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AREA Program Ineligible Institutions

To be eligible for an AREA grant, an institution may not receive more than $6 million per year in NIH support in each of 4 of the last 7 years. Each year the NIH develops a list a of institutions that are ineligible for AREA funding based on this criterion.

Institutions with Multiple Schools or Colleges

For institutions composed of multiple schools or colleges, the criterion of financial eligibility is not based on the amount of NIH support received by the institution as a whole. Instead, the individual health professional schools/colleges and "other academic components" (as defined below) are considered independently.

  • Health professional school or college: Accredited public or non-profit private school that confers a terminal degree related to the health sciences granted by that school (e.g., PhD, MD, DDS, DPT, DVM, PharmD, DrPH, DC, ND, BSN). The term "accredited" means a school or program that is accredited by a recognized body or bodies approved for such purposes by the Secretary of Education.
    • Includes schools or colleges of medicine, dentistry, osteopathy, pharmacy, nursing, veterinary medicine, public health, optometry, allied health, chiropractic, naturopathy, and podiatry.
  • Other academic components: Once the health professional schools have been excluded, "other academic components" refers to all remaining schools and colleges of the institution taken as a SINGLE component.
Institutions Ineligible for AREA Grants

The following is a list of institutions, and their relevant components, that are currently ineligible to apply for AREA funding. This list is updated annually in April. Eligibility is determined at the time of application submission to the NIH.
List of Ineligible Institutions (03/24/2015)

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