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K99 Projects Awarded as of 6:58 a.m. on November 30, 2006 sorted by IC then by Project Number.
Additional awards are expected to be made in the next few weeks and this list will be updated periodically.
This list reflects the first of three rounds of awards to be made in FY07.  Additional projects will listed after each of the next rounds of awards are made. 
IC Inst St Budget Start Type Actv Project  PI Name Institution Title
AA CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 AA016731-01 SABINO, VALENTINA SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE Role of sigma receptors in ethanol reinforcement
AG CT 12/1/2006 1 K99 AG029726-01 TOWN, TERRENCE C YALE UNIVERSITY Blocking TGF-Beta immune signaling as a therapeutic target for Alzheimer's diseas
AG CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 AG029760-01 ROSSI, DERRICK J. STANFORD UNIVERSITY Stem Cell Aging: Functional Decline, DNA damage and Therapeutic Targets
AI MA 12/1/2006 1 K99 AI072834-01 GALONIC, DANICA P HARVARD UNIVERSITY (MEDICAL SCHOOL) Methylation in Antibiotic Biosynthesis: Methylcobalamin-Radical SAM Enzymes
AI CT 12/1/2006 1 K99 AI072955-01 KAGAN, JONATHAN C YALE UNIVERSITY Cellular and molecular aspects of Toll-like receptor signal transduction.
AI MA 12/1/2006 1 K99 AI072973-01 ALTER, GALIT MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Anergizing effect of NK cell receptor expression on HIV-specific CD8+ T cells
CA CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 CA125937-01 XIN, LI UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Characterization of prostatic stem cells and prostate cancer-initiating cells
CA NY 3/1/2007 1 K99 CA125991-01 LI, ZIQIANG YESHIVA UNIVERSITY Dissect roles of mismatch repair proteins in Lymphomagenesis and Ig diversity
CA CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 CA126173-01 ZHANG, YOU-WEI SALK INSTITUTE FOR BIOLOGICAL STUDIES Roles of the Checkpoint Kinase Chk1 in Cancer Biology and Therapy
CA NY 12/1/2006 1 K99 CA126186-01 HE, LIN COLD SPRING HARBOR LABORATORY Functions of microRNAs in lymphomagenesis
DA CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 DA023700-01 XU, XIANGMIN SALK INSTITUTE FOR BIOLOGICAL STUDIES Local Connections and In Vivo Physiology of Inhibitory Cortical Neurons
DE OR 12/1/2006 1 K99 DE018088-01 EBERHART, JOHANN UNIVERSITY OF OREGON Genetic Hierarchies and Cellular Behaviors during Zebrafish Palatogenesis
DK CA 7/1/2007 1 K99 DK077427-01 SRINIVASAN, SUPRIYA UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO The Role of Serotonin in Energy Homeostasis in C. elegans
DK MA 12/1/2006 1 K99 DK077445-01 ZHOU, QAIO HARVARD UNIVERSITY Diversity and Specification of Pancreatic Progenitor Cells
DK TX 4/1/2007 1 K99 DK077573-01 HOSTETLER, HEATHER A TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY SYSTEM The role of long chain acyl-CoAs in nuclear receptor regulation
EB WI 12/1/2006 1 K99 EB007129-01 ALLEN, MATTHEW J UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON Increasing the Utility of Contrast Agents for MRI
EB CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 EB007151-01 KARTALOV, EMIL P UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Integrated Nanofluidic BioMEMS for Biomedical Diagnostics and Analysis
EB CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 EB007182-01 LIU, CHUNLEI STANFORD UNIVERSITY High Resolution Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 300-Micron Level
ES MD 12/1/2006 1 K99 ES015426-01 NYLAND, JENNIFER F JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Mercury exposure and the innate immune response in autoimmune heart disease
ES IL 12/1/2006 1 K99 ES015428-01 SABLE, HELEN J UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS URBANA-CHAMPAIGN Assessment of Psychostimulant Addiction Risk Following Developmental PCB Exposure
EY PA 1/1/2007 1 K99 EY018042-01 DING, LONG UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Neuronal basis of reward-biased visual perception
GM CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 GM079921-01 JONES, TONI I UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO Spinal Cord Signal Transduction in a Rat Model of Post-Surgical Pain
GM CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 GM079922-01 GARG, NEIL K UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IRVINE New Asymmetric Transformations and Chemical Synthesis of Natural Products
GM CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 GM079955-01 SCHULDINER, MAYA B UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO Exploring Regulation of ER Homeostasis Using Quantitative Genetic Interaction Map
GM CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 GM079960-01 LEE, TAE-HEE STANFORD UNIVERSITY Dynamics in Translation: the Role of Fluctuation in Protein Synthesis
GM CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 GM080099-01 SONG, YUN S UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS Novel Methods for Characterizing Recombination and Selection
HD MD 12/1/2006 1 K99 HD055030-01 TAMASHIRO, KELLIE L JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Influences of the prenatal environment on metabolic programming
HD IL 12/1/2006 1 K99 HD055033-01 SLATER, SANDY J UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO Is the Built Environment Associated with Youth Physical Activity and Weight?
