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ARCHIVED - NIH Grants Policy Statement (10/98)

Footnotes for Part II

1. This certification is provided as part of the application form. States need only complete this certification as to their principals.

2. Protecting Human Subjects: Institutional Review Board Guidebook, 1993, Stock No. 017-040-00525-3, may be ordered from the Superintendent of Documents; Telephone: (202) 512-1800. This Guidebook is also available from OPRR's Web site.

3. A few of the larger non-profit organizations that are specifically listed in Attachment C to OMB Circular A-122 are subject to the Federal cost principles applicable to commercial organizations (48 CFR Subpart 31.2) rather than to the cost principles for non-profit organizations.

4. The term "facilities and administrative costs" is not yet used universally in the cost principles and other documents cited in this section. This term and the term "indirect costs" may be used interchangeably to determine applicable policies. For NIH purposes, these costs will be referred to as "facilities and administrative," or "F&A," costs; however, other documents or non-NIH functions may refer to them as "indirect costs."

5. These brochures are in the process of being updated. The Guide for State, Local, and Indian Tribal Governments was updated and reissued in April 1997, superseding A Guide for State and Local Government Agencies (OASC-10); the other guides, although dated and not entirely consistent with recent changes to the cost principles, may still be used as guidance.

6. These brochures use the term "indirect costs."

7. For this purpose, "data" means recorded information, regardless of the form or media on which it may be recorded, and includes writings, films, sound recordings, pictorial reproductions, drawings, designs, or other graphic representations, procedural manuals, forms, diagrams, work flow charts, equipment descriptions, data files, data processing or computer programs (software), statistical records, and other research data. 8. State governments will use, manage, and dispose of equipment acquired under a grant in accordance with State laws and procedures as specified in 45 CFR 92.32.

9. Information about the electronic transmittal of FSRs may be obtained from OFM, NIH, at (301) 496-5287.

10. The determination leading to such disputes may be made by an HHS official other than the GMO and may affect NIH grants as well as other HHS grants.

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