeutics, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 120 KB 5R44CA119502-03 Medical Devices imaging, surgery, medical device, cancer
Perinatronics Medical Systems, Inc. 2007-2008 PDF - 112 KB 2R44 HL 66791 Medical Devices MRI, ECG, trigger, cardiovascular, scanner
Real-Time Tomography, LLC 2008-2009 PDF - 272 KB 1R44EB07140-01 Medical Devices Breast Cancer, Medical imaging, image processing, real-time, tomosynthesis
Sharklet Technologies, Inc. 2011-2012 PDF - 94 KB 2R44DK84590-02 Medical Devices Surface modification, surface technology, micro-topography, No-Kill or non-toxic, Revolutionary, Bacterial inhibition, HAI or CAUTI prevention/reduction
Source Production & Equipment Co., Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 70 KB 2R44CA125999-03 Medical Devices brachytherapy, cancer, lung, wedge-resection, VATS
Strategic Polymer Sciences, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 131 KB 12R44HL091582-02 Medical Devices electroactive polymer, high energy density capacitor, pulsed power, polymer film, medical devices
Super Pulse 2011-2012 PDF - 83 KB R44 DE017831-03 Medical Devices Room Temperature Sterilization, Free Radicals, Non-Thermal Plasma, Decontamination, Disinfection
Techniscan Medical 2007-2008 PDF - 100 KB 4R44CA110203-02 Medical devices UltraSound, imaging
Transtimulation Research 2007-2008 PDF - 103 KB DK063733 Medical devices electrical stimulation therapies
Urovalve 2007-2008 PDF - 161 KB 2R44HD039566-02A1 Medical devices Medical Device, Urology, New Jersey
VPDiagnostics 2007-2008 PDF - 107 KB 2 R44 HL70576-04A1 Medical devices Stroke, Assessment, Carotid, Vessel, MRI
Zumatek Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 88 KB 2R44CA125924-02 Medical Devices Breast imaging, Breast cancer, Mammography, Breast CT, Breast screening
Zylon 2007-2008 PDF - 105 KB 2R44-HL68331-02A2 Medical devices angioplasty, balloon catheter, vascular diseases
BIOMENS, LLC 2008-2009 PDF - 327 KB 5R44EY014739-03 Medical Devices (Opthalmology) IOP,GDD,Diabetics, EMR, RFID technology
Neurobiotex, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 108 KB 2R44CA096354-02A2 Medical Devices and Diagnostics prostate disease, Ionic zinc signal, brain disorders, cancer, metabolic biomarkers
Cyto Pulse Sciences, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 312 KB 5R44AI055212 Medical Devices and Instruments DNA Vaccine delivery, Electroporation, Electrofusion, Prostate cancer, Hybridoma production
Powerscope 2007-2008 PDF - 114 KB 2R44HL081789-02 Medical Devices and Optical Instrumentation inhalation therapy, drug delivery, aerosol, lung
Xhale, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 129 KB 2R44MH081767-02A1 Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals Drug compliance, Patient management, medication adherence monitoring, therapeutic drug monitoring, drug counterfeiting
HepatoSys, Inc. 2011-2012 PDF - 71 KB 2R44DK076350-02 Medical Devices and Research Products therapeutic transplantation, provision of viable human cells, Restore organs for transplant, Isolation of human hepatocytes, research and toxicity testing
VisionQuest Biomedical, LLC 2009-2010 PDF - 53 KB EY018280 Medical Devices and Service retina, optic disc, eye diseases, affordable eye care
Brighton Technologies Group, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 212 KB R44 AI063919-03 Medical Devices Coatings Antimicrobial, coating, nosocomial, infection, medical device
XL Sci-Tech 2007-2008 PDF - 150 KB 2R44CA121641--02 Medical Devices for treatment of soft tissue cancers Timed bioabsorbable,Brachytherapy seeds, Radioisotope encapsulation
SonarMed, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 92 KB 2R44HL080796-04A1 Medical Devices, Class II, Respiratory Care/Airway Management Endotracheal Tube Monitoring, Respiratory Care
Allvivo Vascular, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 273 KB 5R44DK072560-03 Medical Devices, Combination Products Biomimetic, Surface coatings, Medical devices, Combination products, Biomaterials
