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Welcome to the

National Institutes of Health
Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP)
For Phase II SBIR & STTR Awardees

(Managed by Larta Inc.)

Applications Deadline: September 2, 2014

Program Selection: September 15, 2014

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About the Application
Application to the NIH CAP is done online, and should take less than one hour; once you log on to the application portal, detailed instructions will guide you through the process.  Please note that access to the portal is secured behind a password protected firewall. 

About the Selection Process
Reviews of completed applications will be conducted by a committee comprising NIH SBIR-STTR program managers and Larta Inc. staff who are directly involved with the CAP. All information in the application will be held in the strictest confidence.  Pertinent information will be made available only to your assigned mentor ("Principal Advisor" or PA) after you have been selected and accepted our invitation to join the Program. 

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be considered in the evaluation and selection of participants into the program. It is not necessary (or expected) that every item on these lists has been accomplished or achieved by the applicant. Understanding of and commitment to commercial and market development is important.

Commercialization Goals of Company: 

  • Expression of clear commercial goals, achievement of previously set commercial goals, and strong likelihood of attaining commercial goals
  • Realistic assessment of the specific market for the technology, current competition and differentiation
  • Clear understanding of critical milestones in anticipation of commercial entry: e.g. need for outside funding, partnerships, regulatory approval, identification of additional team members, etc.
  • Progress to date in achieving commercial success e.g. raising capital, developing partnerships, product or service sales, licensing outcomes etc.
  • Experience of the team or the principal contact at the Company
  • Understanding of, and/or experience working with, potential partners or investors
  • Knowledge of, and/or exposure to, commercialization objectives, process and outcomes. Expression of commercialization goals, both near- and long-term
  • Alignment of expressed goals with needs

Business Case Strength:

  • The intellectual property (IP) status of the SBIR-funded technology and of the business operating the technology.
  • The underlying strength of this technology, as indicated by expressed interest by end-users and partners
  • Understanding of revenue prospects, funding channels and potential partnerships
  • Expression of realistic potential for the business itself
  • Identification and understanding of the obstacles, gaps and deficiencies of the technology and the business and timeframe to resolve them
  • Available resources (current) and anticipated (future) to fill gaps and accomplish goals

The most successful applicants will be those committed to the commercialization of the technology, and to the realistic expression and development of the current business model (whether or not it is built around a single technology). Applicants should also be clear in their expression of commercialization goals, the identification of gaps and deficiencies and the understanding of the resources that may be needed in commercializing a product or service.

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