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(PHS GPS 9505)

The following highlights policies applicable to grants in support of domestic and international conferences.


Conference--A symposium, seminar, workshop, or any other organized and formal meeting lasting 1 or more days where persons assemble to exchange information and views or explore or clarify a defined subject, problem, or area of knowledge within the areas of PHS program interests, whether or not a published report results from the meeting.

International Conference--A meeting so designated by its sponsor or one to which open invitations are issued on an equal basis to potential participants in two or more countries (not counting the United States or Canada). The meeting may be held in any country, including the United States.

Domestic Conference--A meeting held in the United States or Canada primarily for U.S. or U.S.-Canadian participation but does not exclude those with invited foreign speakers.

Eligible Grantee--A U.S. institution eligible to receive grants from PHS agencies, including scientific or professional societies. In the case of an international conference, the U.S. representative organization of an established international scientific or professional society is the eligible grantee. In exceptional cases, when there is no U.S. representative organization, grants to support a specific aspect of an international conference may be awarded directly to a foreign institution or international organization provided that grants to foreign institutions or international organizations are not prohibited under the governing legislation and that approval of the PHS agency head or his designee is obtained in each case. An individual is not eligible to receive a grant in support of a conference.

Block Travel Grant--An award of travel funds to a sponsoring organization which will, using an approved mechanism, select the individuals whose travel will be supported.


Grant funds may be awarded to provide general support of domestic or international conferences held in the United States or Canada. Funds may also be awarded to provide block travel support for individuals selected by the grantee to attend the meeting. Training grants may not be awarded for block travel support.

Grant funds may not be used to provide general support for international conferences held outside the United States or Canada. Grant funds may be awarded to support only specific aspects of an international conference held outside the United States or Canada. An example of a specific aspect would be a selected symposium, panel, or workshop, including the cost of planning and the cost of travel of U.S. participants in that particular segment of the conference.

Any PHS foreign travel restrictions that are in effect at the time of the award will be followed such as--


Prospective applicants are encouraged to inquire in advance of application concerning possible interest on the part of any PHS awarding component in supporting a particular conference. If interest is expressed by any PHS component, the application should be submitted in accordance with instructions for that application.

When completing the application, the following items should be specifically mentioned within the appropriate format:


The following are examples of the most frequently encountered costs which may and may not be charged to the grant. For international conferences, these costs are subject to the limitations under "Use of Funds" above. Some of these costs may require PHS prior approval. (See also 45 CFR Part 74, Subpart Q, Cost Principles.)


If the grantee organization wishes to publish material for which support has been provided in whole or in part with PHS funds, the material may be distributed free of charge. Where the grantee organization would prefer to charge for the material, the proceeds of these sales must be treated in accordance with 45 CFR Part 74, Subpart F.

Unless otherwise specified by the awarding component, six copies of any publication resulting from the meeting should be sent to the awarding component that provided support for the meeting.

Unless otherwise provided for in the conditions of the award, the recipient organization is free to arrange for copyright of any publication resulting from work supported by PHS. Any such copyrighted publication, however, shall be subject to nonexclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to the Government to reproduce, translate, publish, and dispose of the material and to authorize others to use the work for government purposes. In addition, communications in primary scientific journals publishing initial reports of original research supported in whole or in part by PHS may be copyrighted by the journal, with the understanding that individuals are authorized to make, or have made by any means available to them, without regard to the copyright of the journal, and without royalty, a single copy of the article for their own use.


In addition to any interim report that may be required during the project period, grantees are responsible for submitting the following reports to the awarding component upon completion or termination of a grant in support of a conference:

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