Triple Ring Technologies 2011-2012 PDF - 50 KB 1R44RR031964-01 Medical Devices, Homeland Security X-ray imaging, scatter rejection, region-based exposure control, biomedical imaging, X-ray imaging capabilities beyond traditional 2D shadowgrams
Bioptigen 2007-2008 PDF - 164 KB 2R44EY015585-02A1 Medical Devices, Imaging Optical imaging technology
KeraMed Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 78 KB 2R44EY016617-02A1 Medical Devices, Ophthalmology ophthalmology, eye, medical device, implants, corena
Lexitek, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 272 KB 2R44CA103610-02A2 Medical Devices, Optical Instrumentation Radiotherapy, detector, proton beam, quality assurance, dosimetry
Novaflux 2007-2008 PDF - 104 KB 5R44DK055419-05 Medical devices, reprocessing, dialysis, endoscopy Hemodialysis, Dialyzer reuse, Hemodialyzer reprocessing, Dialyzer membrane cleaning, Cleaning
Allied Innovative Systems 2007-2008 PDF - 138 KB 2R44 AI 055310 Medical Diagnostics medical diagnostics, Hepatitis B, HIV, Prostate
ISCHEM Corporation 2009-2010 PDF - 77 KB 2R44HL071470 Medical Diagnostics plaque, vulnerable, cardiovascular, heart, stroke
Stoecker & Associates 2011-2012 PDF - 122 KB 2R44CA-101639-02A2 Medical Diagnostics, Software Device malignant melanoma diagnosis, improved recognition, Automatic detection, low price, Melanoscan
Photon Migration 2007-2008 PDF - 131 KB 2R44NS049734-02 Medical Imaging Systems Medical Imaging Systems
Jambeyang 2007-2008 PDF - 157 KB HHSN261200644000C Medical Information Systems electronic medical record, mammography, breast imaging, data collection, report generation
Applied Medical Visualizations 2008-2009 PDF - 992 KB R44-HL079783-02 Medical Information Technology, Clinical Decision Support AIM system, Patient information system, Anesthesia, Electronic Documentation, EMR
Metabolic Nutritionals 2009-2010 PDF - 422 KB 1R43 HD-38234 Medical Innovations Infant Feeding, Feeding Assessment, Infant Screening, Feeding Readiness, Neurodevelopmental Diagnosis
Mind Matters Research 2008-2009 PDF - 68 KB 2 R44 CA117597-02A2 Medical rehabilitation Breast Cancer; Post-treatment intervention; Stress reduction; Chemobrain; Cancer fatigue
Medsright Getting It Right! 2008-2009 PDF - 317 KB 2R44 HD044353-02A2 Medical/Healthcare IT and Education error, medication, nurses, software, training
Investigen 2007-2008 PDF - 141 KB 2R44AI069574-02 Molecular Diagnostics Rapid diagnostic, Nucleic Acid, Isothermal, Colorimetric, Tuberculosis
Wave 80 Biosciences 2009-2010 PDF - 53 KB 2R44AI073221-02 Molecular Diagnostics Molecular Diagnostics, Medical Device, HIV AIDS Hepatitis, Biotech, Infectious Disease
Bonenta,Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 237 KB 2R44DE016771-02 Musculoskeletal Devices; Biological drug-eluting synthetic bone grafts and implants Bone regeneration; osteogenesis; osteoinduction; spine; orthopedics
MetaMedia Training International, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 66 KB 2R44ES014762-02 Occupational Health and Safety; Disaster Response; HAZMAT; Building Engineer (Facilities Management) Multimedia interactive training, safety, emergency response, incident command, HAZMAT
Eutropics Pharmaceuticals 2011-2012 PDF - 209 KB 5R44CA135915-03 Oncology Companion Diagnostics / Therapeutic Myeloma, Targeted-therapeutic, Companion-diagnostic, Mcl-1, Mitochondria
SciTech Development 2007-2008 PDF - 133 KB 5R44CA093115-3 Oncology Drug Development and Delivery oncology, pancreas, Fenretinide, drug delivery, bioavailibility
Optimum Therapeutics, LLC 2008-2009 PDF - 96 KB R44CA103133 Oncology Therapeutics and Drug Delivery cancer, therapeutics, delivery, peritoneal, pancreatic
Women Insight, Inc. (Bodimojo) 2009-2010 PDF - 69 KB 2R44 DK074280-02A1 Online Health Media adolescents, web-based, behavior change, health promotion, obesity prevention
Intelligent Optical Systems 2008-2009 PDF - 525 KB 2R44CA108017-02A1 Optical sensing devices, software and instrumentation Point of care assay, cancer screening, infectious disease diagnostic
