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SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Act Of 2011: NIH Implementation Of Key Changes

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Key Changes (Provided by SBA) NIH IMPLEMENTATION

Central data system. An improved program-wide data system will be developed to facilitate administrative reporting and program evaluation. The system will enable applicants and agencies to provide the required information into the Tech-Net database ( Tech-Net will consist of the following databases: (1) Solicitations Database of all solicitations and topic information from the agencies; (2) Company Registry housing company information on all SBIR applicants including specific information on SBC applicants that are majority-owned by multiple VCOCs, hedge funds and/or private equity firms; (3) Application Information Database of information on each SBIR application; (4) Award Information Database of information on each SBIR awardee; (5) Commercialization Database of SBCs that have received prior SBIR awards; (6) Annual Report Database used to generate the Annual Report that SBA submits to Congress; and (7) Other Reports Database containing information required by statute but not stored in other databases. These databases will be designed to minimize the reporting burden on small business.

Stay tuned. As SBA completes each of the many databases, NIH will notify applicants and awardees regarding how and when to use each.

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