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Steps for PI to track submission status

View detailed steps for PIs to track submission status including screen shots. (MS Word – 250 KB)

  1. Login to eRA Commons with your Principal Investigator (PI) account Username and Password.
  2. Click the Status tab and select Recent/pending eSubmissions or type in a tracking number.
  3. Look in Application status column to determine if your application is “pending verification” or has received “eSubmission error”.
  4. If “eSubmission Error” shows in the Application Status field, follow the link to “all prior errors” to see specific error/warning messages.
    • View the list of eSubmission Errors/Warnings. Warnings can be fixed at the applicant’s discretion but do not require action for the application to move on. Errors must be addressed before the application can move on.
    • See Steps for Correcting eRA-identified Errors/Warnings.
  1. If the status shows as pending verification, click on the AN (accession) number.  
    • Click on e-Application to view application image and scroll through to view entire application to make sure figures and attachments assembled appropriately.
    • If anything looks amiss, the AOR/SO has the ability to reject the application.  The PI will be notified through the system of the rejection.

      The AOR/SO would then submit the corrected application back to, the application would be pulled back into the eRA Commons, and you would view the new application image.

    orange arrow Steps for Correcting eRA-Identified Errors/Warnings