Lynx Design 2011-2012 PDF - 107 KB 2R44NS070438-02 Over-the-counter health aides Parkinson, QUIESSE, non-implanted device , Tremor, cost effective
PGXL Laboratories, LLC 2008-2009 PDF - 260 KB 2R44 HL090055-02 Personalized Medicine/Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics Personalized Medicine, Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacogenomics, Anticoagulation, Warfarin
CFD Research 2007-2008 PDF - 139 KB 2 R44 HL076034-02 Pharma/Biotech (Instrumentation/Tools) microfluidics, cell, nanoparticle, delivery, adhesion
Nanotherapeutics 2007-2008 PDF - 144 KB HHSN271200577414C Pharmaceutical and Biologics Opiate abuse, Buprenorphine, Oral Delivery, Bioavailability, Particle Dispersion
TDA Research 2007-2008 PDF - 100 KB 2R44GM076754-02 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Catalysis, Asymmetric, Hydrogenation, Continuous, Ruthenium, Pharmaceuticals
Aerophase 2009-2010 PDF - 75 KB 5R44CA096409-03 Pharmaceuticals lung, cancer, aerosol, paclitaxel, inhalation
Auxagen 2011-2012 PDF - 107 KB 5R44AR052578-03 Pharmaceuticals TGF-ß receptor antagonist, wound healing, reducing scarring, tissue fibrosis, lung fibrosis
Azevan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 140 KB R44MH063663 Pharmaceuticals drug delivery, injectable plattform, small molecules, HIV, Parkinson's Disease
Cognosci 2008-2009 PDF - 167 KB 2R44AG020473-05 Pharmaceuticals Alzheimer's, pharmaceuticals, neurorestorative, anti-inflammatory, re-myelinating
DEKK-TEC 2007-2008 PDF - 2 MB 5R44CA094566 Pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals, anti cancer, brain tumors, DM-CHOC-PEN
IGAN Biosciences, Inc. 2011-2012 PDF - 97 KB 1R44DK083147-01A1 Pharmaceuticals IgA protease, microbial proteolytic enzyme, kidney damage, biological therapeutic, drug development
ISW Group 2007-2008 PDF - 108 KB 2R44AR05259202 Pharmaceuticals pharmaceutical, dermatology
Molecular Design International 2007-2008 PDF - 95 KB 5R44AR049621 Pharmaceuticals obesity, diabetes
NanoMedex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 241 KB 5R44GM072142-03 Pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals, propofol, microemulsion,injectables, reformulation
PharmaIN, Corp. 2009-2010 PDF - 157 KB 5R44DK069727-05 Pharmaceuticals Drug Delivery, Peptides, Proteins, Diabetes, Cancer
Senex Biotechnology, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 55 KB R44 CA139991 Pharmaceuticals Cancer, Alzheimer's, HIV, small molecule, potential near-term liquidity event
Therapeutic Systems Research Laboratories, Inc. 2011-2012 PDF - 125 KB 2R44AI081396-02 Pharmaceuticals biopharmaceuticals, oral delivery, endogenous intestinal transporters, antiviral and anti-cancer therapeutics, enhanced absorption
TSRL 2007-2008 PDF - 118 KB 2R44AI056864-03A1 Pharmaceuticals Oral drug delivery, Antiviral therapy, Prodrug technology, Biodefenseanti-cancer therapy
LightSpin 2007-2008 PDF - 120 KB 2R44EB000929-02 Photodetector Component for Medical Imaging (PET) Photodetector, Single-photon, SSMCP, PET, PET detector
Packet Digital LLC 2011-2012 PDF - 905 KB 4R44DC011231-02 Power management integrated circuits for electronics in medical devices, consumer and defense industries Power Management, Extended Battery Life, Hearing Aids, On-Demand Power technology, dynamic voltage scaling
Quest Product Development Corp 2008-2009 PDF - 107 KB 2R44HL080826-03A1 Product Development, Medical Devices, Engineering Services for Life Sciences resuscitation, CPR, cardiac synchronization, cardiac arrest
Archivex 2011-2012 PDF - 54 KB 2R44GM077768-02 Products for Laboratory Research and Drug Discovery Liquid Archiving, LSystem, Drug Discovery, LSafe Cartridge, reduce contamination risk
Behavioral Assessment, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 82 KB 5R44MH073180-03 Professional Behavioral Health Assessment and Intervention Services Children, Stress, Mental Health, Assessment, Hispanics
Behavioral Tech Research, Inc. 2011-2012 PDF - 108 KB 5R44MH081388-03 Psychotherapy training and implementation Evidenced based therapy, Computer-assisted therapy, Therapy Outcomes Monitoring, Concurrent documentation, Dissemination