HD CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HD055034-01 TANEYHILL, LISA A CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Functional Roles of Wnt and Snail2 Target Genes in Neural Crest Development
HD CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HD055052-01 CHEN, XIN STANFORD UNIVERSITY Epigenetic Regulation of Germ Cell Differentiation from a Stem Cell Lineage
HG MA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HG004183-01 SCHROEDER, CHARLES M HARVARD UNIVERSITY Single Molecule Technology for Genome-Wide Association Studies
HL OH 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087462-01 TIKUNOVA, SVETLANA B OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Influence of Troponin C on the Rate of Cardiac Muscle Relaxation
HL WA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087513-01 MAHONEY, WILLIAM M UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Molecular Characterization of Arterially-Restricted RGS5
HL NC 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087560-01 DESHPANDE, DEEPAK A WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES Molecular Mechanisms of Airway Smooth Muscle Relaxation
HL OH 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087561-01 SILVA, RANASINGHE A UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI The Role of Apolipoprotein A-II in the Modulation of HDL Function
HL CO 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087591-01 O'CONNELL, KRISTEN M COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY-FORT COLLINS Cell Biology of Cardiac Kv Channels
HL IN 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087607-01 WANG, MEIJING INDIANA UNIV-PURDUE UNIV AT INDIANAPOLIS Testosterone in TNFR1 Signaling During Acute Myocardial Injury
HL CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087614-01 ENNIS, DANIEL B STANFORD UNIVERSITY Myocardial Structure, Function, and Remodeling in Mitral Regurgitation
HL CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087618-01 MOSNIER, LAURENT OLIVIER SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE Direct Cellular Effects of Blood Coagulation Proteases
HL NC 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087621-01 GRIFFIN, COURTNEY T UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA CHAPEL HILL ATP-Dependent Chromatin-Remodeling Complexes and Vascular Development
HL MI 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087927-01 NORTHCOTT, CARRIE A MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Paraventricular Nucleus Signaling Mechanisms in Hypertension
HL CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL087936-01 CHING-CHENG, CHEN STANFORD UNIVERSITY Paired lg-Like Receptor as a Regulator of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Function
HL GA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL088000-01 FUCHS, SEBASTIEN EMORY UNIVERSITY Importance of the Two Catalytic Sites of ACE in Bleomycin-Induced Lung Injury
HL CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL088017-01 ROVNIAK, LIZA SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY WalkLink: Email-Based Walking Program for Cardiovascular Disease Risk-Reduction
HL WA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL088021-01 SORROR, MOHAMED FRED HUTCHINSON CANCER RESEARCH CENTER Impact of Comorbidities on Outcomes of Allogeneic Transplantation
HL MN 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL088048-01 RODRIGUEZ-PORCEL, MARTIN MAYO CLINIC COLL OF MEDICINE, ROCHESTER Role of Oxidative Stress in Stem Cell Differentiation and Survival
HL NC 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL088317-01 ARJUN, DEB DUKE UNIVERSITY Role of Sfrp2 in Cardiac Regeneration
HL MA 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL088514-01 KONTARIDIS, MARIA IRENE BETH ISRAEL DEACONESS MEDICAL CENTER Molecular Pathogenesis of the Cardiomyogenic Defects in LEOPARD Syndrome
HL NC 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL088528-01 TEMEL, RYAN E WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES Mechanisms For PPARdelta Agonist-Induced Elevation of HDL in Non-Human Primates
HL TX 12/1/2006 1 K99 HL088692-01 BRUNETTI-PIERRI, NICOLA BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE HDAd-mediated gene therapy for hemophilia B
MD MD 12/1/2006 1 K99 MD002271-01 CARSWELL, STEVEN BERNARD FRIENDS RESEARCH INSTITUTE, INC. Risk Factors for HIV Among Urban African American Youth
MH CA 9/25/2006 1 K99 MH080599-01 YE, BING UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO Mechanisms Differentiating Dendrite Development form Axon Development
NS CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 NS057906-01 CUI, BIANXIAO STANFORD UNIVERSITY Imaging nerve growth factor signal transduction in live neurons
NS CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 NS057931-01 COLON-RAMOS, DANIEL A STANFORD UNIVERSITY Synaptic target selection in the thermotaxis neural circuit of C. elegans
NS CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 NS057934-01 ROLL-MECAK, ANTONINA UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO Elucidation of the Biochemical Mechanism and In Vivo Functions of Spastin
NS MD 12/1/2006 1 K99 NS058111-01 WEST, ANDREW B JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The Role of LRRK2 in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease
RR CA 12/1/2006 1 K99 RR024110-01 BHALLA, NEEDHI UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY Characterization of the Synapis Checkpoint in C. elegans Meiosis
RR TN 12/1/2006 1 K99 RR024119-01 LIN, FANG VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY G-protein Signaling in Zebrafish Primordial Germ Cell Migration