Samuels & Associates 2009-2010 PDF - 83 KB 2R44DK078457-02 Public Health Research and Evaluation Health disparities, childhood obesity, nutrition policy, nutrition, software tool
Dynaflow, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 58 KB 2R44EB005139-02A1 Research Tools contrast agents, microbubbles, CFD,  target drug delivery, cavitation
Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 92 KB 2R44RR021289-02A1 Research Tools - Genetically Modified Research Animal Models knockout rat, animal model, transgenic rat, aboratory rat, gene knockout, toxicology rat, disease model
Science Learning Resources 2011-2012 PDF - 86 KB 5R44AA018245-03 Science Education Software and Curriculum Development Science Education Software, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), virtual microscopy, Curriculum Development, An Ounce of Prevention
Northwest Media, Inc 2009-2010 PDF - 80 KB 5R44 HD041335-03 Social learning products Online training, Foster parents, Parenting education, Social learning, Behavior management
BioMedware, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 88 KB 5R44CA117171-03 Software biostatistics, epidemiology, GIS, software, spatial statistics
iVisit LLC 2008-2009 PDF - 46 KB 9 R44 AG033521-02 Software Mobile health, disease management, object recognition, remote patient care, diabetes
PICS 2007-2008 PDF - 122 KB N44CN35152 Software eDiaries, EDC, ePRO, PRO, Clinical Trials
Tanglewood Research 2007-2008 PDF - 135 KB N44DA-2-5509 Software online data collection, health education
inXsol, LLC 2009-2010 PDF - 86 KB 2 R44 ES015697-02 Software (eLearning, Custom Software Design, Web-based applications) Computer simulation, incident command, emergency incidents, web-based, software
INFOTECH Soft, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 370 KB 2R44RR018667-03A1 Software Development Software, biomedical research, information integration, Semantic Web, health information technology
INFOTECHSoft 2007-2008 PDF - 335 KB HHSN261200622010C Software development software, healthcare, life sciences
Applied Scientific Research 2007-2008 PDF - 120 KB 9R44RR024300-02A1 Software; Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Biofluid FLow Simulation, Design Optimization, Cardiovascular/pulmonary Assist Devices, Drug Aerosol Flow
AlphaMed Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 41 KB 2R44CA114920-02A2 Targeted radiopharmaceuticals melanoma, cancer, oncology, targeted therapy, partnering
SimQuest 2009-2010 PDF - 46 KB 4R44EB008604-02 Technology-assisted healthcare training surgical simulation, open surgery, surgical simulator, surgical training, and surgery
Santech, Inc. 2009-2010 PDF - 58 KB R44 HD 048991 Technology-Assisted Weight Loss and Health Behavior Change Programs Weight loss, Obesity, Mothers, Internet, SMS
Leap of Faith Technologies, Inc. 2008-2009 PDF - 88 KB 2R44AG022271-02A1 Telehealth, Telemonitoring, Telemedicine Telemonitoring, telehealth, medication adherence, e-health
Oxford Biomedical Research 2007-2008 PDF - 111 KB 5R44-ES-12277 Tools for biomedical research & human wellness assessment Oxidative stress, Nutraceutical Efficacy, Wellness assessment, Inflammation, Biomarkers
Third Dimension Technologies 2011-2012 PDF - 146 KB 2R44EB004221-02 Training Simulation, Diagnostic Imaging, Drug Discovery, Telepresence Geo-spatial Intelligence, Oil & Gas Exploration, Computer Aided Design Angular Slice 3D, stereopsis, Diagnostic Imaging, Computer Aided Design, real world
Najit Technologies, Inc. 2011-2012 PDF - 49 KB R44AI079898 Vaccine Market vaccine manufacturing; emerging and re-emerging infectious disease; military and traveler's market; yellow fever; dengue hemorrhagic fever
Berkeley Analytics, Inc (DBA NutritionQuest) 2009-2010 PDF - 44 KB 4R44AG032241-02 Wellness Intervention Wellness coaching, nutrition, physical activity, evidence-based, research analysis

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